Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's Gal at the 2011 MTV VMAs!

Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's Gal at the 2011 MTV VMAs!

Vanessa Hudgens shines in silver at the official 2011 MTV VMAs after party held at The Colony on Sunday (August 28) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress, in a Candie’s Couture gown, posed in front of a yummy looking Candie‘s cupcake display!

Vanessa looking old Hollywood glamour at the Candie‘s VMA afterparty” Candie‘s tweeted, along with a picture of Vanessa in front of the brand’s backdrop.

Van also headed over to the In Touch Weekly‘s 4th Annual Icons & Idols Celebration at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

25+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Christopher Polk, Phil McCarten; Photos: Getty, Picture Group
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  • lauren

    is candies paying her to do her own after party?

  • clare

    ewww she looks so fat and my god she is fucking ugly. so full of herself and for no reason. yuck.

  • evermore.

    she looks a bit like megan fox.
    not in a bad way though!
    love herrrr

  • evermore.

    oh shut up, @clare
    haters aren’t welcome here, never gonna be.

  • Magda

    I don’t like it… she look so old… and this dress thickens her…

  • http://lala aiwen

    just get the **** off here ok? u are so annoying!
    Magda, she is trying to less her weight so give her some time next time will be better!!!!

  • http://lala aiwen

    anyway! this dress not bad, and vanessa always has that temperament there so, she still let me feel she is GORGEOUS!!!!!! keep going vanessa!!U R THE BEST!!!!

  • Magda


    yeah… I know… but this dress more thickens her (this is my opinion)

    This dress is from Candie’s colection…

  • http://lala aiwen

    i know…but last time she is not that weight and not that fat, but now she has to gained weight for her movie…we cant do anything,and she always make herself confident, to me eventhough this dress does’t suit her but she still let me feel good :)

  • http://lala aiwen

    i know….but last time she is not that weight and not that fat, but now she has to gain her weight for her movie… we cant do anything…but eventhough this dress dint suit her she still let me feel good :)

  • http://lala aiwen


  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    I like her look, then again, when do I not? She looks classy and beautiful. :) Very 1950′s or 60′s?

  • jojo

    a fat and ugly bitch

  • http://lala aiwen

    shut up girl! who knows u are fatter than her!

  • lauren

    so did candies pay to her wear their clothes and do some after party that she prolly had no desire to go to?

  • Emem

    Beauty has no size. Look at Demi Lovato. Why are they getting all the hate for their weight? They’re healthy and beautiful.

  • kerri

    Gorgeous :)
    @Clare: GO AWAY!!
    @Jojo: Shame on you! i wonder what you look like?

  • q

    She is way too fat for that dress. Now more than ever she needs to wear clothes that flatter her.

  • muse

    Beautiful. Pure and simple, Vanessa is beautiful.

    Shame that she cant go out and enjoy herself coz she has immature people belittling her and giving her such negativity about every little factor in her life.
    Vanessa is not fat or overweight and Im sure if she ever were to be, she would still look beyond amazing.
    Im not just saying “shutup” to the haters about Vanessa, but about every celebrity. Who gives you the right to bash someone you dont even know. Vanessa’s fans will support her and we know how beautiful she is.

    Glad to see her beautiful as ever and cant wait for her futre projects and ‘Gimme Shelter’.

  • kerri
  • kerri
  • Kro

    @Clare: stfu! seriously
    @Jojo: she is not fat, gained weight but i would say she is still on her weight range are u?

    @Lauren I insist you wanted zac go have him, and STOP COMING HERE to insukt and get a Life, and YOU SHOULD LEARN TO READ, Candies partnered with MTV for the after party, and it goes in much more ways than an after party

  • lauren

    last time i checked it’s a free country and i can come on here and post a dam comment,
    get over yourself.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh don’t worry I’ll tell the haters to shut the hell up. Haters, Shut the hell up. Vanessa looks absolutley beautiful in every way she is not fat u big bunch of idiots. And people wonder why so many girls suffer from eating disorders perfectly healthy girls are being called fat it’s ridiculous. Vanessa never let’s me down, she looks breathtaking. Can’t wait to see gimmie shelter, the reason Vanessa had to change her look in the first place because she’s dedicated to what she does.
    Oh one more thing, it was awsome to see that candies commercial during the vmas last night.
    so u changed your name back to Meghan again, what happend to ew? Go back to your disney girls post and stay there.

  • justme

    haters suck
    yes she trending for that reason

  • lia

    it’s not the dress… it’s her :)))) (that’s how many chins she has)

  • bella

    @lauren clare jojo: Shut up

  • Ace

    @clare: @aiwen: Fuck Off bitches

  • sophie

    she is the face of Candies… sooo?

  • sophie

    do you know that she has a work and she HAS TO put some weigth?
    she is not all the time doing gym and shopping! she is an actress.

  • sophie

    we all know this was not her choice, Cadie´s makes her wear that dress… pretty sure Vanessa would NEVER use something so ugly! and she looked so uncomfortable last night… i dont know why they put her that dress…
    but then again there is no way in earth that she would look horrible, her gorgeous smile, and her OH MY GOD body are completly stunning <3 is really nice to see young womens with an atractive body and not skinny girls… so table look a like!

  • sophie

    blame on Candies

  • sophie

    lol hater go and change your name again!

  • Magda

    Vanessa after Candies’s After Party was on “In Touch Weekly’s Icons and Idols 4th Annual Celebration”

  • sophie

    pretty much, she is the face of Candies, so she should wear what Cadies want her to wear! do you realize that in the Candies comercial she is acting? do you know that she is not in her house doing that stuff all day? Do you know that the director was saying what she should do? lol i mean you act like she is all the time doing what her want, like she cut her hair because she wanted, and gain some weigth because she was let herself go… SHE HAS A JOB! and she had to do what they told her!
    We all know that Vanessa would never wear something like that, i mean, she is a fashion icon, she is always in the best dressed list around the world and everyone praise her personal style because she is herself!

  • becky123

    ok don’t yell at me but honestly that dress does not flatter her new figure I am all for curves but that dress makes her look like she has a gut and does not fit her boobs properly but I like don’t get me wrong she’s beautiful but I have feeling that this is going to be on Fashion Police and it will not be nice

  • roxx

    van look good in old hollywood style, but I think that this is not the real vanessa, i would like to see on the red carpet something similar to what she wearing a daily basis and what is the essence of her style. + i like her in short hair.

  • dj


    Why are you sitting here dissing her? She’s way more successful in life then you ever will be if you have to sit here and point out that she gained a few pounds FOR A MOVIE. She’s not ugly, shes a beautiful woman. Not every woman in Hollywood is going to be stick thin like Paris Hilton. You really need to learn to have respect for people because sitting here and just downing on them is disrespectful, rude, absurd, and makes you look like you have absolutely no life. Let Vanessa be. She’s beautiful, always has been, always will be.

  • http://goggle BARBARA


  • Mandy

    I love Ness and I think all the haters are here are just ridiculous, and unwelcome, but am I the only one reminded of Jodie Foster in Bugsy Malone?

  • lerner

    She looks like a stuffed sausage.

  • sophie
  • sophie

    Leaving MTV VMA After Party In Hollywood with her BFF Laura <3

  • sophie

    In Touch Weekly’s 4th Annual Icons & Idols Celebration

  • sophie

    MTV Video Music Awards 2011 – Red Carpet

  • sophie
  • adrienne765

    she is definitely NOT fat. idk why ppl keep saying she looks fat. on that note i also hate when ppl call Khloe Kardashian fat, she is NOT fat. she’s gorgeous and her bod is just as slim as Kim’s. hahaha just had to say that. and u no the ppl that call girls fat are the ones who can’t turn away from the mirror. ok i’m done now lol. tell me u agree hahahahaha

  • teamhudgens


  • ?????????

    Th dress is so beautiful, shame she has NOT done it justice.

    She is toooooooooo fat to wear such a slimming dress. She has bulges on her bulges.

  • justme

    the big shame is you at least even if she’s “fat” she didn’t cover it but you are the one who said the fat girls are bad you are the loser