Joe Jonas: 'Love Slayer' Debut!

Joe Jonas: 'Love Slayer' Debut!

Check out “Love Slayer,” Joe Jonas‘s latest track!

The 21-year-old entertainer is joining Britney Spears on the European leg of her Femme Fatale tour.

“Pumped to start up rehearsals again,” Joe wrote on his Twitter account over the weekend, adding, “gonna come up with some craziness.”

Joe was spotted rocking a screenprinted tee as he went to lunch at Cafe Med on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

He also stopped by Lopez Tonight and the premiere of 30 Minutes or Less earlier in the week!

Joe Jonas – ‘Love Slayer’
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  • m

    Is this the remix that popped up online or the original?

  • Stephanyy I the only HUGE Jonas Brothers who doesn’t support Joe solo? PERSONALLY, I strongly believe that he hardly has any vocal range so…
    I mean..I love Joe but more when he’s in the Jonas Brothers than solo.

  • Kevin

    There’s nothing original about this song. I understand what he was trying to accomplish but it’s a blatant attempt at mimicking Chris Brown with an infusion of Euro club-beats.
    I’ll look past the irony in both the singles he’s released as well. The ex-girlfriends haven’t done you wrong Joe and despite your attempt at getting a bit of revenge they are the ones who are on top. I might not be a fan of all of Demi’s music but Skyscraper was one hell of a song and packed far more resonance and an emotional punch as does Taylor’s music.
    Third time might work a charm for Joe but neither of the first two singles carry any weight

  • ….

    I don’t know if I like the song… It’s not bad, but not good either

  • delena4ever

    omg i love it….can’t wait for the whole album

  • Lauren


    This is the original

    BTW the song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://joejstreeteam kat

    guys stop giving Joe hate. This song is beyond amazing. He’s accomplished so much and with this solo album it’s going to be amazing and so high on the charts. BTW i’m sick of all this Joe hating going on different gossip sites.. he didn’t do anything wrong to anyone!

  • thetruth

    AMAZING I’m DEAD “:o ..oh Joe..OCT 11 PLEASE

  • Darius

    @Kevin: Exactly Kevin, the beat of this track is nice, but the track itself is hollow as a Kesha single. Joe could be switched with well…any male artist and the track would be the same. That is a clear sign of non-artistry and studio-puppetry in the works.

  • Consuelo

    I like this song. Yes maybe it’s not the best song of all times for everyone, I mean you can’t please everybody but this song it’s exactly what is supposed to be: fun, different (for the Jobro’s style), catchy.
    Can’t wait for the whole cd to comes out :)

  • erika


  • Patworx

    This is better than See No More.

  • LK

    who the hell is this?

  • Joseph

    I think that it’s okay. Not perfect though.
    I know that Joe is trying to get away from his teen image and trying to develop a mature sound, but this is nowhere close to mature sound. It still sounds very teenage and very childish. The lyrics are just plain stupid. The music could do much better. His performances are HORRIBLE! I think he needs to wait a while and rethink everything before he releases this, even though there might be more hope when the album comes out.

  • Jonas-crazy-chick

    this song is so cool & catchy. i love it!


    I’m so proud of Joe! i love this song

  • JJ

    Hey its a cool song to booty dance to and thats good enough for me! lol!

  • kate

    I love the beat, and I love Joe, but the lyrics are nothing special and it has no soul in it, it doesn’t sound like he put in a lot of effort here..and the vocals are bland,probably cause they autotuned the hell out of it (at least thats what it sound like to me). See No More was a lot better in my opinion. Joe has the potential to be a fantastic artist but to do that he needs to be more original, less cookie-cutter, in my humble opinion.

  • http://my_iz nouf

    I loved this song

  • http://@izzeluvjonasbro izze jonas

    I LOVE IT and the reason it sounds like a chris brown song is bcuz he worked with chris brown on this album! IM SO PROUD OF YOU JOE <3 LOVED YOU SINCE 2007 <3

  • Ella

    WOW! And Joe didn’t even say it on his twitter. I think it sounds good. Catchy. But I’m really looking forward for JILWY. ;)

  • http://none kendra j bethune

    good i don’t need to know where joe jonas at every second of the day like gossip channels i just need to know joe jonas having a great time give him some peace
    some one was just trying to sign i want you back by nsync
    they almost had it except for things i did’nt know and tell you that i’m sorry
    who ever it was had too much base on good morning america

  •!/sherleydc Sherley Nemrac

    GREAT song Joe :D i love it<3

  • dAISEY

    Nothing outstanding. And definitely nothing i haven’t already heard. Its getting to be a copy of just about everything out there now. I don’t love it but its ok. I guess. Nothing to fly off but, yeah. Ok!

  • Mariana

    All what Joe wants is to get rid of his little girls fans and get older’s. Well he has to do better.

  • marian

    i really like it, keep it up Joe

  • MIsspmc

    I don’t know what you guys are all talking about this song is so much better then any freaking girlfriend beater chris brown can put out. And Demi’s skyscraper was not better then See No More or his new single Love Slayer. I wasn’t to sure i’d like his new sound but shoot i’m liking it much better then i thought i would. Some of you don’t’ know good music when you hear it.