JJJ Book Club: A 'Forgotten' Sequel?

JJJ Book Club: A 'Forgotten' Sequel?

It’s been a few months since the JJJ Book Club debuted a ‘first read’ for Cat Patrick‘s “Forgotten,” but it’s still one of our favorite books of the year.

Author Cat recently updated her official blog about what’s going to happen next in the “Forgotten” series — if there is. Check out what she wrote:

“There is, of course, the question that I get asked a lot. You know, The Question. It’s dressed in black, lurking in the shadows, ready to jump out at me when I least expect it. ‘CAT, ARE YOU WRITING A SEQUEL TO FORGOTTEN?’

(Eek!) I know, I know. You think it needs one. You think the book’s unfinished. You NEED to know what happens. But let me explain myself a bit.

I’m not planning on writing a sequel to FORGOTTEN, not because I forgot how to write, and not because I’m lazy. (And not because I’m afraid of my overuse of the word “not,” which, in fact, I am.) Writing the first few drafts, I thought FORGOTTEN would be a series. But that was before I found The Ending. I was so happy the day when it all clicked into place”when finally I figured out how to leave London’s world in a satisfying way. It felt like a break in a rainstorm, only not that because I happen to like rainstorms.

Here’s the thing: I get it. I get loving a book and wanting more, more, more. I do it, too! But to be honest, I’m not sure every book needs more, more, more.”

Head over to CatPatrick.com to read why “Forgotten” is better as a stand alone novel.

ARE YOU SAD there won’t be a “Forgotten” sequel?

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  • Kailey

    I am very surpised that there is no sequel. But, it is a very awesome ending to the book.

>>>>>>> staging1