Selena Gomez Tries To Get More Boyfriends!

Selena Gomez Tries To Get More Boyfriends!

…much younger ones that is.

Selena Gomez tries to lay down the charm on a little boy as he stops by one of her signings at KMart for her new Dream Out Loud collection.

The 19-year-old actress shared in the video, “One of my favorite things to do at my meet and greets anywhere is if there is a little boy under the age of 10, I like to make them feel very awkward. It’s the cutest thing in the whole world.”

Selena added when one was so embarrassed he walked away, “What can I say? I scare the boys away (laughs).”

Justin Bieber be jealous!

Selena Gomez: Dream Out Loud Video
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  • mendomamir

    she is sooooooo cute

  • mmbop


  • chantal

    luv to see her fans acted crazy LOL its fun.

  • dancer

    haha that’s adorable

  • ….


  • laurent

    love her so much! just when i think she cant be any more adorable ;)

  • laurent

    love her so much!! just when i think she cant be any more adorable ;)

  • andy

    “Can I be your girlfriend?” Yes, you can Selena.Yes, you can.

  • Cleo

    Typical! No wonder boys grow up into monsters! It’s teases like Gomez who like to embarrass shy boys to make them feel awkward so she can feel superior. Talk about girls being bullied in school; this stuff girls do to boys is a hidden torture chamber of bulliedom. Selena, get a life you sad troll!

  • Someone

    Well, she does like little boys! lol

  • Miss Hollywood

    EWW she really is a cougar. I knew it

  • Selena

    These boys are toooooo cute! I love them!

  • dancer

    @Cleo: it was just a joke. i thought it was funny and the little boys were very cute. she wasn’t bullying anymore, u are.

  • fan10l

    @Cleo: You are so stupid there kids and people like you make america a bad place.

  • Shan

    I will never wear her clothes you’ll never see me rocking selena gomez clothes she is not a designer and her clothes look cheap :P

  • Taylor

    Oh My God, If you don’t like selena gomez then don’t search for her, Alright? Good. Don’t waste your pathetic little life trashing her because she makes millions every second while your sitting behind a computer trashing her, Ok? Alright, Bye.

  • mrmn12

    hahahahahhahahahaha I do that all the time with little boys , they’re so cute hahahahaha

  • @@@@@@@@

    Had no idea her voice was so deep

  • t

    Aww… now all of that kid’s future girlfriends will never measure up to his first girlfriend. That was adorable, Ms. Gomez.

  • samy

    ahahhaha she is so funny

  • phrick

    I look for a boy under the age of 10. I like to make them feel very awkward. One was so embarassed he left. (Laughs). That all sounds as if she is being not very nice. Yet she has previously related stories how she was made to feel the same way when she was a younger child. You would think she had learned from her personal experience how it feels when someone deliberately embarasses you.

  • RayRay

    @Cleo: Relaaxxxxxx!!! A moment of joking isn’t going to send them to the psychiatric ward or to counselling!!

    Doctor: “Tell me about your life? Where do you think all the problems began?”
    Guy: “Well Doc, i think it all started when i was 4 and went to see Selena Gomez @ Kmart and she said she’d be my girlfriend & didn’t follow through!!!!!”


  • Taylor

    Dang. I wish I was one of those kids. lol

  • Cassy

    She’s thinks shes that hot huh…

  • Anoushka

    aww….those boyss were so cute!!and selena u rock!! :D

  • Zoya

    Hey Selena Gomez I loved your consurt:)

  • da penguin 1

    ALL of those boys are better than justin bieber!!

  • davidz da man

    @da penguin 1, i totally agree

  • M&M19

    @cleo, haha your so stupid!! when you said all that stuff about selena i literally laughed out loud!!:D she does have a life!!! its not like she sits at home eating junk food!! she actually had her own tour, her own show, and her own boyfriend that she hangs out with whenever she can!! so if your saying she needs to get a life your stupid! your the one that needs the get a life!!

  • http://miranda_banana M&M19

    @cleo, when you said all that stuff about selena i literally laughed at loud!! haha your so stupid she does have a life!!! she has HER OWN tour, HER OWN show, and HER OWN, clothes line, maybe even more. imagine doing all of that! thats a lot of stuff to do for just one person! plus she has a boyfriend that loves her a whole lot so your sayin all that stuff to the wrong person, you need to get a life…just saying

  • rockstar456322

    they always make her look bad