Denzel Whitaker Rats On Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins' Romance

Denzel Whitaker Rats On Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins' Romance

We’ve all heard the rumors that Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins brought their Abduction love story off the screen — and costar Denzel Whitaker is ratting them out!

The 21-year-old actor told EOnline about how it all went down on set.

“It’s kind of like that teenage love in high school. It was kind of like, ‘Let’s go on a date.’ They were willing to go bowling. It wasn’t all about the relationship, it was more about having fun with each other and I think any time that’s the premise of your couple, it’s going to go great,” he shared.

Denzel added, “I think the chemistry’s naturally going to show [in the movie]…It was off set so it definitely came on set.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor and Lily as a couple?

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  • ozzie

    this is very unlikely

  • ita

    well he said they were a couple. What about now? There are no proofs no pic of them together since the mtv movie awards!!!!

  • Jaz

    Thought they had split up…

  • mace daniels

    Okay here is one problem that I have, if two people want their love lives to be private why would this guy sticks his nose that isn’t none of his business? So much for respect. Plus on top of that they might just be really good friends and here everyone is asuming differently. Oh well that’s hollywood for you, the place to gossip about everyone’s elses lives

  • likeaeclipse

    But Whitaker insists he has no idea whether or not the romance lasted after filming wrapped.
    thats the part they didnt mention cuz its not sensationel

  • agronnie

    @likeaeclipse we all know he has been around LC for years and probably will continue unless he mingles with more females HIS OWN AGE. It is hard to believe a 22-23 yr old female would be seriously in love with a high school age male UNLESS she has an ambitious motive. I read that her mother went after Phil during his career height and got millions. What’s the surprise…

  • taylorsquared

    He uses WERE! So I don’t think that they are dating anymore and if they are, then it’s just for the movie. Taylor Lautner has been hanging out with Swift this month and they seen to be getting closer. He even went to her concert and gave her a hug. I don’t think that he would have done that if he was dating Collins. I don’t know that’s my opinion, but I just think that they are good friends, nothing more. btw… I’m a HUGE taylor squared fan and like Lautner much better with Swift. They look adorable together!

  • http://coolgirl46 twilightlover

    I am not keen on it but it is their desion u cant hate them if they like each other it is their choice but i hope they ar not together

  •!/iamdorktm87 lauren

    People and their dogs can have chemistry, but if you guys read between the lines, he was actually talking about the character’s relationship, and not of something between Collins and Taylor.
    He even said, ‘I saw it from the day of the table read till we started filming’ and that the chemistry was apparent off-screen just as it was on-screen, but not that something was going on between the two.
    Denzel is also Taylor’s best friend, and has been years, he would not have said something about Taylor to a media journalist like this. I just don’t see him ousting his best friend about anything, let alone personal matters such as his love life, which is non-existent, at that.