JJJ Book Club: Jade Ramsey is Obsessed with WWII

JJJ Book Club: Jade Ramsey is Obsessed with WWII

Jade Ramsey has been learning all about the history of Egyptology on House of Anubis, but there’s another subject she loves too — WWII!

The 23-year-old actress took time out from her busy schedule to chat with the JJJ Book Club about her faves. Check it:

What is your favorite book and why?
Goodnight Mr Tom,” I read this book aged ten at school, and absolutely LOVED IT!!!!!! It is set in WWII England, and follows the story of a boy called William Beech who is evacuated to the countryside from war torn London. I was (and still am) obsessed with World War II, and how people lived during wartime, so was fascinated by this book. (They made it into a TV drama, which I loved too!!!)

Why should everyone read it?
As well as being a really interesting story, the characters are awesome, the character of Tom especially is this old man, who is known around the village to be a grumpy, frightening old guy, who then gets given a child evacuee to look after. It is really fascinating seeing how people 70-80 years ago in WWII would live, so its pretty educational too, as well as being sad and heartbreaking at the same time.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
Oooooh that’s tough, I can remember as a little child, I read ALOT of books, I would stay up late at night reading. I would have to say the “Mr and Miss” collection were a definite favourite.

I am not sure if you have them in America, but there are tons of little Miss and Mr Men, and I think I managed to get the whole collection. Each book follows a different character, for example: Little Miss Naughty, or Mr Bump, Mr Grumpy, Little Miss Scatterbrain. They had really cute pictures too!!

Do you judge the book by its cover?
I have to say generally I do. Unless I have been recommended a book by someone, if I walk in a shop, I am generally going to judge a book by its cover, or at least the description on the back.

How do you feel about all the books being made into movies?
I think its a great idea! Many people think the books are better than the movies, I guess that’s because with a book you can have a weeks worth of reading, whereas a movie needs to be about 2 hours, so story lines have to get shortened.

However, I think so many good stories get written that its awesome seeing the characters brought to life on screen. I also think if the films are done well, they often are exactly what the audience imagine. For example Harry Potter, is for the most part exactly how everyone who read the books imagined Harry, Ron, Hermoine etc.

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