Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Wasteland Shoppers

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Wasteland Shoppers

Vanessa Hudgens and younger sister Stella head back to their car after shopping on Tuesday afternoon (August 9) in Studio City, Calif.

The stylish sisters headed to Wasteland and Urban Outfitters for a few new threads for their closets.

Vanessa recently posted her photos of the paparazzi that she took just the other week. “So I was out the other day with Stella, and we decided to turn the tables on the paparazzi!! lol,” she wrote.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Blu Moon‘s Studded Army Jacket and Madewell printed shorts.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

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Credit: Premiere/Mechanic; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    What beauties !

  • carly

    She looks amazing and i love the hair =D

  • Kro

    both of them look great as always!

  • sophie

    gorgeous bb <3

  • kASSIE

    What is she doing to herself? Her knees are scarred with scabs. Girl, get some self respect!

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa and stella are both beautiful. ♥

  • justine

    @kASSIE …self respect? wtf…?

    anyways.. beautiful sisters <3

  • sophie

    I WANT HER LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    are you serious?

  • doll

    Stella resembles Vanessa but they dont have the same face…I think Stella has a great body for a 15 yr old.

  • Viv

    she looks really cute! i love her outfit! and god i want her legs!

  • eat me

    vaness’s hair and legs perfect combination i’ts like a guy legs too masculine legs.

  • caroline

    her legs aren’t pretty

  • Pao

    Wow!! LOVEEEE their legs!! OMG!! Im dying for that legs!! are soooo toned !! <3 envious!! :/

  • peggy


    If you weren’t such a lowlife you would know she slipped during her hosting duties for the Open Surfing and by her own admission she’s a klutz.

    Not everyone lives in the gutter like you well actually there wouldn’t be any room anyway your family pretty much has it sewn up deal with it

  • kASSIE


    I guess you would know, right what a lowlife is. Sorry, I don’t. I would never flaunt my bad habits like that. Falling is a cover for that. She always has a scraped back or bruised and scabby knees. Why are they scarred then? Is that from a new fall. Hmmmm.

    The girl needs help!!

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m confused what exactly does vanessa need help with? She fell and hurt her knees, didn’t she have a band aid on before this, it happens. I don’t know I’m still trying to figure out why its a big deal or what she needs help with I’m just confusing myself more.
    Anyway, I agree with most of the comments here that vanessa has killer legs, she looks very good.

  • Xo

    Her legs are killer omg

  • Xo

    Are we really debating her having a scrape on her knee? What does she need help with? Not being so clumsy? How stupid.

  • Haters Suck!

    Hey I’m still trying to figure what vanessa needs help with too with her scrapped knee. I mean seriously I don’t get?

  •!/PTTHS paulie


  • eat me

    every one here likes her legs cuz it’s a killer onother one said she is clumsy… Killer legs +clumsy=debate what????? killer legs meaning strong legs why she can be clumsy if she has a strong legs.LOL….

  • eat me

    glad she didn’t win in TCA!!!!!

  • clare

    She is so fucking ugly.Killer legs my ass, they are fat and awful. That stupid sister of hers is fuck ugly too. BAD GENES.

  • ehryle

    @clare.. here we go again.. assessment to you your sick and full of anger and depression! consult ur doctor

    Van & her sis are pretty awesome there bonding was great!!!

  • Tata

    I love her short hair!!!

  • musicgirl

    gosh she is beautiful! she is perfect!! love her legs! <3

    Can everyone plzz just ignore all the stupid haters, !!

  • Ivana


  • Katie

    still here are we Clare? haven’t got a life yet? calling somebody ugly ain’t gonna make you much prettier so I suggest you say nice things for once or don’t come on here at all.

  • ryme

    i always want shy labeouf and vanessa date

  • eat me

    she’s always out with here sis i think it’s ok family time… what happend to her friend ashley is in town why i didn’t see them going out together also britanny snow maybe they dump her booohoooo….

  • ryme

    @eat me
    honny she dumps your idol .so shut the hell off

  • ben

    why you feel jalouse people maybe because she had everything ( beautie; money; friends who loves her ;lovely familey…………..)and guss what every guy dream to date her and all the hate will do noting to her so please ashley fans leave u dont know anything about their friendshipe
    peace and love

  • sofiaxmen

    beautiful as always love you babe heaters get over your self she dont care about your opinios get a life

  • sofiaxmen

    beautiful as as always love you babe heaters get over your selfs she dont give a shits about your opinoin get a life

  • sofiaxmen

    sorry double post peace

  • eat me

    @ryme it’s HONEY not HONNY correct your spelling… And SHIA not SHY even the sure name is incorrect….

  • sarahhh

    @eat me: HAHA Vanessa and Ashley were actually hanging out you dumbass. So get your facts straight before you post a comment. Read Ashley’s Twitter: made dinner for Nessa last night. i think im getting really good at this cooking thing lol. @HaylieK you have to teach me some more stuff ha
    Grow up and stop bringing Ashley into all Vanessa’s post Vanessa wouldn’t like to see you putting her friend down like that. SUCK IT, BYE.

  • ehryle

    @eat me no they not dump her they are still bff, actually ashley cooked dinner for nessa she twit it yesterday.. you dont know what happened to there lives behind the paparazzi cam so its there life not our or yours.. just let it be!!

  • ryme

    @eat me i dont care ; just leave b**********

  • eat me

    let it be let it be let it be let be it’s word of wisdom let it be…… crazy little thing called dumb!

  • katalina

    i was surprised to not see her at the tca’s. she’s usually everywhere

  • hudgens – jolie

    @katalina or”eat me”
    she was supporting her friend corbin .she’s not like your idol fam***** selfish

  • a

    I hope Stella talked her out of that tacky as fuck shirt she’s carrying around…

  • http://None Juddy

    @eat me:
    Shut up btw she dumped your ****idol go away

  • JustMe

    Beautiful V!

  • http://None Juddy

    @eat me you’re the ugly one with no life

  • hudgens – jolie

    hhhhhhhhhhh!!!! jalousy !!!!!!!

  • daniel

    I love your legs do not have legs more beautiful than hers! very sexy!
    I still marry her.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Can I ask a question? Nothing offensive, I promise! I asked it on JJ and no-one responded. Last time there wasa picture of V ans her sis, someone commented that Stella reminded them of Charice, who was on last season of Glee. And everyone kept thumbs-downing her post. Why? I don’t get what is wrong with saying that. Please enlighten me!!