Ashley Tisdale: Dentist Day!

Ashley Tisdale: Dentist Day!

Ashley Tisdale drops off pup Maui with her parents at their home in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (August 25).

The 26-year-old actress tweeted that she was headed to her bi-yearly check up at the dentist, after having a sushi dinner with former Hellcats costars Sharon Leal and Heather Hemmens the night before.

JJJ will be chatting with Ashley very, very, very soon for a special secret event and we need your questions!

Let us know in the comments what you want us to ask her — make it good too!

FYI: Ashley is wearing a tank by Malibu Native.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • http://@leemartineelli Ana martinelli

    Ashh ((: when will you come to Brazil? we need you here! I love you so much <3

  • Kelly

    Ask her if she has Any films in the work.

  • Kelly

    Or ask her if she would ever like to star in a movie with Zac or Vanessa.

  • Kelly

    Ask her for more info on her up-coming projects!

  • s

    ask her if shes a good driver lol!

  • http://Mahaak Mak

    Ask her how she balances her relationship while working

  • Bianca

    ask her if he stopped sing and if her have projects for the future?


    Ask her if shes working on another album anytime soon, or a movie project and what it’s called.

  • iloveashley

    pls pls pls pls ask her on her upcoming movies,shows or anything

  • Lina

    Random.. But could you ask her what she thinks about the fact that in all of her latest projects, her character’s love interest was a film student/aspiring director (Peyton [SFA]; Dan [Hellcats]) ..and her bf Scott is a director? Lolol..idk i just think it’s a mega weird coincidence. Lol.

    Does she ever get tired of traveling all the time? What’s one place (if there is one) that she would like to visit that she hasn’t yet? Would she ever consider like New York or something?

    If there is anything she could change about her life at any point, what would it be?

    How does she like to spend her free time? Does she ever get overwhelmed by how busy her schedule can be sometimes?

    Can she think of one thing about her that a lot of her fans may not know?

    Of course, what are her upcoming projects? What is she most focused on? What are her latest goals regarding her career?

    How’s baby Mikayla doing? Lol.. =) <3
    Hoped this helped. ^.^

  • Lina

    Oh, and will she ever get another tattoo? =)

  • Lina

    Oh, and on her twitter she talks about “bravo-ing” with Haylie Duff. What is that? Lol.

  • Gonzalo

    @Ashley Tisdale: What are your upcoming projects?! Movies, Music, TV Shows?!

    We love u Ashley! =)
    South America…LOVE U! =D

  • Lubarus

    New album!!!
    it’s my dream^^^

  • Meera

    Ask her if she has any movies/shows in the works :}

  • Adela

    which of these movies are true :The last first time,Sleepless Beauty,Teen Witch, Misfits Christmas ? when you start filming a new movie ashleey? We can’t wait to hear some news about your up-coming movies.

  • miley

    ask her about her hair

  • meghan

    Ask her if she has any beauty tips? Upcoming projects? If she’s still friends with Vanessa? What she thinks of young hollywood? If she is gonna make a new album? and how does she manage to stay so positive despite all the hate? :)

  • meghan

    Oh and who is her style inspiration?

  • Mara

    Ask her about what she’s focused now. In movies, a new album or in her production company.
    And what we can expect for her future projects.

  • Mallory

    Is she planning on doing a 3rd Album? :)

  • Mallory

    Is she planning on doing a 3rd Album? :)
    Who is her idol of the moment?
    Why did she choose Scott Speer as her boyfriend?
    Why did she dump Jared?

  • Maja Juhl

    Do you want to make a third album and are you going to? :D xoxo Maja <3

  • Kelly

    Ask her what she has been working on, in her production company “Blondie Girl Productions”.

  • Kelly

    Ask her who her Bff is? who she would like to do a project with? does she have any movies coming up? does she wan’t to work on Broadway? what is her favorite play? is she planning on getting another tattoo? how many kids would she like to have? does she wan’t to do a more darker and edgier character?

  • Kelly

    Ask her if she would be interested in starring in the remake of “Dirty Dancing,” directed by Kenny Ortega.

  • Kelly

    Ask her if she would like to star in the “Dirty Dancing” remake, directed by Kenny Ortega.

  • princess sparkle!!!!!!

    who is her favourite celebrity?
    what is her middle name?
    what is her favourite colour?
    why did she stop “the suite life”?

  • http://bheltiisdale ashdicta

    ashley I love you, am deeply regrets Latin America, but you’re bigger in my life .. so my question would be will come to Venezuela again with one of your great concerts?

  • Fran

    if you had the option to choose your partner for a movie, who would it be?

  • Carla Louise

    My question if you see this would probably be what are you planning on doing next like more television programs more films or music :) love you Ashley my inspiration:D <3

  • http://@Lucia681 Lucia

    ask which is your biggest dream in the life

  • http://@Lucia681 Lucia

    what is your biggest dream in the life

  • Zhu

    What is her new project? She still dating Scott Speer? Pls. Tell her that we are hopping that she’s going to accept more daring role.

  • http://@Lucia681 Lucia

    ask which is your biggest dream in your life

  • Kelly

    I think Ashley & Zac have amazing chemistry. will you please ask her, if she would like to play in a movie with him (soon) again.

  • Kelly

    Ask her is she would like to star in a movie with Zac Efron.

  • Teresa

    Ask her for more info on her up-coming projects, please! :))

  • nora

    Is she still with Scott?
    When will you come to Bulgaria?

  • lovely

    i don’t know why majority of ashley’s fan want her to date zac and they don’t care about her boyfriend feeling it’s really sucks ashley and zac are just friends don’t tell me they have a great chemistry they should date if they have they wouldn’t wait all this time without dating it really sucks oh god plz jared don’t ask her about zac just ask her about her newt projects (movies album shows anything) that why her fans should care about and that what i do if you want to ask her about her personal life ask her about her boyfriend not about someone who she did never date
    poor scott i fell so sorry for him

  •!/mrlovable101 larry

    my question is. i would like to know if its possible if we could chat :D lol


    Would you like to visit Israel? :)