Kylie & Kendall Jenner: Welcome To Our Blog!

Kylie & Kendall Jenner: Welcome To Our Blog!

Kylie and sis Kendall Jenner ham it up in a pic posted to their new official blog,!

Kylie, 14, and Kendall, 15, welcomed readers, saying, “Hi guys!!! We are sooooooo excited to launch our very first official blog! Our sisters have had their blogs for years, and we thought it was about time we got our own! :)”

Among the things Kylie and Kendall posted to their blog: this video covering Taylor Swift‘s “Better Than Revenge!”

about Kylie and Kendall’s new blog?

Kylie and Kendall Jenner — “Better than Revenge”
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  • Lisa

    Kendall is soooooooo A W E S O M E !

  • Lisa

    Kendall is sooooo AWESOME !

  • mybad

    I will never understand the fandom for them.

  • jimmyjack

    Whores in waiting

  • colleen

    Whats such a big deal about them and their family?I mean really what have they done that makes them such stars????

  • me

    must be nice to be born into money and not really have to work hard for anything.mommy &daddy should make u earn it.not hand it to toyou

  • tonibdat

    kylie is so pretty

  • tonibdat

    It’s kind of funny…..the verse that they sing “She’s only known for what she does on the mattress, whoa!” R they talking about Kim Kardashian???

  • isa g

    Kendall is on her way up, i see so much more potential in her than all her 3 older sisters. She will be the one to surpass them in everything. Good luck kendall. Ps love ur name

  • nyc


  • rene

    I love the song, but these are still little girls and the camera man was kinda perving on them. Kris needs to de sexualize the video. These are just babies.



  • ellie

    i love kylie

  • sherry

    i have been watching all the shows your family has for years wow you girls really are growing up!!!! the video was awsome and im sure you girls had alot of fun making it!! your kris and bruse must be very proud!!!! love it!!! welcome to your blog girls will be looking forward to hearing more from you!!!

  • sherry

    hello girls..GREAT job on the video! i have been watching your families shows for yrs,you girls really have grown.kirs and bruse must be very proud. will be looking forward to seeing more . thanks!!


    GREAT!!, just when you think the Kardasians would go away, here come the next generation of the no talent, goldigging brood…I guess they will marry basketball players(color doesnt matter to them except GREEN) also….lol

  • hate them

    Since the other sister are old and played out I am sure Pimpette Kris Jenner will have them selling themselves in no time!!!! But only If they are in the NBA,NFL,NHL, or anyone else that is the highest bidder like some Arab Sheik!!!

  • Stacy

    You are both so lucky and blessed to have.such a wonderful family and good luck with all the opportunities that will come your way.

  • Steve

    I think that they stink and Chris ( their Mom ) is nothing but a Pimp looking for more money from her kids. Bruce Jenner, I used to look up to you, now you act like a whimp. Get some control over your family and quit playing so much golf. I know they are supporting you, but grow some man.

  • bryce

    hey guys im only 12 buti love ur sisters show i think you guys should have ur own show i would sooo watch it!! email me!:)

  • http://billcard2000 Bill card

    Hi Kylie & Kendall,
    I LOVE Both of you I am glade you have your on blog I would like to become best friends with both of you hope to here from you soon email me at

  • Laura Telford

    Hey dolls:)I’m 14 and from northern ireland:L I love youu guys and watch keeping up with the kardashians every sunday on E! was just wondering how do you get in to modelling? Email mee please I’m such a big fan:P <3 xoxo

  • Laura Telford

    Hey dolls:)I’m 14 and from northern ireland:L I love youu guys and watch keeping up with the kardashians every sunday on E!I was just wondering how do you get in to modelling? Email mee please I’m such a big fan:P <3 xoxo

  • Josphina dau

    Yous are amazing xx

  • Evelyn Ramirez

    Hello!!:) My name is Evelynn and am 15 and I’m such a fan of The Kardashain Family.. I am a subscriber to kims, khloes, kris and your websites ! you guys really enspire me to go for my dream as an actress even though i am chunky.. Khloe is such a role model for me… Kendall and Kylie you guys are so much fun to watch. I can really relate to you guys cause am your age but alot of other people just be hatin on youo guys cause you guys are pretty , talented and so much more and they are just envy of you and your family… I love ou guys and dont ever change<3

  • Keishanie

    KULIE AND KENDALL U GUYS ARE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter skai hamilton

    hey guys!!!!! i absolutely LOVE u chikass!!!!i’v been watchin ur show sinse it aired an i only have one thing to say MASON IS SOO CUTE!!!!!!!dont listen to those ingrates know that ur awesome and rock it

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