JJJ Book Club: Nikita Ramsey Loves To Get Lost in a Book

JJJ Book Club: Nikita Ramsey Loves To Get Lost in a Book

While twin sister Jade is busy filming the second season of House of Anubis, Nikita Ramsey was awesome enough to take part in JJJ Book Club‘s National Book Week.

Check out some of the 23-year-old actress’ recommendations:

What is your favorite book and why?
A Child Called It.” It’s an autobiographical story about a young boy who survived a very hard abusive childhood and it deals with the courage he had to make it through. It is a true story, which is something that appeals a lot to me, and I found the author who the story is based on an extremely inspirational person and his writing resulted in me getting very emotionally involved with the book and his story.

I also love Russell Brand‘s “My Booky Wook,” which again is an autobiographical story. Just like in his comedy, Russell Brand’s writing in hilarious, even though the book deals with serious matters — it’s almost as if you can hear him speaking the words off the page as you read. I am a big fan of his so that also adds to me loving discovering more about him!

Why should everyone read it?
I think it’s very important for everyone to read. Not only is it a great form of entertainment like movies are, it also helps you learn and extend your vocabulary without really realizing it. Books allow you to get lost in your imagination, which, of course, is a lot of fun!

Do you judge the book by its cover?
Sadly, I do – if the cover sucks my automatic reaction is to dismiss it…although I do read books people recommend to me or from reviews in magazines, so covers don’t come into consideration then. But if I am in a book shop, I definitely pick up books based on whether their covers catch my eye.

How do you feel about all the books being made into movies?
I think it’s great!! So many great movies have come from books – look at the “Harry Potter” franchise, “Lord of the Rings,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” If I am a huge fan of a series of books, I definitely like to finish reading the book before I see the movie as I already have my own images of how I’ve pictured it all. But then after that, to have a book you love come to life, it’s amazing!!

I am a huge movie lover, so I’m all for it!!! I also expect the movies to be different from the books and am open to changes or parts being missing…as of course to fit what hundreds of pages and hours of reading contain into 2 hours is a hard task!!!

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