Joe Jonas: Shirtless in 'Just in Love' Teaser Clip!

Joe Jonas: Shirtless in 'Just in Love' Teaser Clip!

Check out this new 30-second teaser clip of a shirtless Joe Jonas in his new music video for “Just In Love!”

MTV revealed the clip, which depicts the 22-year-old in bed with a beautiful French girl.

In case you missed it, Joe had been spotted all over Paris filming his music video in late July.

“Just in Love” will debut on E! on September 14th and you can purchase the single on iTunes starting September 13th.

Joe Jonas — “Just In Love” Teaser
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  • jenna

    So if the music isn’t that great, apparently undressing works just as well. Feel bad that this is what his career is reduced to.

  • http://@cyruslovesmafia lu


  • mybad

    holy chiquita, that is so grown up. i’m used to seeing them on disney and doing those kinds of things.

  • http://@cyruslovesmafia lu

    my birthday is on sep 13th ♥♥♥

  • aprilrain16


    Um there’s a lot of artists who go shirtless/wear little clothing in their music videos. The point of a music video is to tell a story, and in this case Joe had to make it look like he was honestly in love with this girl he’s never met. In case you didn’t know, people who are in love usually lay in bed together after, what looks like to be, them have intimate relations. Joe isn’t seventeen anymore, and like it or not he’s grown up. His music is amazing, and he doesn’t need to be shirtless for people to see that (he’s already proven that.)

  • owwwwwmyeyes


    he seriously needs to work out more

    he is soooo flabby

  • http://my_iz nouf

    I’m exited for the music video, it’s going to be something different <33

  • Chiropite

    Still a virgin ? Hum, yeaaah i believe you.
    I just want to be THE girl :DD
    <3 <3 Love it

  • anapb094

    look what if he´s not a virgin any more… who cares¡?¡ its his lifeeee!!!!!!!!! he looks hot and the video looks great leave him alone and live ur own lifeee……………

  • steff

    @jenna: stfu bitter nick or demi stan

  • marian

    like mama Jonas tweeted: Breath Girls !

  • Chiropite

    @anapb094: I don’t care, i am just saying… LOOOOL …. Whatever. Love this song

  • amanda leigh

    @jenna: I love your comment! Haha.

  • Samantha

    @Chiropite: And when has he claimed to still be a virgin? In fact, quite a few times recently he has very clearly implied that he is not. Time for people to get over that whole thing already.

  • Nora


    He doesn’t claim to be one, you know?

  • marian

    This looks like p0rn…….i like it
    Joe will be on my wet dreams hahaha
    Seriously that was H O T

  • http://enesadamjonas mrs.adamjonas

    OMG….!!!! joe I love you since that four years ago….. and yes I’m still in love with you no matter what…. I don’t care your fans maybe can’t take with your new image… Be strong joseph!!! You’re “TRUE” fans will always stay with you…!!! XOXO

  • Tiffany

    Ah, the risque bug has bit Joe. I don’t understand why people thing portraying sex or dressing sexy proves you are grown up. It doesn’t. I respected them for wearing purity rings. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy now, I haven’t really kept up with him or his brothers, but I’m saying in gerneral hollywood tends to think that dressing sexier and showing skin makes you grown up. A lot of people I like have done it, and I guess that’s just the business. But I, for one, don’t believe you have to do that to grow up. Just look at Emma Roberts, Selena Gomez, and Hilary Duff.

  • sunn


    Everybody is different. :)

  • Lawrence


    Considering they only showed Joe from the head up your drawing that conclusion?*lol*, he looks sexy!. From the little that I saw of course, have to wait to see the full version.

  • Denise

    that desilusion…now you’re one of the bunch.

  • Ella

    JOE MY GOSH! It’s gonna be the hottest music video ever!!!!! Just In Love is my first favorite track from Joe’s album, because it’s very catchy and I love the tune.
    Joe being shirtless is the highlight of the video. ;)

  • Chiropite

    @Samantha: You take everything too seriously. I don’t care, it’s his life and not our, it was just a comment. French people take things more easily.
    I am.

  • lovejoe

    i hope this time he comes up with something….. not like see no more video which couldnt evn match the concept….
    anyways love joe and his music…..

  • ….

    he looks hot!! And stop complaining, it’s his life!! And I like him more this way :)

  • michele

    Joe’s new music is great… and this new music video, he looks so hot! A double whammy… i’m in. iTunes Septemer 14th.

  • teamDobrev

    probably gonna get hate for this. i’m a fan too but EWW! this just grosses me out.

  • elc

    want to be that french girl!!

  • liz

    ok so um..i cant watch this in the UK! blub haha

  • marian

    @teamDobrev: WTF?? are u a tween, prude or lesbian??

  • charlotte

    I think i may have died…….. Wow seriously hot. Can’t wail to see the full video.

  • Nati

    In the first video he was Justin Timberlake and in this one he is Usher?? (In fact, I heard a little bit of Just in Love with you and it sounded a little like U remind me)

    Who’s gonna be the next artist the he’s going to emulate? My guess is Ne yo or maybe Drake (Featuring Kanye West or Will I am in some part of the song lol)

    It’s just a joke people relax!!!

    Although to be honest, I have seen the shirtless seen like a couple of times, maybe 10, Okay a hundred stop nagging me! (I’m such a cougar! LOL)

  • Ben

    @owwwwwmyeyes: He’s just fine. You need to stop confusing steroid enriched, air brushed male models on sexy birthday cards with what most perfectly attractive men look like naked. If a woman has a less then “perfect” body everyone rushes to her defense invoking hordes of anorexic teenage girls if anyone dares point out a flaw. Unfair double standard.

  • Erika


  • chrissy

    In my opinion, I think the song is great. I loved hearing it, and I can’t wait to see the music video for it because he looks hot.

    If you don’t like the song or the video/teaser then there is no reason to check it out in the first place just to complain. He’s growing up and he’s doing bigger and better things.

    He has to grow and I support him, and love him, if you have a problem with his music or video then deal with it. Nor I or his other fans care if you have a complaint or dislike.

  • sarah

    ewwwwwwwwww that`s disgusting
    that`s not video clip that`s porn film and Idon`t love joe jonas any more
    and Iwana call it( just stupid)not just in love

  • sarah

    that`s disgasting ewwwwwwwww Idon`t love joe jonas any more and I wana call it (just stupid)not just in love

  • Lisa


    lol, I love the “he’s not 17″ anymore.

    Meanwhile, when Miley was 17 and started exploring sexuality everyone the common defense was “she’s not 11 anymore.”

>>>>>>> staging1