Jasmine V - 'Just A Friend' Video!

Jasmine V - 'Just A Friend' Video!

Jasmine V walks the streets of her neighborhood in the brand-new video for “Just a Friend.”

The 17-year-old musician tells TooFab about the tune, “‘Just A Friend’ is an inspirational song to teach girls to value themselves and if they’re with a guy who doesn’t want to claim them in public, then they need to realize he’s not the one for them and keep it pushing.”

In case you missed it, check out some behind-the-scenes pics!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jasmine’s new video?

Jasmine V – “Just A Friend” Video
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  • http://twitter.com/jasminevillegas PiNAYJasminator

    luvin the vid Jas!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER !! @julliabieber06 #ProudPinay!! #PinayJasminatorlyfe!! #Jamino♥

  • sara

    again jared IRRELEVANT!! shes a no one.

  • yoo

    yeah she’s very pretty, but her music career is a complete flop. seriously she can’t even release a CD for sale, because she knows she’s gonna flop majorly. she should be dedicate herself to modelling and starring on music videos if she wants to have some little success in what she does. and stop putting her personal life out there (i’m talking about her quotes and shit on twitter) it’s unprofessional.

  • ilovejasmine

    1 of the most beautiful teenage girls i’ve seen (i’m talking celebs)
    she really should be more famous

  • adelinatres

    whoever directed this is a joke. and jasmine needs to move on from justin. she always keeps singing songs and sending indirect tweets about him. justin GAVE YOU FAME. grow up

  • ….

    I agree with most of you, she should stop singing and get over Justin!! she is beautiful, she should model or play in music videos!!!

  • yes

    omg yes
    i used to love herr
    i defended her from the cray cray beliebers
    but with all her stupid shit, she’s bringing the hate upon herself.
    ever since she started dating that loser jinsu she’s become bitchier and more annoying.(plus i believe she only started dating him cuz he’s hot. he’s a douche) and yeah i’m freaking tired of those whiny indirect tweets that seem like they’re about justin. and if they aren’t about justin, she should come out and say it and say they’re for___ just like caitlin did.its all so ergh. its a pity cuz before “jelena” and jinsu she seemed like a sweet cute normal girl. what happened to you jasmine??!
    and yeah i like her songs but her music career doesn’t have much of a future if she has to release a mixtape instead of an actual album. she’s not going anywhere.
    jasmine, here’s some advice for you: focus more on your career and less on the drama k???

  • yes

    and my commentary on the video: it’s proof of rob swanson’s lack of talent. this looks very amateur, i don’t know how jasmine let him do the job seeing as he has the directing and editing abilities of an 11 year old. justin has edited videos just for fun and they’re better than this. i can only say two good things: jasmine looks beautiful specially on the bed scenes, and that scene with her brother and the girl was kinda cute.

  • ajja

    selena fans have no right to hate on jasmine… your idol is using justin for fame and everyone realizes that. she doesnt look into him. at all. and she had said before he was like her little brother and some shit.

  • http://youtube.com/hectorlealipod (:

    …. @ 12:49 pm on 09/15/2011
    I agree with most of you, she should stop singing and get over Justin!! she is beautiful, she should model or play in music videos!!!

    I agree with her or him! ^ ^
    Jasmine does not sing: he / she is pretty, beautiful but not sing: $ She could be a great model! =] And she became famous just to get engaged to justin Dx

  • kayla

    stop sayin she should and get over Justin she doesn’t luv him she has boyfriend I support she had been singing before she even met Justin and why is it everyone thinks justin makes people famous and trust me I am a belieber I luv him but it’s not always about him

  • rae rae

    @adelinatres: this song aint even about justin, get ur facts straight before u talk about somebody

>>>>>>> staging1