Selena Gomez: Music at Mandalay Bay

Selena Gomez: Music at Mandalay Bay

Selena Gomez sparkles on stage as she performs at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday night (September 10).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old actress met up with boyfriend Justin Bieber for a low-key date. According to fans (via Hollywood Life), the twosome were spotted at the local mall where they grabbed a bite to eat after browsing the shops.

Selena‘s next stop: Western Washington Fair in Payallup, Wash on Monday, September 12th.

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • Olivia

    She looks so pretty! I bet it was fun being able to preform in Vegas! She looks shiny :) LOL Her hair looks so pretty too!

  • http://princezaluna mayra bello palcacios

    hola mi nombre es mayra bello palacis soy de mexico me encanta con actua e interpreta las canciones es una gran chica me gust su musica espero tener contacto con ella

  • sho

    I know she is 19 but tham her body looks like a 13 year old child beginning to develop she does not look like an 19 year old she looks like a kid! the outfit don’t go with the songs I don’;t know what she was thinking. no woder she using a kid who is 17 to get notice is just that what is that she attracts kids no man in their right mind will go out with a girl who has a child body is will be really weird.

  • good-one

    spiffy sparkle

  • Liz

    Wow love her dress

  • Ksnm

    She’s perfect. Perfect style. Perfect hair. Perfect look. Perfect talent. Perfect boyfriend. Just perfect.

  • mmbop


  • Midz

    Not really liking her costume! It doesnt suit her! Other than that she looks pretty!

  • laurent

    @Olivia totally agree! shes soo gorgeous <3

  • Steph

    I was at the concert and she was lip singing most of the songs. But when she was singing she did an amazing job. And she looked STUNNING!

  • Katrina

    Selena you rock I went to your consort too!!! And let me tell u I almost lost my voice

  • armyofkitties

    she’s been wearing the same thing for so many performances…LAME.

  • kayly

    when I saw this all i could say was UGH! If miley wore this she would be called a slut but selena can and its fine! Man the world is so weird. But aside from that she looks gorgeous love her smile she looks truly happy!

  • a

    *COUGH* sllutt *COUGH*

  • a

    u know i wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant with JBs baby.

  • hanli

    Miley Cyrus is a great big slut!! Pole dancing at the age of 17, is a moerse scandal. Celebs are normale people like us!

  • ezzy

    @kayly: if miley wore this it would look good on her and people would not call her names

  • lol

    She looks like a child. She has a very small, round face that looks a little “child-like” and her body looks like a 13 or 14 year olds body. She’s still a cute and pretty girl. her and Justin Bieber make a good couple because they both look like kids. I don’t like that costume though, I dont think she can pull off the sexy or edgy look yet…

  • kim

    Singing is not really her thing , she need to focous on acting !
    beside that i dont really like her she is fake …
    Miley is wayyyy talented then her ! and even with all what ppl saying about her i think she is a great role model !! live ya miles

  • Missydawnd

    Who cares if its slutty or not. It’s just plain ugly! Better luck next time, girl.

  • ….

    she looks beautiful!!! and she’s not a slut :)

  • headstrong

    @armyofkitties: lol it’s a concert outfit, singers wear t he same outfit the whole tour.

  • headstrong

    @hanli: lol so miley is a slut because she pole dance? loool

  • M

    khaak too saret konan ahmaghe javgiiiiiiiiiiiiir :))))
    ba in lebaas pooshidanet ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    YOU KNOW????

  • Just me

    For all the people that say, “How can Selena wear that and people say she looks cute then when Miley wears that she gets called a slut!”. The difference is that Selena is actually covered, Shes not just wearing a bra and underwear or super short shorts shes actually wearing a dress that covers up her self, it might be short but its not showing any private parts. Well anyways, I think selena look cutes. Dont hate.

  • rosario

    Love her dress!

    PLEASE!! Help me to win some tickets for the Kids Choice Awards in Latin America! Thank u so much!!

  • a

    @headstrong: For fuucks sake that was one time! and she didn’t even go around the bloody pole.

  • http://Fcebook K

    Some of you guys are just plain RUDE.
    Shut up and leave her alone. She looks BEAUTIFUL.
    Keep the mean comments to yourself.
    That dress looks amazing on her. Don’t hate people.

  • dancer

    @armyofkitties: ummm she’s on tour!!!! she cant have like 50 different outfits for each city!

  • dancer

    this is like completly different than the stuff miley wears…i think what selena is wearing is very pretty and that she is an amazing singer and actress!!!! ♥ her! she’s my role model and inspiration!!!! :)

  • a

    @dancer: Uhhhhh she can’t sing for shitt.

  • SBPenguin

    Does anyone else notice that one her right wrist she has Justin’s name written on it with a heart?!? Lol But I LOVE Her and I think Her and Justin make a very cute/adorable couple.

  • Allason

    I love Selena Gomez I am her biggest fan and and sings really good she is pretty and her song ” who says” is very inspirational to me but I really don’t like Justin burner I mean listen to this Selena Bieber it just doesn’t sound right at all :(

  • jelena fan

    She is so hot and sxy and realy I wish I was justin bieber to kiss her

  • jelena fan

    Selena I love you love you love you love you and miley I hait you miley you ar so ugly you can`t be like selena you know may ? Coas you R ugly and sux eeeew miley I hait you so mutch » I love you selena <3 selena rock

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