JJJ Book Club: Rowan Blanchard Loves Twists & Turns

JJJ Book Club: Rowan Blanchard Loves Twists & Turns

Rowan Blanchard finds all kinds of twists and turns in her new movie, Spy Kids 4: All The Time in the World, but she’s also finding them in her favorite books too.

The 9-year-old actress told the JJJ Book Club about her obsession with books. Check it out:

What is your favorite book and why?
It’s a tie!! I love the book “Chasing Vermeer” by Blue Balliett, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry and “So B. It” by Sarah Weeks. I love all of these books because they have amazing story lines with twists and turns that no one expects.

Why should everyone read it?
All of the characters are highly developed. I don’t like books where they only explain half of the character and you don’t get a chance to really “know” them.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
I totally remember reading “Bob Books” when I was really little :)

Do you judge the book by its cover?
Absolutely not!! Even the cover of “The Giver” looks like it should be for adults, but it’s such an amazing book and age appropriate for kids my age.

How do you feel about all the books being made into movies?
I like the idea of books being made into movies as long as they stay somewhat true to the storyline. It brings more awareness to the book which is great.

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