Tom Felton & Rupert Grint: Teen Choice Award Winners!

Tom Felton & Rupert Grint: Teen Choice Award Winners!

Tom Felton and Rupert Grint peak out behind their surfboards as they speak on stage during the 2011 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (August 7) at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.
Harry Potter was a HUGE winner at this year’s ceremony. Check out all the surfboards they picked up:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was named choice movie — sci-fi/fantasy, while Part II was named choice movie of the summer.

In addition, the movie’s stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were named choice summer movie stars. Emma also won choice movie actress in a sci-fi/fantasy.

Tom also picked up choice movie villain. Woohoo!

FYI: Tom is wearing Joe’s Shirt in cream and black and via satellite, Daniel wore a RAG & BONE Phillips Blazer.

25+ pics inside…

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Nikki Nelson; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • pappy

    rupert grint is an authentic and talented actor but never recognized for it. i think he is too shy to charm his way into getting nominated like his co-stars does.
    i agree that emma acted brilliantly in the last 2 or 3 movies, but i want to know what she did that rupert didn’t do in the movies. she and tom are worthy of a nomination and rupert doesn’t?
    i don’t know why i’m getting mad while rupert himself has accepted this fact (and with a simle on his face too!) hence he attended this award show when he doesn’t have to.
    rupert showed his dedication to HARRY POTTER by coming in this show. and thats what means a lot to him i believe.

    don’t go thinking i’m a fan girl. i’m a fan of all the talented cast of HP. while i’m happy for others, i’m a little bit sad for this red headed guy who always ends up getting the short end of the stick.

  • cordelia

    they are soooo cute i cant stand them lol… i love all of the cast of HP .. im obsessed with them.. they all grew up to be lovely and good looking people… i will always love HARRY POTTER!

  • Hanako215

    @pappy: I was just thinking that when i looked at the nominees. It seems to always be Dan, Emma and Tom, but never Rupert. But we love him, and that’s what matters. He is a wonderful actor and the Harry Potter series wouldn’t be the same without him. <3

  • Karina

    Finally justice!!! Harry Potter deserved to win!

  • http://@m_schneider_m Marina

    I’m so happy that finally HP won something in this awards!!!!!!

  • harrypotterfan

    go team potter!!!!!

  • Adrianne

    Harry Potter received prizes from 7 categories from 8 categories in which HP was nominated !! I’m very proud of Harry Potter and very very very happy !! GREAT !!

  • http://@sergishenrique Sergio

    Take that Twilght

  • Tay

    @pappy: I agree but I think he’s not nominated because he’s a supporting actor and Daniel is the main actor. Emma is the only girl so she gets nominated. If they were nominated for an Academy Award or a Golden Globe then there is a good chance that Rupert gets nominated because there is a category for him. Hopefully he will get nominated next year for Best Kiss, and he wins.

  • HPfan

    Wow! I’m happy now when HP won TCAs 2011 special on Daniel. Love him & love HP cast now & forever. ^^

  • hALEY S

    @pappy: I agree, Rupert is so over looked: ( On the brightside many who have worked with him when he did HP films and other movies, ” Driving Lessons,” Cherry bomb,” there was/is something extremely rare but authentic about his acting abilities which he has gotten praise for compared to his HP cast mates . Even Talk show host and film critics, say he is extraordinary, warm, charismatic, an artist, ‘ he plays his characters very well, that are opposite of who he really is,’ etc.

    So maybe he doesn’t always get the awards for now but definitely I believe he’s a great actor and possibly oscar worthy in the future…if he goes for it!

  • Camille

    Rupert ♥

  •!/spaldingxo spaldingxo

    @pappy: i agree. i feel so sorry for rupe, he deserves to be noticed as much as everyone else’s. to be nominated too. he’s as talented as the rest, hence why he is part of this huge franchise. he is a well-mannered gentleman & deserves every (good) attention he needs. he deserves well more, dammit. screw those assholes, he should’ve been nominated.

  • headstrong

    Justice!!!!!!!! finally HP won!

  • http://katia_11 katia

    Rupert mi pelirrojo favorito,lo amo al igual que a todos los de la saga de HP

  • Crystal

    very well deserved.. the guys look great too.

  • Crystal

    very well deserved of all the awards they got.the guys look gr8 too

  • Paige welden

    I am so glad that Tom Felton and Rupert Grint got to be there and get the award. They are both really awesome actors in Harry Potter and I think they should continue acting in different films. I love you Tom and Rupert, you are like extremely awesome and cute. I am happy for everyone in the Harry Potter films. Rock on. :)

  • sherly

    @pappy, i think one of the reasons Rupert is not nominated much was because he would be in the same category as Dan’s. they can’t be competing with each other and besides Dan is in the title so obviously he’s the nominee. Tom and Emma are both lucky they don’t have much competition – who would choose Crabbe/Goyle over Tom, and Bonnie is not much a threat to Emma since she has limited screen time in the HP movies.
    Rupert’s the most talented of them though, I hope he will ge recognized in his future movies.

  • Sandy

    Daniel Radcliffe, You sexy beast.
    I was so down when Emma & Dan wasn’t there and then BAM! Our lovely Harry came on screen, jesus… I cried like a baby during the tribute & speeches.

  • zac

    You know what, getting jealous on your idol (in this case, Rupert) behalf is being a fan girl. If you are a fan of all the cast, you would have been happy for the people who have won, and not feeling bitter about how Rupe hasn’t won and saying things like his co-stars charmed their way into getting nominated. You know what, maybe they are better.