Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' Release Date Announced!

Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' Release Date Announced!

Zac Efron holds onto a pair of sunglasses and his iPhone as he makes his way through LAX airport on Friday (September 16) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 23-year-old actor’s film The Lucky One will hit theaters on August 24, 2012!

The flick based on Nicholas Sparks’ book is about a Marine (Efron) who attributes the fact that he’s survived three tours of duty in Iraq to a photograph he carries of a woman he doesn’t know. When he returns to the states, he sets out to find her.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see The Lucky One?

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Credit: MATEI H/GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Lauren lipkin

    Isn’t he coming back to illnois soon? Idk

  • Nicky

    It’s good that he is back home even though he won’t be long there.

  • whatever

    Nope. Could care less.

  • kerri

    FINALLY! Gosh i missed him so much. Love you Zac :)

  • Lauren lipkin

    Lol @ whatever
    At least your honest

  • amy

    Aw he looks tired! But still hot & I cant wait for ‘The Lucky One’.

  • amy

    @whatever: go away then.

  • kerri

    @whatever: Hahaha yeah right! you clearly care otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  • Mie

    OMG! you look like my zac! i just love you !!

  • Merlin’s mum

    Beautiful blue-eyed boy! Looks a little tired. Working hard!!!

  • Be_Mike_Like

    Here he is! My lovely<3 He looks weary, bless him.
    Cannot WAIT for The Lucky One! THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Omg!!!handsome guy is back!!!
    Wow!!the release date is…so far!!!god!!!!how can I wait that long!!!!!

  • eat me

    @what ever no i’m not gonna say go to vanessa thread you have a right to comment here but one thing i want to say to you if i read not acceptable comment here on zac believe me i will trash your vanessa much worst than yours!!! Honesty is acceptable here but no bad mouthing….

  • sara12

    He could use a break, he looks so tired, and @whatever girl you know you love him, your like the 3rd comment LOL cut it out

  • justme

    eat me
    we always saw you on vanessa’s post always

  • Joochi

    I’m sorry but I won’t see the movie, I have read the book and I just don’t think he got what it takes to make the movie work, sorry, besides his acting hasn’t changed at all since HSM only because he’s taking safe projects, how can you grow. Give him time I guess to develop his craft.

  • sara12

    @Joochi: His projects haven’t een safe. The only real safe thing he’s done since HSM has been 17 Again. CSC was a real risk and everything that has followed (other than NYE) has been a risk too. You should never judge something before you see it, he may surprise you.

  • Miranda

    I’m happy to finally see him, but he won’t be in LA for long since he has to go back to Illinois September 28th to film

  • cutie

    Its nice seeing him again, but now he need a bit rest before going back to filming…….He’s a Hottie………very sexy man……..


    He`s fatter now than before…but he still being super hot ! I missed him… hope he gets some rest before going back to work.. :D

  • http://facebook amanda


  • Patworx

    @whatever: Well then why are you here?

  • TJ

    I don’t want him to take too many risks because he’s so young. I know Leo Dicaprio took risks in his carreer, but maybe he was just more familiar with that material. I think he should do more fluffy comedies for now just to stay relevent. Besides, he should never do anything too challenging for him. I mean, there’s always a chance that your gonna’ f*ck up. Plus, if he does films that will attract his fan base, he’ll be more successful and the more attention he gets, the more roles will be offered to him. I don’t want him to be categorised as just a ‘Pretty face’, but it’s always good to make successful movies even if it is a musical or a comedy, because his fanbase will grow and become more mature fans. This way, he’ll be able to make different films and play different charecters and people will actually pay money to watch it. ‘The paperboy’ is a step in the right direction, though, because not everything is focused on him like ‘charlie st. cloud’ was. Nicole kidman, cusack, mcconaughey all have a very mature fan base. People who wouldn’t usually watch a zac efron movie might actually be suprised.

  • Miranda

    @TJ: I whole heartedly agree, but I think Zac probably wants to do different things to challenge himself, yet still make good movies.

  • TJ

    I just don’t want him to make too many risky decisions. I think he should work on expanding his fanbase first by momentarily returning to comedies/dramas etc. and then act in more risky roles, because then if he screws up it won’t be such a big deal.

  • pita

    Looking good zac!!!I can’t wait to see the Lucky One…

  • Tammy

    He has the cutest little face! I can’t help but want to pinch those little cheeks of his!

  • Miranda

    @TJ: I think that’s what New Years Eve and The Lucky One are going to do, but the comedy he is doing with Seth Rogen should expand his fanbase beyond just girls.

  • A

    Haha you can tell he isn’t liking his long hair now. He’s been wearing hats everytime he isn’t filming. Awww I think he looks cute. Good to see him again. :)

  • eat me

    @justme yap i wont deny that i’m always in vanessa thread why not i’m defending him there yeah cuz vanessa’s fun always say bad words againt’s him you want an example? ”douchebag” that’s very rude as i i said your welcome to comment here but no bad mouthing… among all vanessa’s fan i think hater suck is the most loyal one i don’t know bout you maybe you are but it’s you always badmouthing zac there….

  • eat me

    @Tj he’ll be ok i think that’s part of being an actor they love risky movie and zac love to challenge himself i think for me he’s fan’s always be there for him whatever movie he does!!!!

  • Joochi

    @sara12: I am not judging, just telling the truth:). All of his movies aren’t risks the character’s are similar nothing to gasp at so too me he his not growing as an actor, I’m sorry that I spoke my true feelings about your idol but it’s my feelings and their honest.

  • Soni

    Ok I know I will get a bunch of flack for this, but he really needs to get back with Vanessa. Enough time has elasped now.

  • http://@deana_deee Deana deee

    I can’t wait for The Lucky One, I hate that we have to wait an entire year but Zac is so very very worth it… Looks to me like the movie offers for Zac are pouring in one right after the other. His career seems to be doing just fine especially when you consider some of the people he’s starring with, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Dennis Quaid and soon to be Seth Rogen…. Zac Efron has made it to the big time now and he’s lookin pretty gorgeous doin it… And one more thing, for anyone that doesn’t think Zac has what it takes to pull off any and every character he is cast to play, hasn’t seen Charlie St.Cloud. He was literally amazing in that movie and if you can’t see that then maybe you’re too stupid to watch movies anyway!!!

  • justme

    eat me
    i did never say bad things about zac or anyone i don’t know never even if i’am not a fan and you can clearly see that i was defending him at jj when peoples said he’s fat and ugly

  • Merlin’s mum

    @Soni: Why? It is their lives, they finished, they’ve moved on.
    I did hear the reason he looks a little rough around the edges in these pictures is cos they had a wrap party the night before!! LOL

  • maria

    @Joochi: Joochi, I agree with you. But you’ll be attacked, and told you’re “spewing hatred” and “vile rumors”. Honesty is really not appreciated, unless you want to swoon over his chest, eyes, or hotness. Never mind that you didn’t say anything nasty about him or his character; any comments that you don’t agree with his role choices is “hatred”. Go figure.

  • Miranda

    @TJ: I agree to an extent.

  • lalalala

    i miss zanessa :( i miss them walking in lax together

  • Moni

    Just how is he not taking risk? Becos he did not play a pregnant teen or cut his hair and act like a boy or play a victim. And how are the characters the same? The truth is when u start making comparisons btw pple the less favourite will always fall short. Acting in whatever role is a risk whether a familiar role or not u either pull it of or u don’t. Just how is he not taking risk? Becos he did not play a pregnant teen or cut his hair and act like a boy or play a victim. And how are the characters the same? The truth is when u start making comparisons btw pple the less favourite will always fall short. Acting in whatever role is a risk whether a familiar role or not u either pull it of or u don’t.

  • Skylar

    @Moni: AGREED. Thank you <3
    But actually..he did cut his hair for a role hehe, remember? back in December? So um, he did it before Vanessa, just sayin. :)

  • maria

    @Moni: That’s a stupid comparison. Why compare him to Vanessa? The point is he should try something different from a heartthrob, shirtless, safe character. Like a “bad guy” or someone who is more rough around the edges, or maybe not always in a movie where he gets laid. Now THAT would be going out of his box.

  • Joochi

    Thank You Maria:), you took the words out of my mouth. All his movies are pretty boy movies so of course he’s stll handsome, nothing to gasp at, playing safe, and I don’t think he is still young to be taking risks he’s a grown man
    Moni, how could you compare him with Vanessa that was very bold of you:) You know the funny part of all this is Kenny Ortega said himself that out of all the HSM cast that Vanessa was the one that would go farther than the rest, thank goodness Zac and Ashley have their productions studios as plan B.

  • melannie

    Love Nicholas Sparks’ books <3

  • ava

    Maria and Joochi obviously missed the memo (why am I not surprised?) that he just finished a movie in which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, and John Cusack and one that was directed by OSCAR-nominated director Lee Daniels. His character is not a pretty boy and people on set involved with the film said he performance was really good and they saw nominations in his future.

    But that’s not taking risks…nope.

  • beatriz

    he’s sooo hoot(:
    and i can’t wait for the lucky one.

  • SE

    Love him ;*

  • Merlin’s mum

    Sadly, Zac will always be playing ‘pretty boy’ roles as he can’t physically change his looks. He’s a suggestion. Wait until his films have actually been released before passing comment on them. How can you judge him on something that you haven’t seen? And some of the work he has coming is very different to what he has done before.

  • moni

    Of course they will judge, they like to put him down. he didnt ask too become a teen heartthrob, HSM made him that. other actors can make mistakes , take risk and challenges and finally come into their own without scrutiny but unfortunately hearthrobs cant . everybody have a say in how their careers should go. give him time. all will be alright.

  • Stephanie

    @Joochi: Actually Kenny said it about all 3 of them….He said Zac and Vanessa would be the ones to do well and I know because I watched a doc. on Zac and they were showing diff, clips and Kenny had said it!So it wasnt just Vanessa he was talking about.