Alexandra Chando: Watch 'The Lying Game' Tonight!

Alexandra Chando: Watch 'The Lying Game' Tonight!

Alexandra Chando might be pushing it to tune into the premiere of her new ABC Family show, The Lying Game, tonight, but we know we’ll be watching.

The 25-year-old actress chatted with press in a recent round-table interview about the new series, her advice for the book fans and which twin she’s really like. Check it:

On how she relates to Sutton and Emma: “I can relate to both of the characters. Obviously, with Emma, I consider myself a kind person, thoughtful, and I try not to take things for granted. I mean I grew up in a wonderful family, a wonderful household, which is great, but with Sutton, I think, I relate to the way she handles things emotionally. She’s less emotional. She’s kind of compartmentalizes things and I kind of find myself doing that often, especially in this industry and where life has kind of taken me. There is a little bit of both of me in each.”

On which twin she really prefers: “I love both of them. I think both of them are very interesting, very fun to play. Emma is a little bit easier for me to play. I can relate to her really well, but Sutton is interesting because she’s a little bit more work. I really have to consider what she says, how she says it, and she’s got some things going on as far as the reason she is the way she is. It’s certainly a little bit more interesting to try and work out Sutton’s characteristics, I think.”

On the ‘moral’ of The Lying Game: “I find that our show has a lot of heart, especially the story revolving a little bit about Emma and following her story a little bit more so than Sutton. I think that Emma comes from the foster care system and really did not have a great childhood. I think that the show does a really great job of touching on that and how it had kind of affected her. Goodness. That’s a really good question. Each character and each storyline has really incredible heartfelt moments and heartfelt issues that they deal with as far as the adoption process and the challenges of being adopted and wanting to find your real birth mother and not knowing the answers and just struggling with. Having parents that you were raised with, but they’re not your biological parents and just trying to not hurt them but want to know who your real mother is and that challenge and what you face in that world. Also just other relationship challenges and the dynamic of family and boyfriends and all of that.”

On convincing fans of the book to watch the show: “I will say that it is different from the books, but we do have the same characters and I think it will be really interesting and fun for them to see the characters come to life and just see it all unravel and see what happens with it. Like I said before, it’s based on a book, but it’s a mystery so if we want to keep people guessing and keep the audience intrigued we need to kind of veer off a little bit and do our own thing in order to make that happen.”

The Lying Game premieres TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

The Lying Game: Clip #2
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