Vanessas Hudgens: Friendly Little Fans

Vanessas Hudgens: Friendly Little Fans

Vanessa Hudgens gets in on a group photo with some of her fans while running errands in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (August 8).

The 22-year-old actress was spotted out over the weekend at the Hollywood Bowl, supporting BFF and former HSM costar Corbin Bleu in Hairspray.

Vanessa has been updating her new official site every day so far — have you been following it?

She posted about being a Candie’s girl today, saying, “I had so much fun shooting the latest Candie’s campaign, I never wanted it to end! lol. One of my favorite Candie’s-isms is that “Candie’s Girls never cry over spilt milk” and the team at Candie’s have let me share this latest behind the scenes pic with you from day 2 of the shoot!”

30+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: AKM
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  • lauren

    she looks not happy at her,
    also im surprised she’s alone and not with laura?

    3,2,1, i’m gonna get bitched at.

  • lauren

    ment to say, not happy at all**

  • Anibal

    awww *-*

  • memememe

    definitley doesn’t look happy, even in the picture where she’s supposed to be smiling with the kids, though they aren’t really smiling either. also, have her legs always looked like that? they look stockier.

  • Selena

    Darn she doesn’t look happy. :(

  • Lucy

    her legs are super toned tho!

  • http://none juddy

    oh no my baby looks sad …. :(

  • Kristy

    she does not look happy. maybe she got bad news or something. could be a bad day as well. i mean people sometimes get a bad day once in awhile. honestly this is the first set of pictures where she doesn’t look happy. it’s not a big deal honestly so i think we should not start up a fight about it. at least she was willing to take a picture with the two girls even though nobody’s smiling.

  • peggy

    She probably is tired of being followed everywhere she goes 24/7. Ansd maybe she is tired.

    Since none of you know her personally I find it funny if shes not grinning ear to ear she is automatically unhappy

  • hemm

    that is why she didn’t win TCA female fashion icon haha

  • teamhudgens

    She’s pretty :)

  • JustMe

    Beautiful V!

  • gracemarie

    She is smiling with the kids.

    Here comes the Greek Chorus! If she’s not smiling all teeth showing all the time we get the “Oh shes unhappy, sad, mad” chiorus.

    How many of you walk around with a big fat grin on your face all day every day cause if you do we need to call the phych ward.

    Shes had a busy weekend and as usual she can’t breathe without the paps being there.

  • sofia

    she is so cute! love her face!

  • sofia

    she doesn’t necessarily has to be happy with a group of people taking pictures of her…

  • sofia

    she IS smiling in one picture, not at the paparazzi’s camera

  • sofia

    and i loooooooooooove her legs <3 BEST LEGS EVER!
    i love how her legs are so toned and looks so long, she doesnt have chiken legs hahaha

  • Jess!!

    i love this girl!

  • Jess!!

    so now she shouldn’t be with her best friend because you would think something bad?
    lol please girl.. you need to stop trying to find excuses to hate on Vanessa

  • Jess!!

    where can I find the pictures with corbin?

  • sofia

    hater much?

  • laquida


  • lauren

    i was being sarcastic
    in case you havn’t noticed most of the lastest new pics she is always with laura**

  • http://none juddy
  • http://none juddy
  • http://none juddy

    sorry Double post

  • sofia

    i love her siteeee

  • Katty

    It looks like the sun is blinding all of them. It’s hard to open your eyes and smile happily when the sun is blinding you. And who cares if she isn’t smiling every minute? Everyone is intitled on a bad day.

    I hope everything is going good for her! I am glad she went to Corbin’s show.

  • Jess!!

    if you said so…

  • Jess!!

    thank you

  • annii

    shelooks so gorgeouuuuuuuuuus!

  • annii


  • Jess!!

    there no more pictures?

  • Jess!!

    i love the pictures with Corbin, i really love how Vanessa is really good friend, she´s always supporting her friends and co workers, even if they are never there for her (like zac, ashley etc).. she is a really happy and lovely person! im really proud to be her fan

  • lerner

    Omg, is she doing another fat role. she is getting bigger n bigger.

  •!/Yamunah Yamunah

    wat a cutie…n have you guys noticed the title spelling Vanessas Hudgens…LOL

  • http://none juddy

    You’re Very Welcome and sorry no. :(

  • annii

    omg you are right hahaha

  • Jess!!

    ohh =( ok

  • claud

    She probably tired, but she is looking so cute

  • peggy


    No she’s not and if I was as fat as you are I’d keep quiet.

    That’s right only really fat unattractive people makes remarks like that. Tubby

  • maria

    @Jess!!: That is so true! She looks amazing with Corbin; they seem like they’ve always had a playful, fun friendship. Say what you want about Vanessa, but NO ONE can argue she is not a great friend, loyal to the core, and super supportive of her dearest friends. And THAT says a lot about her.

  • Haters Suck!

    So Vanessa has been hanging out with Laura a lot so what? They’re best friends, isn’t that kinda the point?
    And basically Maria u took the words out of my mouth. people can say what they want but no one can ever question Vanessa’s loyalty and she’s a damn good friend to have. Vanessa has always found a way to be there for her friends even if that support hasn’t been returned by some people but whatever. All I know is Vanessa continues to show qualities time and again that I admire.

  • Hayley

    It’s sweet of her to take pictures with fans, even egen she is in a bad mood! If she is! We don’t know!!!

  • Hayley

    I love Vanessa, she is super cute!

  • Kim

    I love Vanessa, she is super cute!

  • Lea

    V is such a sweetheart, im so bommed that she didn’t win red carpet Icon! Who won actually?

  • selena

    maybe she’s mad because of the stupid rumor about her and felix . poor v we love you

  • ashley

    poor van rumor makes her looks sad .we love u v;or maybe she’s sad because of zac (just saying)

  • http://lala aiwen

    she looked sad…isn’t she din’t win the red carpet fashion icon so she felt sad?? i think yes,i felt sad too :(
    but whatever vanessa!!!to me u are the best always vanessa!!!!!u have million fans out there waiting for u and supporting u ever!!!!eventhough u have a bad habit whatever,cause be a true suppportive fan we must support whatever our idol does,but vanessa ur bad habit plz don’t get over….cause it hurts ur healthly lung and everywhere…so vanessa i hope u and zac don’t smoke anymore and be the best!!!!
    i will support u and zac ever!!!!BE THE BEST VANESSA!!!!!!