Ashley Tisdale: Hollywood Era Collection Model!

Ashley Tisdale: Hollywood Era Collection Model!

Check out these new pics of Ashley Tisdale as the face of Hollywood Era’s Fall 2011 Collection!

The brand posts with the pics on Facebook, “We’re thrilled to have the beautiful and talented Ashley Tisdale a part of the Hollywood Era team this season! Check out some of the HOT looks for women on Ashley!”

Hollywood Era is true designer fashions sold exclusively at Walmart Canada. “We are an apparel brand that is shaking up the status quo by proving that high fashion doesn’t have to mean high prices. We are about the spirit of independence that brings out the star in all of us,” their Facebook states.

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ashley tisdale hollywood era model 01
ashley tisdale hollywood era model 02
ashley tisdale hollywood era model 03
ashley tisdale hollywood era model 04
ashley tisdale hollywood era model 05

Credit: Elias Tahan; Photos: Hollywood Era Facebook
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  • kami

    what is hollywood era? never heard of it. is it a new clothing line?

  • kerri

    Looking fierce lol.

  • vale


  • Mara


  • fede

    love the pics!

  • Selena

    Why is she modeling for a clothing line thats only sold in Canada? O_o

  • sara

    good for her at least she did somthing in her life even if the clothing line no one know about her but at least it better than just going shopping or going to gyme

  • fede

    this mark is almost new!



    please re read what u wrote because you made no sense!!!!


    she’s soo beautiful
    I really want to buy from this clothing line

  • Kelly

    Vanessa/Zanessa fans. Just cant stand the fact that she get’s Zac Efron’s attention. And you wish it were Vanessa instead. But honey this is reality NOW have you had your fun yet? But just know something.. ASHLEY..Was the one who put that smile on Zac’s face just REMEMBER that!

  • sara

    i don’t like ashley and i don’t like vanessa either

  • oumayma

    i’am a vanessa’s fan and i don’t hate ashley just because you hate vanessa that doesn’t mean you have to bring her name with a hateful comment without any reason and don’t tell me i’am defending ashley ashley because vanessa’s fan are insulting her how do you know they are vanessa’s fan ???????????

  • kami


    i don’t understand your comment. did zac get ashley this job with hollywood era?

  • sara

    and plus i did talk about ashley’s carrer why did you bring vanessa or zac in this ??????

  • MR.

    she is sooo beautiful!

  • Lubarus

    i love her!!!

  • whatever

    @Kelly: What a stupid, vindictive comment. LMAO Let’s not forget who put the smile on his face for FIVE years, sweetie. And it wasn’t Ashley.

  • Lubarus

    Yay!!!! she looks AMAZING!!!!

  • Naty

    HOT!!! She looks amazing!!

  • wuzthavo


  • Serene

    wow.. Ashley looks pretty… !! Love her style !!!

  • Mmari

    Why do I always see bad comments on Ashley’s news?
    Don’t like her? DON’T see news of her and MOST IMPORTANT, DON’T COMMENT!
    This Zashley/Zanessa and Ashley/Vanessa “fight” it’s SO over past!


    So, PLESS, just stop!

  • okay

    @whatever who is vanessa to zac now ?? A Nobody
    ashley and zac will always be bestfriends

  • bruno

    she is the hottest girl I ever saw

  • jude

    loooooooooove ash!

  • Mara

    I love her :)

  • lol

    This clothing line is sold at Canadian Walmarts…LMAO. Talk about obscurity.

  • lol

    @kami: I’m sorry this girl is boring and what does Zac or Vanessa have to do with this obscure clothing line? This is too funny…

  • meghan

    @lol: You’re an obscure loser sitting behind your computer screen…what have you done with your life? Yeah nothing so shut up. She looks gorgeous, she should do modelling. I find it funny how insecure Vanessa fans get when somebody says something about Ashley. Pathetic haha.


    She looks amazing!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    How did Vanessa get dragged into this? Honestly the only Vanessa fan I see here is me and I’m just wondering how she got pulled into this.

  • cherly

    woww… she looks absolutely stunning !!!

  • MR.


  • Lucy

    so amazing!
    she is sooo beautiful! :)

  • Patworx

    Haters simple can’t help themselves. They must kill everyone’s buzz.

  • j

    assuming an Ashley hater is a Vanessa/Zanessa fan is just obnoxious.

    she looks pretty.

  • justme

    she looks hot
    kelly i’am vanessa’s fan

  • LISA

    Personally, I think that Ashely is absolutely beautiful both inside and out.

  • Sandy




  • ehryle

    I like Ashley I like Vanessa they are BFF.. they are beautiful in different way.. love u Ash u look great!!

  • wuzthavo


  • lol

    @meghan: Honey, I’m working on my masters degree right now and I can assure you that I’m neither lonely and could care less about Tisdale. Let’s be honest..she’s pathetic as are fans like you. Have a nice day….hopefully you can travel to Canada and pick up some clothes from Walmart. Smooches!

  • Love- ashley

    hey !!!!!!!!!! @lol are you serious really?, can you go and insult ashley … i don’t know… ANYWHERE BUT HERE?!!! How dare you talk about her like that, and BTW, YOU are the pathetic one, not us, fans of ashley ! And don’t EVEN dare insult, because i know i am right ! Now leave her alone !! jeez !!!

  • Kat

    I like the fact she had this done as a brunette had her blonde hair but owell. x

    Love her anyway

  • Vanessa

    leave Vanessa Hudgens alone!!!!:::…and you are ashley’s fans??? pathetic!!!!!…i don’t think that ashley wold like her fans saying those things about her BESTFIENDS!!!!!….

  •!/LatoyaDefreitas latoya

    I bought that shirt Ashely’s wearing in the picture! I love it!!!

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