Kristen Stewart Makes Her Music Video Debut!

Kristen Stewart Makes Her Music Video Debut!

Kristen Stewart makes her music video debut in a black and white vid for singer Marcus Foster‘s single, “I Was Broken.”

The 21-year-old actress looked somber in the video as she stands around a white room, her hair blowing in the wind.

Psst… Did you know, Marcus‘ first single, “Let Me Sign,” was featured on the soundtrack to the first Twilight film and Marc‘s pal Robert Pattinson sang the vocals?

Check out MSN’s exclusive first look at the video below!

Marcus Foster — “I Was Broken”
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  • Lawrence

    She’s such a pretty girl!.

  • lol

    late to the party Jared but ok lol this is beautiful , the song is very powerful , simple sweet video Kristen portraying the broken soul trying to mend and the images of flowers , birds that symbolize freedom New Beginnings and Love , just perfect , Kristens emotions are powerful its all in her eyes , those who cant see it its cause they lack emotions unlike what people say about her she does portray emotions well

  • pan

    @lol: well said :) agreed

  • Cyn

    she is gorgeous

  • None

    oh come on really… she just has to sing doesn’t she. gosh… sorry don’t really like her. and why does every girl now that goes to acting go to singing???…..

  • nyc

    She is so beautiful and very sweet to help her friends out.

  • Monica

    Marcus Foster sing no her. And she look very well. Marcus is lucky man. No body make that kind favor.

  • erin


    she isn’t singing she’s just in the video, she did a friend a favor.

  • Casey

    So… “none”.. U clearly didnt watch the video OR read the article properly. Kristen is NOT singing in the vid. She STARRED in it. the actual singer is a friend. Before u start putting out negative commets u should check the facts…

  • jodie

    She’s not singing dumbass, read better!!!!!

  • lol

    @None: Moron she is not singing she is just in the video !!! its proves again that haters are STUPID!!!

  • Erika


  • HAter_aid

    Um… I own the Twilight soundtrack and that song “Let me sign” isn’t on there. Yup just double checked my ipod and that song isn’t there. JJ do your research.

  • Michelle


    Actually it’s there. I have it on mine. It really depends on what version you have. The track is a bonus track. Like if you go on itunes, it shows up in the album.

  • Jess

    This is amazing i love this song! when i heard the first time (by Rob) i cried xD and THIS GIRL IS AWESOME, and you @NONE you are an IDIOT she is not singing. moron