Brenda Song's Having A Baby!?

Brenda Song's Having A Baby!?

Congrats, Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus!

Rumors started flying around the internet and sources told both Celebuzz and EOnline that it was true.

Brenda and Trace started dating earlier last year and made their debut at Nylon’s Young Hollywood event.

The couple also recently collaborated on Trace‘s Southern Made Hollywood Paid clothing line

Brenda will next be heard as Chloe in Disney Channel’s Pixie Hollow Games, out this fall.

Check out JJJ‘s exclusive interview with her!

HOW DO YOU feel about Brenda having a baby?

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  • http://xojbabyyyxo Jen

    wow i didnt even know they were dating…weird couple. congradulations i guess?

  • violet

    Whoa, someone slept with that thing?

  • a

    HAPPY FOR HER but I don’t want to see her quitting Hollywood….. trace is never gonna quit music based on what hes said this month and he barely gets any work… so I think Brenda is the one who will stay at home and raise the baby…..:(:(:(:( and work at a real non-Hollywood place.. since getting work in Hollywood post-disney is hard for any disney star..

  • nilla



    @violet: Rude, much? I can’t believe that she slept with him cause I thought she was a virgin… since she acts all holy and saintly.. but I guess she doesn’t care about commitments and all since she’s 2 months pregnant according to E! and still not engaged to Trace…

  • drift

    YAY! BRENDA! congrads!!!!!! but isn’t a little bit too early to get pregnant and start a family–theyve only been dating for a year and two months.

  • yourmom

    weird couple. word.

    lol, Joe dated Brenda. Trace dated Demi.
    maybe signs will collide. Jemi’s next, loljk

  • white

    omg it will be really awkward when we all find out she’s not pregnant lol lol lol

  • oops

    guess they slipped up


  • Becca

    I always thought she was someone who would wait until marriage to have children and I thought she was a virgin as well. Brenda is 23 though and being a virgin at that age especially when you’re famous and in a relationship is rare? I hope Trace proposes to her before the baby is born and doesn’t break up with her.

  • chloe

    “when you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all.”
    *the room goes dead silent*
    *criket criket criket*
    *ragweed rolls by*

  • holly

    I’m crying, I feel like dying ! if its true I want to die! my life is over! shiiiiiit!

  • holly

    @chloe: wth? she had sex, got knocked up and still isnt married! we’re entitled to criticize since shes a bad role model!

  • Andie

    The baby probably will be born with tattoos.

  • Brook

    I think its cute, Trace is good looking, and Brenda is really pretty. Its a shame how early it is for them though, I thought she was more responsible than that.

  • Grace

    Stupid I liked her but now I dont

  • me

    Gross. Here’s hoping the baby takes after Brenda.

  • Ella

    how the..what the hell?! Am the only one who was suprised by this?

  • Ella

    how the..what the hell!?! Am I the only one suprised by this?

  • none

    Wait I thought they were Christians who were saving theirselfs for marriage. I thought the Cyrus family was chrstian? What a bunch of fakes and lairs.

  • Dark Angel

    Can that guy be any uglier?? Wowsers!! hopefully the baby will be a boy..ugly little boys have it easier than the girlies.

  • JJ17

    @none: You’re a pathetic loser!

  • jj22

    @none: You’re a pathetic loser!

  • Cutee9

    Congrad to both of them but ewwwww Trace Cyrus seriously ??? Brenda is too beautiful for him … Well love makes u blind

  • Cutee9

    Congrad to both of them but ewwwww Trace Cyrus seriously ??? Brenda is too beautiful for him … Well love makes u blind

  • Ferguson

    Brenda you cute and he look like,


  • lerner


    N no other religion has morals. Ur an idiot. So Jews are all sleeping around?

    It’s so sad she can’t be 40 or 50 and see what she’s doing to her child. Anyone with a tattoo first is very insecure. If he wants us to know something he should tell us. Be vocal. Use ur voice. We will listen. or is that he wants us to think he’s tough and cool. No, sorry don’t think that. When the parents of their child is not allowed over and the child resents his dad she’ll get it. TOO LATE!

  • amanda leigh

    Whoa, if this is true, I never saw it coming.

    I remember reading a couple months back about how there were three Disney girls who never got involved in the Hollywood party scene: Hilary, Brenda, and Raven-Symone. If two of them are pregnant, I guess my childhood is officially over. Congrats nonetheless!

  • eeewwww

    One word:

    Okay, I have two more words:
    ’nuff said XP

  • v

    ew why him, Brenda? how ugly he is
    anyway I still wish the best for you and your baby

  • 000


  • Jenny


    What a fugly butterface!!! Is Brenda insane in the brain? How can she do it with something that gross?!

  • anon

    wooooooow. I love how vain and condescending everyone is in the comments here. Yeah, Trace may not be attractive to YOU, but Brenda clearly saw something in him. There is more to a relationship than looks, because those will fade with time. And just because they’re expecting (supposedly), doesn’t mean they should get engaged. How on Earth is she a bad role model? Maybe the condom busted. Maybe this rumor isn’t true at all. She’s done nothing but stay out of the rumor mill for the most part, and done her part speaking out against bullying and eating healthy. So this alleged pregnancy negates all of it?

    @lerner: Tattoos are a form of self expression. They’re referred to as “body art” for a reason.

    To everyone who says their childhood is over, sweetie, chances are it’s been over for a while, you just didn’t know it.

  • But get this…….

    This news is nothing. I fully expect a Baby Hemsworth by this time next year. The Cyruses started off as a good strong southern family, but Hollywood has ruined them. Such a shame too. God help Noah.

  • marz

    she’s 23… still very young.

  • katie


  • adrienne765

    wth is wrong with her? he is freaking ugly and a weirdo! i thought she was normal but this is just to weird to believe. i hope it’s not true. and yes I AGREE @none. besides they are too young to have a baby and raise him or her right. god help them lol. gaaaaggggg

  • Ella

    Yayy! Congrats for the both of them. Every baby is a blessing. :))

  • Tiffany

    I didn’t know they were dating. Weird couple. But oh well.

  • whaaaaaat

    dear god, why?!

  • V

    Wow. I never in a billion years would expect this. Trace doesn’t seem to be the type to become a father… who knows? Maybe he’ll surprise us.

    We may not agree with Brenda’s choices, but we can at least support her. I’m honestly not a big fan of this but of she’s happy with having a baby then that’s fine. She’s the one having the child. I’m sure she’ll make a great mother.

  • Cady

    welp, looks like she just lost her contract with disney. she sure doesn’t have that required purity ring anymore!

  • layra

    @Andie: XD!!! Your comment just made my day! So true.

  • Bsong Fanatic

    @V: I agree so much, true dat. @Cady: She didn’t lose her contract with Disney. Her contract with Disney ended two years ago. Ever since she starred in The Social Network. She ended it when she was 21.



  • hales

    so disappointed and happy at the same time lolool

  • sidra

    Let’s all face it, she is never going to get married to him, she knows it, her family knows and everyone else knows it. She will regret ever having sex with him because by the time the baby daddy turns 30 7 years from now Brenda will feel so much regret for giving up her career to make Trace happy. I’m ANGRY but I guess we’ll all just have to get over it.

  • brit

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY for her!±!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank GOD! god bless her!!!!!

  • leyton

    she is so beautiful, i hope she continues making amazing movies like the social network and enjoying life to the best!

  • Lola ray

    Wow judgemental much? Shes 23!! An adult! And they’ve been together for over a year! Who cares if he’s coverd in tattoos?? Hes actually a really nice guy! You can’t chose who you fall in love with! I bet it will be a beautiful baby and it will have a wonderful family! God Bless them! Heres to the new family!! <33 Besides Brenda Cyrus does have a nice ring to it :)