Vanessa Hudgens: Gilt City Dinner in the Hamptons

Vanessa Hudgens: Gilt City Dinner in the Hamptons

Vanessa Hudgens is a beauty in blue as she dines with friends at the Gilt City summer house over the weekend in the Hamptons, New York.

The 22-year-old actress was spotted at the US Open with BFF Laura New on Monday.

Van shared her key to an awesome summer: “Hard work and spontaneity is key,” she posted on her Facebook.

Next stop for Vanessa: New York Fashion Week! Stay tuned for pics!

Are you still keeping up with Vanessa on her official website?

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Photos: Billy Farrell
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  • ehryle

    she is gorgeous but i don’t like the fit of the dress with her!!!

  • Mami

    I love that color on her, and I’m so happy she put extentions in, I hated her short hair. In my eyes it just didn’t suit her. She looks cuter this way :)

  • ….

    she looks gorgeous whatever she does, short hair or long hair it doesn’t matter!!!

  • kerri

    Such a pretty face wow!

  • clare

    fucking ugly as fuck. fat bitch and so fake.

  • Haters Suck!

    ok I’m seriously curious are you on something? Do U have like anger issues or whatever? Maybe ya should see a doctor. Cause now you’re
    just spewing just random hateful crap that makes no sence.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh and Vanessa looks really beautiful, like a princess.

  • maria

    She looks SO pretty here; love that color, love the simplicity of the dress. And I love her smile. Best accessory ever. Her face is just beautiful, with those cheekbones. And I love how she is invited everywhere. Have fun at Fashion Week, V!!

  • loo

    Shes so cute

  • loo

    Is she wearing extensions? Or just those clips things?

  • jazmin

    love her but I agree dress does not fit her well. But she still is beautiful!

  • teamhudgens

    Pretty <3

  • Chanon

    YAY! Long hair again! I love Vanessa with whatever type of hair she has, but I just love long hair on her. It looks really natural on her too. <3 :)

  • mykamicks

    I really do like her outfit… Pretty pretty woman!

  • kelly martineau

    Guess Ashley isn’t her bff anymore. Laura is. Laura goes where ever Vanessa goes. Doesn’t Laura have a job?

  • kelly martineau

    Guess Ashley isn’t her bff anymore. Laura is. Laura goes where ever Vanessa goes. Doesn’t Laura have a job?

  • lauren

    @kelly martineu
    she’s in the band bg5 or whatever that band is,
    i think at times her and laura have that lesboish vibes or whatever,
    she is always with laura its like really? u need more friends girl.

  • Vivi

    wow! i absolutely love her dress and her hair! she looks so happy and just amazing! way to go vanessa!

  • Haters Suck!

    well Laura has been very supportive and loyal to Vanessa so I don’t see the problem. And she’s in a band.

  • e

    Beautiful woman, love the make-up and the hair like that eventhough I don’t mind the shorter hair eighter, and I don’t know about the fitting of the dress but it still don’t look bad, and I like the colour on her.


    @kelly martineau:

    Laura is in a band which means that her work time and hours isn’t the same as most peoples, meaning she spend time in the studio when she can and when everyone in her group can and when they have new songs to record, and they also preform at times as well but that’s also not everyday. As an example she did tweet that she had spent the whole day in the studio before going to the VMA Candies party to support Vanessa, there was also a sighting of Vanessa along with Josh earlier in the year at one of BG5′s concerts and a sighting from last year of Vanessa stopping by the set of the filming of one of their music videos, there is also a youtube video of them at one of their singing rehearsals, however since they are not that well known (something one would hope would change) but since they aren’t they are not followed around as much and you don’t see them work as much as they most likely do.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She looks so beautiful!!!
    I miss her long hair!!!and I love her makeup!!so beautiful!!

  • justme

    kelly martineau
    vanessa is bfff with laura and ashley plz don’t start another drama

  • Emma

    please vanessa, just go back to zac

  • chantal

    Vanessa and Zac go back together! We love you !

  • claud

    @kelly martineau:
    she said in an interview that her best friend was an australian girl…

  • claud

    @kelly martineau:
    and Laura has a band the Beach Girl5

  • claud

    oh you.. here, youtube, livejournal… you re in every vanessa post out there

  • maria

    @lauren: OH, please, just shut up. Implying that V and Laura are anything more than best friends is just ludicrous. Since when can’t two best friends, who are currently single, hang out and spend lots of time together???? V has plenty of other friends, but two of them have boyfriends, and don’t have as much “girlfriend” time. Doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. All girls have one friend they spend most of their time with, and It does not mean anything. It’s a friendship. I was joined at the hip with my best friend in my teen years, and when we were both single in our twenties. We shopped, went out to clubs, and hung together way more than these two. We are both married, and not gay. That’s just ridiculous, insinuating girls can’t hang out a lot without being more than friends.

  • ausgirl

    i dont think she is wearing underwear. she looks beautiful!

  • telle

    the color of the dress is really pretty like vanessa¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡