Joe Jonas: "Just In Love" Music Video -- FIRST LOOK!

Joe Jonas:

Joe Jonas‘ new music video for his latest single, “Just In Love” is finally out!

E! News unveiled the sexy video, which depicts the 22-year-old singer all over Paris with a beautiful French girl.

“We shot it in Paris so naturally it’s supposed to be passionate and romantic,” Joe said, “We found a beautiful girl lead. I feel it’s a video that might shock people a little bit.”

However, Joe does clarify that there was no nudity in the video.

“No, I’m not naked and she’s not naked,” Joe said, “But I think it’s a little bit, well, I’ll just say it’s a little bit older than anything I’ve done before.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Joe’s new music video for “Just in Love?”

Joe Jonas — “Just In Love” Music Video
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  • jan

    He has sunk so low to try and sell this music. Very sad.

  • stefanie

    i LOVE JOE <3 but im guessing they aren’t virgins anymore.. Or anything like they used to be…Kevin’s married, Nick’s with Delta , & Joe’s doing this …things will never be the same <—JoBro song. . . but so true

    but i like this its different and he’s obviously grown up..Its cool for his older fans like me =)

  • Wtf

    So cute what he said ” we shot in paris so naturally its suposed to be rommantic……..”. Love Joe but, i don’t like this song… Not liking this album at all! I haven seen this music video But I’m dying to watch!!! Hope that Jobros release a new album sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I LOOOVE Joe but not really liking this music video i know its supposed to be all lovey dovey and all but its just too much i mean i know he growing up but its just not him and with this whole purity ring and stuff he probs had sex :/ i just hate when people have a purity ring and say they are going to wait till marriage but they dont -___- especially famous people i mean joe has heaps of young fans and just -_____- sorry i needed to vent about this BUT i do Love Joe.

  • Sunshine

    It’s different..It’s Really Amazing,The concept Joseph had about The Whole album was “taking the fans for a ride” Showing us This Whole Different Side of Him That We’ve Never seen..Us the fans have Grown With Them.We should embrace This difference.I Love Joe Jonas.Nothing’s ever Gonna stop me.

  • Ella

    SO HOT!!!!!! Shocked to see that Joe really did that, but I’m so proud of him!

    Imagining that I’m Angele. ;P

  • lali

    OMG it’s amazing, this video looks so mature. And Joe looks… I can’t even find a word. Awesome :)

  • http://my_iz nouf


  • helen

    JUST IN LOVE IS AMAZING!!!! I’m so proud of Joe!!!
    Wtf @ jan @ Shut up!! The JB are over!!!

  • ….

    Love the music video!! he grew up, get over it!!!

  • tenors

    @….: grown up? since when is being half naked in a video equals maturity? so his team tells him that he should show the world that he has sex, so he will get more people to listen to his stuff, then he does that and that makes him a grown up man? It’s sad that they are people defending this way of thinking.

  • b_j_d

    It’s not the little Joe Jonas we’re used to, but I didn’t find it that bad. Of course there are worse things Joe could be doing at 22 years old. He kept it classy yet edgy and it will take some time for people to get used to. Look at other artist his age and what they are doing, now compare it to Joe. His is tame as far as I am concerned. He isn’t 16 or 17 years old anymore, they’ve grown up just like the rest of us. I kind of like the song and the video is pretty well done, I admire Joe (and Nick) for going at this on their own.

  • Lauren


    They r not over, they r just taking a break to do their own projects.

    BTW Amazing video!

  • maria

    @b_j_d: @b_j_d:

    you took the words right out of my mouth :) but it’s so true.

  • good Girl

    GROW THE F*CK UP ! HE IS 22 NOW !!!

  • Maggy

    Very sexy.. I like where joe’s is taking his music & showing people that he is really growing up. Great job very romantic!

  • Lawrence

    The video isn’t working for me!, anyone have alternative?.

  • tena54

    People will be shock but it is a good video and he is growing up so good for him.

  • adrienne765

    that is such a retarded video, i mean for real. and why whenever ppl want more fame do they just take off their clothes, come on. u can be famous without being slutty

  • Pattyreed

    I wonder how he was able to begin his career such a wonderful young man with great morals, then turn into something like this. It’s sad, but of course it’s his life and his career. He is surely losing fans though..

  • viva

    I love the video clip, but the song just doesn’t work with it. I like the song still, but the video clip is classy, hot and completely age appropriate. I love the Jonas Brothers and I always will but this is a good step in this direction for Joe. The Jonas Brothers have always appealed to a younger audience but that doesn’t mean that Joe, Nick and Kevin can’t step off into different directions wanting to do older and more age appropriate things for themselves. We shouldn’t judge what their choices are, it is their lives and they do have personal wants and needs for their careers. I’m proud, plus he and who ever the actress is are beautiful together in this clip.

  • ronit jonas


  • nathalia

    sooooo hot

  • nathalia

    @good Girl: “what are you expecting to do? chase ponies” HAHAHAHAHAH LMAO

  • Lindsay

    so joe hit it then quit it?

  • ashley

    I love Joe…I love the song. I hate the video. Joe’s always given off this image of being wholesome and a Christian and now he does this? It’s like he’s sinking low just to get attention and that’s ridiculous.

    This just doesn’t seem like him, and if it is, then he was lying before. Growing up doesn’t mean drastically changing and becoming trashy.

    He can say that they weren’t naked or anything, but the video implies that they were and that’s what counts.

    I’m certainly disappointed.

  • b_j_d


    Very true! I agree 100% on that.

  • Mixtapes

    i cant believe not only is he done with the purity ring, being a virgin thing, but that hes flaunting it to the world when he is supposed to be a role model

  • sarah

    that`s soooooo bad I hate you joe jonas u r loser

  • Alison

    I’m SICK of this. SICK OF IT. These over-paid Disney stars build their careers and fame entirely on the backs of young children, tweens, and their parents, by portraying themselfs as a good role models that the family can trust. and then as soon as they hit a certain age they sex themselves up usuing the excuse “well i’m older now”. WELL GUESS WHAT? YOUR FANS ARE STILL YOUNG.

    I don’t care how old you are now, you spent years working for Disney Channel, and you have a responsibility to the company and to the kids and parents who supported you to keep yourself PG until your fans have all grown up. They idolize you. They look up to you. Don’t let them down.

    If you wanted to do stuff like this, then you shouldn’t have made yourself a Dinsey Channel King/ Queen. I’m sick of these flakey celebrites who only care about themselves and what’s best for them, and don’t care about how their decisions might affect the fans who gave them these opportunites in the first place.

  • Devin

    What a loser. Leading kids on, telling them they can trust him and look up to him, and then making a video like this.

  • Ajunglajoe

    Oh! Common! He’s not a teen anymur! He’s growin up! Let em grow! I tink es hotter these dys.,go rock 8 joe!

  • Amber

    You kno wat shut up ppl!! It’s his career and he can do watever he wants! I like him better now! He was boring before!! He’s grown up now so lil kids can find some1 else to look up to. See he too grown up and if he kept his Disney songs goin no1 but kids would listen to him!! And he dosnt have to wait for those kids to grow up cuz thts stupid! So why don’t y’all just let him make GOOD songs for teens and leave him alone! K byezz