Demi Lovato: 2011 ALMA Award Winner!

Demi Lovato: 2011 ALMA Award Winner!

Demi Lovato shows off her golden statue as she poses backstage at the 2011 ALMA Awards held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Saturday evening (September 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 19-year-old musician, wearing Maria Lucia Hohan, took home the prize for Favorite TV Actress for her role as Sonny in Sonny With A Chance.

Demi recently caught up with MTV about her two coastal shows.

“It definitely is [a preview]. I wanted to say thank you to my fans,” Demi shared. “I wanted to show them how thankful I am for the support they gave me for ‘Skyscraper.’ At this point, ‘Skyscraper’ has done so well because of them, and I want to show them how thankful I am.”

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Credit: Charley Gallay, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Krista

    so gorgeous! congrats demi :)

  • kay

    good for her she deserved it :) and she looks really pretty

  • jj17


  • Brit

    That dress is amazing she looks amazing !!! :)

  • dfasdfasdf

    sooo pretty!!!

  • lauren

    she looks so elegant and beautiful. thats a great look on her!

  • David

    So hot!

  • monica

    LMAO it’s a Pity Award though, she hasn’t been on tv in ages. And beating Sofia Vergara? Yeah okay, good one.

  • jk

    I love the dress. She looks stunning.
    But I don’t think she’s the best actress nor THE favorite. Well but she’s definitive THE BEST singer

  • carrie

    Favorite TV Actress? does she even still have that show? oh well, just another artist using their so-called post rehab stint to be famous..

  • ella

    soooooooo NOT deserving of the award. I agree, should have been the PITY AWARD NOT FAVE TV ACTRESS.

  • jk

    The Truth for me she is using rehab to get attention too much. It’s getting annoying.

    She’s is a great singer and artist she doesn’t need that publicity

  • JJeanetteC

    How is she using rehab for publicity? That’s a Terrible thing to say. It’s not her fault everyone keeps bringing it up. I’ve never seen her abuse that. Some people are so ignorant. . . I’m happy for her, hard work pays off. We should all be grateful that someone talented actually won.

    Can’t wait for her concert in NY!

  • mika

    the public got to choose the winners…she got the most votes so she won

  • lexie

    she looks beautiful, but really? she doesn’t deserve that award.
    sofia vergara definitely deserved it the most. im not trying to bash her or bring her down, but her show has been long over, and she wasn’t the best actress.
    it does seem like a pity award. because of what she went through people feel the need to give her everything.
    the alma’s should’ve never used the voting system this year, they should’ve just kept it the way it was.

  • Steph

    She’s amazing and so gorgeous! I’m glad she won. True talent/gift. And lol Jj couldn’t have Said it better. :) spread love <3

  • Lovatic

    @jk She isnt using it for publicity -.- and you know why she gets publicity? SHES A GREAT INSPIRATION FOR THOSE SUFFERING LIKE SHE WAS IF UR GONNA HATE ON HER DONT POST A COMMENT

  • Lovatic

    @lexie ur an idiot,She is the best actress and you need a pity award dumbass if ur gonna hate on her hate somewhere else please u people DISGUST me

  • Betsy

    She looked very pretty ! And yes her fans basically “gave” her that award because she did deserve it . I agree with the 2nd comment , i dont think she is using the whole “rehab” situation , people just keep bringing it up . Anyways , this nomination most likely wouldnt happen again for a while , so she did deserve it , no one knows when she is going to be back in screen

  • lsabz

    stunning–the best i’ve ever seen her look!

    everything is flawless, i just wish her eyeshadow wasn’t taken that far out.

    keep it up, demi!

  • jj17

    Lexie, suck on a brick trick!

  • catherine

    these awards are for nominees that were from towards the end of last year up to this year i believe and Demi Lovato had a show last year….it ended last she did deserve getting the nomination and the awards because her fans voted for her night and day…dont use the Treatment centre issue as an excuse for every award that she gets….you are all being unfair.

  • Ego

    @monica: Lol you seem to be suffering from jealous c#nt syndrome. Also you consider Sofia vergera a good actress? Next youre gonna tell me is that Ariana grande is a better singer than pattie la belle. Go away kid. Your simple minded opinion needs some retuning.

  • Ego

    @lexie: Hate to break it to you but every year they use a voting system. Theyve been using a voting system for w while now. You’re just too ignorant to see it. Also her show ended last year and these awards we’re for shows of last year. So yeah she was elligable for this category. Moron.

  • Ego

    @carrie: Yeah it’s called pr. Something that you’re buying into every time you are mentioning her name, so good job giving her a career boost you dumb s@@t :)

  • Violet

    How come when Selena Gomez wins a music award over Demi or Taylor no one ever complains but when Demi wins an award over Sofia Vergara it’s the end of the world.

  • Ego

    @jk: Well why would she stop if it’s getting Herr attention and getting her career back on track? What the hell kind of logic do you have? It’s called a selling point. And so far it’s working. He’ll if i was Herr and I went through the samething and I could use this to my advantages? Why wouldn’t I use it’s? Idiot..

  • lexie

    as you can see from the other comments, im not the only one who believes that demi didn’t deserve this award. but you know what, i’m not even mad because this years awards were fan voted, and i know for a fact that demi has some dedicated fans. but honestly, they shouldn’t have put her in the best actress category, if anything she belonged in the best singer category. she has a killer voice, but her acting is lackluster. if she had won because of her singing, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
    now excuse me while i go ‘suck on a brick’. :)

  • cindy

    Just heard the list of Alma Award winners . They were all joke since Selena Gomez,Christina Aguilera, Jenifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz,and Shakira were not even there and they all lost. Give me a break.The people who went all won that show is so rigged.Glad none of the top notch celebs were at that lame show.Will not tune in next week to watch it since heard about the winning list and not worth the watch.

  • Frida

    I am so happy Demi won she deservet it so much. I voted for her almost every day:) Gongrats Demi, and so excited for UNBROKEN

  • Q

    She looks gorgeous!!!!!

  • VampBarbie

    You guys are such morons!! Saying she’s using rehab as publicity?? That’s really mean.. It’s not her fault people like you bring it up! And seriously.. It’s TV shows of last year. She won fair and square! Fans voted and she got the most votes. That’s the way it works. It’s been working like that for years! And she is really talented. It’s not a pity award. Yeah and as much as I like Sofia Vergara, she’s not even a great actress.. It’s only her accent that makes her tv show worth looking at.. So yes Demi is the better actress. B*tching about it isn’t gonna change the fact that she won the award. She is BEAUTIFULand TALENTED. She deserved it!

  • Angelina

    Very beautiful!

  • Rebecca


  • Melanie

    Demi is the best!

  • Olivia

    We love you Demi!

  • Ellen

    Demi is incredible and beautiful!!!

  • Lara


  • Emem

    Congrats Demi!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted hi

    Pitty award, cause the poor fake-angel went to Rehab.
    She is 1 of the worst Disney Actresses ever to get a show… ;)

  • rAFEe’a

    I think the dress looks awesome…. :)

  • Jonathan

    LOL y’all Selena fans are so bitter, its an ALMA award, who cares if Demi won over Sel? And this was fan voted, so her winning had nothing to do with pity, Lovatics just know how to get sh!t done.

  • Naomi

    Ok, most of you are making a big deal out of this. It’s just an ALMA award, not the Oscars. Most of you are saying that Selena or Sofia should have won. Honestly, I don’t care who should have won. I honestly thought that Demi wouldn’t win this award. Yes, it is a pity award, but who cares? Aren’t all award shows like that all the time? Besides, Selena can’t win every single award out there, so calm down.

  • http://my_iz nouf

    She looks gorgeous and she deserves this award ..

  • Mami

    She looks great! And to whose who say its a pity win, obviously she has what it TAKES to win! Her fans are extrememly supportive of her, that’s why she won. Not because people pity her for being responsible and going to rehab when she knew she had a problem that needed to be taken care of.

  • mybad

    so elegant and classy!

  • CrazyGirl

    she is beutiful

  • Sara

    i love demi but i feel this is a pity award therefore i am very disappointed in whoever even thought she deserved that award. I ADORE her but i feel she should get an award whilst her head is up high in dignity, not because she went to rehab or something.

  • http://@JasmineV_fancai Karla

    @jk: its not her rehab attansion is love shes just stronger that ever and beeing such a good romodel and all her fans are supporting her its not the rehab crap

  • http://@mili_medrano Mildred Medrano

    I think she looks beautiful :) Congrats :)

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