The Lying Game: Show Vs. Book

The Lying Game: Show Vs. Book

The Lying Game is show number two for author Sara Shepard on ABC Family.

This is the second of her book series’ to hit the small screen, right after Pretty Little Liars. Check out what some of the cast had to say about the book vs. the show:

Allie Gonino, who plays Laurel, shared, “The book ‘The Lying Game,’ is really different from the show. It’s the same characters, but we’re taking the storyline in a little bit of a different direction. It’s going to be fresh and new for the readers.”

“We’re very excited to have a show based on Sara‘s book because Pretty Little Liars has had great success,” star Alexandra Chando added. “It has a great fan base and we’re hoping we can adopt some of those fans. They’re like sister shows, it’s nice. It’s like a nice little family.”

HAVE YOU READ “The Lying Game” books? HAVE YOU SEEN the show? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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“The Lying Game” cast on the books
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  • maria

    show is awesome

  • paski

    The book is way different

  • sd

    the show is really good i don’t know about the book but i am going th read! super excited about it !!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! :)

  • Alexandra

    Sutton and Emma are long lost twin sisters that have never met before. Sutton is killed and Emma goes to her hometown and takes her place thinking that she’s there to meet her. Emma finds out that she is dead and now has to find who the killer is. The suspects are Ethan Landry, Thayer Vega, Laurel Mercer, Charlotte, Madeline, and the Fiorello twins. All of them were proven innocent in the first three books except Ethan.

  • Alexandra

    The description that i gave was the book description not the TV series description

  • Claire

    I haven’t seen the show. I actually didn’t even know that there WAS a show until I looked up the series! I just finished the first book, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! If you haven’t read it, you should. I really like the Pretty Little Liars show and book, too.

  • Claire

    @sd: You should totally read the books!!!!

  • Daniellle

    The books are amazing, but I have to say the tv show doesn’t live up to the book. There are many differences between them, for one in the book Sutton is actually dead and she is tied and overlooking Emma, her twin sister. And in the tv show they’re both alive. Overall, I really do think they both have their nice qualities!!! :)

  • Mamie

    Personally, I am highly disappointed in the show. The books are perfectly fine the way they are. The show is too predictable, the book was not! It was very creative and intense. The show irritates me whenever it comes on. Same thing goes for PLL. I LOVE the bus and I am disappointed that the shows took out so much. It should have just stayed a book!

  • Mamie

    sorry for the typo, i meant * i love the PLL books

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