Make It Or Break It: Season 3 Coming!

Make It Or Break It: Season 3 Coming!

Great news! Make It Or Break It is coming back to ABC Family!

The network announced the news this morning that the gymnastics-driven series will be tumbling back onto the channel next year. Check out what the cast is saying:

Chelsea Hobbs: “Yes #MIOBI WAS picked up for another season:) Congrats to the entire cast and crew!! Xo”

Nicole Anderson: “Make It or Break It is coming back!!! Now pardon me, imma go celebrate with a gazillion crunches so I can fit back into my leotard. Yayzies.”

Josie Loren: “u guys have moved me to tears this morning. Your love and support is overwhelming. It is my pleasure 2 bring u all a 3rd season. #miobi!”

ARE YOU EXCITED for more Make It Or Break It?

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: ABC Family
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  • DL

    Yay that’s great!!! Why such a long hiatus/delay in announcing another season?!

  • Shelby

    Favorite show!! I’m a retired gymnast. There needs to be more gymnastics themed shows/movies around!

  • good-one


  • Cat

    over excited! hyped

  • Nicole

    Can’t wait!!! :D

  • ale

    yaaaaayyyy!!!!! so excited and happy about it!!! i was really waiting for season 3!!!

  • mary

    At least on show that is coming back and I like.

    So sad that ) lives of chloe king was cancelled :(

  • virginia

    I love MIOBI! Excited for a new season! Yay!

  • Warren

    What sexy legs on the blonde in the middle. Beautiful face too.

  • Kayren


    So exited! I loove them! I want Emily to come out more and Payson, Kaylie and Lauren to stay for a loong time! soo happy! <3

  • Maila

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so thrilled to hear it is coming back!!!

  • Amber

    Im glad that its coming back and I hope the producers and writers bring back Chelsea Hobbs.
    BTW for those that would like to know MIOBI got renewed because Nine Lives of Chloe King got cancelled. If Nine Lives managed to keep a high viewing then MIOBI would’ve never had a chance. Same goes for Switched at Birth. Which is the reason why it really didn’t continue on into the summer and ended so shortly.

  • http://www.abcfamilycom adriana8900

    can’t wait for summer and sasha to finally be together

  • roxanne turner

    I can’t wait either it’s about time i was wondering what happens to everybody including Emily and Damon? Can’t wait when does it come back on?

  • jpena

    bc one of the actresses was pregnant so thats y

  • Verena

    I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! When I heard I was literally jumping out of my seat!!! Thank you everyone who made this possible!!!!!!!

  • Rebekah

    Dangggggg, I can’t flippin’ wait! :)

  • emily

    YESSS! I’m excited to see more of JOHNNY PACAR! :D


    So glad this is coming back! My husband and I LOVE this show, the cast is fabulous, especially Candace Cameron Bure! I also hope they bring back PLL, we are so addicted to that and Switched at Birth which is also an amazing show. Secret life is boring now and Nine Lives was hard to get into….SO THRILLED for MIOBI but dont make us wait forever!!!

  • nella

    yay:) this is the best show ever:)

  • meagan

    Omg i am soo excited for season 3 #favorite show 4ever!

  • Shelby

    AmAzInG :D
    So excited!!!!
    Cant wait !!!

  • dunnex

    am really excited abt dis. Make it fast. I miss those girls

  • Ciara


  • laura hasmit

    Yay I’m so exited I Love this show and I will always and when is it coming to ance family??

  • Kelly

    Is Chelsea Hobbs coming back in the 3rd season? Is Johnny pacar coming back in season 3 too? Love those two and would LOVE to see them back =)

  • Carina Brown

    Finally !! Im so excited, I will have something to watch !! <3#MiOBi

  • Sammie J

    I absolutely fell in love with the series and when they said no season three I was very upset and now to hear its coming back I cannot wait to watch every new episode!!!!

  • Tammy Bradley-Alvarado

    I can’t wait. I have been praying for another season. I miss the girls so much. I’m 30 and I love this show so much. There is nothing like it on tv. So excited to see what the new season will have in hold for us.

  • Deidre October

    I’m so thrilled to hear the news!I’m on South Africa so there is as much drive for gymnastics over here,my 4yr old daughter started doing gymnastics this year&is CRAZY about MIOBI!!!she watches it from the time she gets home until she falls asleep every day!she even knows the script lol that’s hw badly she wants to do gymnastics,we don’t have a school like the Rock here &she nags me to take her there.unfortunately Gymnastics is big in SA,would have loved for her to go to a school like the guys are blessd & u bring so much joy & love to the series.please bring Emily Kmetko back to try for the Olympic Gold as she deserves it,baby&all!ots a good life lesson!

    Love the cast&crew of MIOBI from Deidre&Shylah-my guys Rock***

  • jena

    SO excited! Please make season 3 just as clean, family friendly, and so very dramatic as seasons 1 and 2. There are so many “what’s going to happen next” plot pieces to tie together. We look forward to seeing the ladies in action again :)

  • andrea

    Love this show! So excited for the third season!!

  • krystal

    - NEXT YEAR ? omg i dont think that i can wait that long, in the mean time i guess ill just watch seasons 1 and 2 over and over again lol

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Josie Loren, Ayla Kell and Nicole Anderson are so cute and I can’t wait to see Make It Or Break It Season 3 soon plus I’d like to see Lauren Tanner and Austin Tucker get kicked out of the Rock because I don’t like them because of the damage they’ve done and I’m scepticle of Austin Tucker trying to get Kaylie Cruz kicked out of the rock by hitting on her and kissing her.

    I’m doing my own Manga based on Make It Or Break It real soon where Kaylie Cruz, Payson Keeler and Kelly Parker meet one of Sasha Belov’s biggest supporters who is a big fan of Anime, Tokusatsu, Manga and of course Transformers.

  • Michaela murdoch

    Seriously this just made me the happiest girl alive<3 I’m in love with this show!!! So inspirational!!!!

  • Kate

    YESSS!!!!! Just please let Sasha and Summer be togther please??? No more conflict between them because they are wonderful together!!

  • magick_girl786

    I’m excited for the new season but I don’t want Emily back. She is given way too many chances and blows it every time. I hate Lauren and want her to get her comeuppance for her actions and I want Payson, Kaylie and Kelly to win BIG at the Olympics.

  • Emily

    I mean i read the book and loved it and then heard that there was a show aobut it so i watched it and even though its nothing like the book im so sad its cancelled :’(

    hyped for another season :D

  • faith

    I am so happyyyyyyy that there will be another season.I wish to see shasha and summer together,Emily shd probably find a solution 2 dpregnancy she is carrying&find a way of making her dreams come true.sheand Damon to solve their conflict.And Lauren shd regret all her past bad deeds.Also all other characters should be OK AND FINE.

  • jacque191lynne

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Asuzu Emmanuel

    I really enjoyed such a captivating season first i didn’t really like it but then i followed the movie and i must stay u guys did a great job.

  • angel okoro

    a thrilled,dat anoda season is creatd.i luv all the talents of the movie and appreciate abc 4 pickn miobi 4 anoda season.

  • nashauna

    I love miobi i can’t wait till the show starts back up :-)

  • MAR-Mar

    EXited is an understatment !!!!! now doe anyone know when ???

  • Stacey!

    Thank gosh it got another season! Im soo glad! Love love love the showw!!!!

  • miobi fab

    For those of you who don’t know Chelsea Hobbs was pregnant in real life so they had to suddenly write her out of the script.

  • Jessica kelling

    I can’t wait till make it or break it starts yeah!

  • Abigal thompson

    Yayyyy! Make it or Break it is the best show ever! I am so excited!!!!

  • Rosalba

    Hell yeah! I have so many questions that need answers lol

  • http://@MAIBLINKontwitter ALEYIE

    Am usually touched with wet eyes when watching make it or break thrilled by this hotties and their different roles.cant wait 2 see the next season………

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