AllStar Weekend: No More Nathan

AllStar Weekend: No More Nathan

JJJ did not see this coming, at all!

AllStar Weekend is now down to three members — Cameron Quiseng, Michael Martinez, and Zach Porter — as they announced on Twitter that Nathan Darmody has officially left the band. Read their statement below:

“To Our Fans,

“Things in life don’t always end up exactly how you first planned, hoped, or envisioned. More than anything, we wanted this band to work out with Nathan in it, but as our band progressed, he went on a different path both professionally and personally, and we mutually decided to part ways. We didn’t tell you until now because nothing was 100% definite until very recently. The details are between us and Nathan, and while we’re sure everyone will ask what happened (for the record, he is happy and healthy), it’s a personal matter that needs to stay within the band. Please respect both Nathan and us with this very difficult decision. Most importantly, this doesn’t change who we are, the music we play, the passion we put into this band, what we stand for, or our love for our fans.

Eric filled in on guitar only for the summer, and now we will begin our search for a new, permanent member of Allstar Weekend.

“We have a new record coming out on September 27th called ‘All The Way’ that we put a ton of heart and soul into, and we can’t wait for you to get it. In January & February 2012, we will be headlining a full US tour with select dates in Canada in support of ‘All The Way.’ As always, we can’t wait to see and meet you.

“To all of our fans who stood by us during this difficult transitional period – we want you to know that we love you and thank you for your never-ending support. You are the reason we are here.

“Love, Zach, Cameron & Michael.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Nathan leaving the band?

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  • Shammer

    I love Nathan the band won’t be the same without him in it I hope they still remain friends

  • Paulie

    OMG their 3 fans must be devastated by this news!

  • Leslie

    Which one was Nathan?

  • brenna

    do they have fans?

  • AllstarFan!

    @Shammer Clearly You Did Not Read Their Message That What Happens Stay Within The Band And Nathan. And Takes ALL 4 Of Them To Be In A Band Yeah Nathan Might Be Cool But Discourage The Other Boys That Have Been Loyal If You Dont Got Nothing To Say DONT Say It At all cause clearly you dont want no one bullying or putting you down. @Leslie The Far Left By Zach, He Is The One With The Dreads he plays keyboard. @Brenna No Kidding They Have A Million Fans Their Bigger Than Jonas Brothers. Please Do Your Research Before You Comment On Narcotic Things.
    RESPECT AllStar Weekend AND Nathan Darmody Their Still Making Music And Perfably Friends But We Dont Know That Because thats THEIR Personal Life

  • Alexandra

    This stinks. I love Allstar Weekend, And it won’t be the same without him! But I’ll still listen to them!

  • Dani

    The one with the dreads.

    I’m definitely gonna miss him! Still love them, just won’t be the same without Nathan. :/

  • Gossip Girl

    This is a bad sign..they started with five…went down to there’s only three of them…Hope they can last. They’re the only boy band that I really like right now. Tjhe rest of them annoy this crap outta me. One Direction, Big Time Rush, Mindless Behaviour, They’re ALL ANNOYING !

  • Shammer

    @Leslie: nathans the one with the dreds

  • Nicole

    @Paulie: Seriously?! They have a lot of fans, around the world. And this IS devastating news for us, if you don’t know them, don’t comment.

  • harrypotterfan

    I’m gonna miss nathan :(

  • annie

    i saw this from the time i met them in november 2010. nathan wasnt even around wen we were there he was only there for 2min. so i really saw this coming good luck to u guuys

  • http://lann04 Navey


  • anon

    if any of you ACTUALLY knew the guys, you would most definitely not be surprised. the band has been crumbling since the start, and there seems to be no end in sight. don’t be surprised if they don’t last too long.

  • lena

    It sucks! Yeah they have lost members a lot but I guess that’s life. I for sure will miss Nathan oh so much! It still.crushes my heart to hear it though.

  • Alana

    I still love allstar weekend

  • Annika.

    Nathan was the best part of this band. He brought out the funny side of Cameron, zach and Michael. I will miss him so much. I hope he returns, otherwise I may Only like them fir their music now.

  • skittlescoop15

    to be honest, Allstar weekend will be amazing with or without Nathan.. although he is amazing too,. it was obviously the desicon they had to make and it was the right onee. they wanted to go seprate ways so they did. so i hope you understand that.. either way like i said amazing with or without nathan = amazing.

  • skittlescoop15


    wow you rude.. its nothing different….

  • Sydneylovesallstarweekend

    OMG, I miss Nathan soo much. Its been 6 months, and I still have a sign taped to my shelf.

  • http://twitter freakender K #1

    I love allstar weekend but just because Nathan left doesn’t mean you should stop listening to them they all agreed to it and you should accept and respect their decision thank you