Vanessa Hudgens: Yoga Workout Wednesday

Vanessa Hudgens: Yoga Workout Wednesday

Vanessa Hudgens hugs her purple yoga mat close as she finishes up a yoga workout on Wednesday morning (August 31) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was spotted out yesterday afternoon with BFF/sister Stella, picking up some new threads and accessories at Maxine.

Are you a huge fan of Vanessa‘s style? Head on into the Fashion and Beauty section of her official site — you can steal her looks, grab make up tips and more!

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: Fame Pictures, AKM
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  • clare

    Style? I’ve got more style in my little toe. she is so freakin fat and so ugly. yuck.

  • Diamond

    @clare: STFU , you always on here talkn BS ! Damn , do you have anything better to do I mean like you on here trashin someone you don’t even know everytime they have a new thread . I’m starting to actually think you may be just a disgused fan as a hater hope you kno jealousy is a really bad trait ! Aha , I’m done some ppl are just pathetic !

  • Diamond

    ANYWAYS , Vanessa is beautiful and at least she stays in shape and does it the healthy way ! Also I probably need like her whole closet lol ! Vanessa’s definitely a style icon in my book , she most def needs her own fashion line lol : ) Lots of Love V ♥

  • louise


    Jealous much?

  • louise


    Geesh..Jealous much?

  • em

    wow, there are so many people, women and girls who starve themsevles everyday and go through so much pain and torture because of comments like the first one posted. To say that about anyone is only just showing us a reflection of yourself.

    Vanessa is flawless from where i stand. She gained weight and cut off most of her hair for a role. That shows the dedication she has as an actor and how as a person she isn’t vain. She isn’t shallow and realizes her being a good actor is more important then her hair.
    She’s one of the most physically and emotionally beautiful people.
    Everything she does, just causes me to think more highly of her.

  • Xo

    @em: I agree, she physically went above and beyond for this role. Excuse her if she works and doesn’t have unlimited free time to go to the gym every single day. She still looks insanely beautiful with a little weight and if it bothers people so much they should go to a different post.

  • Kro

    @clare: ONE OTHER zac fan i guess, that needs to bash on V, hypocrite much? jealous much? it seems as u are that jealous and want her life so bad, that my adv, get a life!
    V looks so good, she takes risks and proves herself everytime to be the best she can be!

  • Kro

    V looks great and as far as i´m concerned clare just wants Vanessa life, too bad she can´t get herself her own, stop with the hate ppl! Vlooks great and loves taking risks, loves challenges, that proves she really likes being an actress and work hard for it

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    *sigh* Some people just don’t learn. A little weight can’t hurt anyone, she’s healthy and beautiful.

  • justme

    yes shes’ ugly that why she was number 20 at fhm sexiest girl in the worl of 2011 or maybe she’s ugly that why she’s number 2 at beautiful people at avery age of 2011 yes you right she doesn’t have style that why she was at the top 15 glamour best dressed of 2011 and maybe she’s fat cause she was the cover girl of shape magazine i think you should get your fact before talking

  • lerner

    K, this girl is not horrible. I don’t agree with the negative comments but some fans have put her on a pedestal and you don’t have to be in Mensa to know what happens then. She is an actress. I wont comment on if I like her acting but to say she is so stylish over and over again you all can see how that gets real fashion junkies to debate you.

  • loo

    She is gorgeous

  • loo

    And i really love her body shape! THIS GIRL IS STUNNING!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    you’re just a pathetic little troll. Do u just sit around all day and wait to see if there’s gonna be a Vanessa post because u are usally one of the first comments? You know absolutley nothing about anything
    Vanessa looks just fine the way she is she is perfectly healthy and she is a very beautiful young woman. She doesn’t need to lose weight but if she decides to i hope she does it for herself not pathetic ignorant little fools like Clare.

  • amtfan

    shes gorgeous. :)
    just ignore the haters though, every celeb has them. just part of fame. As vanessa said before, if anybody calls her fat she’d tell them to eff off and walk away.

  • adrienne765

    @clare: ur a butt

  • maria

    i think she looks great, she’s healthy, and while heavier than before, still fit. The whole obsession with stick-thin women is so annoying.

  • maria

    @lerner: Defending her against vicious comments, like the ones you mention, are not “putting her on a pedestal”. If we like something about her, we say so. I have no preconceived notion that she is perfect; I see her as REAL, fun, honest, and capable of mistakes, as every human being is. She certainly does NOT deserve the hatred she gets. Just shows how sick and twisted people really are, to hate on someone like this.

  • Pao

    OMG!! helllo there haters!! Leve the girl alone, she’s not fat! she’s GORGEOUS, and really nice!

  • sophie

    she looks adorable!

  • sophie

    i’m really in love with her body!

  • sophie

    do you like girls with toothpicks legs?

  • sophie

    Thank you!

  • sophie

    this so much!

  • sophie

    that’s debatable! i really like her style, she’s gorgeous and her fashion style is unique, i s PERSONAL! her style is never boring!!
    it´s refreshing see a young girl who loves fashion and not the usual blonde girl with a simple, plain and boring style.

    I respect your opinion, but I disagree. n.n

  • fan

    I didn’t know that going from size 0/1 to size 3/4 is consider to be fat. Then what is sizes 14 and above? Since Vanessa has been back from filming “Gimmie Shelter” her weight has dropped down nearly to her normal size. Look at her waist, hip, legs, neck, shoulders, arms, etc. It looks like slimmer than when Vanessa first came home from filming. Her arms, shoulders, and maybe thighs are still slightly bigger than before but it is more muscles than fat due to Vanessa going to the gym by doing weights and body exercise to get her back to shape. She looks more tone and fit to me. I don’t really considered her fat at all. Her body has grown into womanly figure and shape instead of a young teenager stick built size. Vanessa has been going to the gym and continuing with her exercise as always to stay fit. Personally, I think she is in fine and fitted shape. The way Vanessa is going at it, she will slim down even more.

  • YETS


  • http://Lala Aiwen

    @justme: Agree!!!@clare: Clare,u should read @justme: “s comment repeat and repeat before says people ugly, u should be shame girl,always be the first one to post annoying comment,it does”t make u feel tired for fighting with us??????!!!!
    Anyways, Vanessa is slowly lose her weight!! Love her!!!

  • kerri
  • justme

    what ?

>>>>>>> staging1