Austin Butler: Vanessa Hudgens House Visit!

Austin Butler: Vanessa Hudgens House Visit!

Austin Butler takes a peek out of a window while leaving Vanessa Hudgens‘ house on Monday morning (September 19) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old The Bling Ring star, donning a white tee with a skull print, and a backwards baseball cap, was also spotted headed to his Prius.

On Saturday night, Austin and Vanessa, 22 attended a birthday bash for Ashley Tisdale‘s sister, Jennifer.

DO YOU THINK Austin and Vanessa would make a cute couple?

FYI: Austin and Vanessa are both part of the HSM franchise — Austin was in Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure!

15+ pics of Austin inside…

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  • meme

    They look so cute! I will support Vanessa in Anything!

  • Mrsvagabunda

    Lol here we go….



    they are a couple already or atleast they are dating there are photos on tumblr of them kissing………….

  • nicole


  • Haters Suck!

    Aw $hit here we go. I don’t cAre if they are dating or not, if they are cool if not oh well. I’ll always support vanessa. I’m going to bed now I’ll deal with the crap that’s sure to come in the morning. Damn tomorrows gonna SUCK.
    Baby V you just keep livng your life, I’ll deal with the haters. I got your back.

  • loo

    Cute! But i want Vanessa pics jj

  • joanne

    i think she’s single and loving it right now. not tied down to anyone and just enjoying life. that’s how 22 year old should be

  • andrea

    Although i miss her with Zac so much, she can do whatever she wants with her life, she’s young and Austin seems like a nice guy, just like Josh.. i don’t understand why everybody makes a big deal about it, like if you never go on dates or hang out with guys.. the only difference is that she’s surrounded by paparazzis all the day.

  • getoverit

    She’s gorgeous and I hope she’s enjoying her life and loving being single. She just used to be so much more low-key about it. I miss that aspect of keeping her private life as private as possible. But I guess if the paps are parked out front there’s not much she can do about it.

  • clare

    fat bitch.

  • a

    he just came out after shaking the bed w/ her i bet LMFAO

  • amtfan

    And the obsessive zanessa fans who can’t get over the fact that z and v broke up almost a year ago should come in this post pretty soon….

  • http://Peggy Sue

    Yeah the girl likes them young. At least he is in his twenties ( just made it) I guess she wants to be able to teach them what to do for her. LOL

  • amtfan

    btw hate on my comment all you want (and this one) but I’m pretty sure that MOST of you were fans of either one of them only because they were dating each other, its BS tbh and sorry but you know its true, right when vanessa is smiling with someone besides zac you guys attack and you guys cry about it and its annoying as hell and you should support vanessa, despite who shes dating. shes out here to act and to sing, not to be judged on each relationship she has with someone who isn’t zac.

  • peggy


    Or maybe he just came by for a visit because they are friends – wow what a concept.

    This crap went on about Josh Hutcherson and it turned out they were just friends remember?

    She’ll be in Anchorage Alaska soon anyway

  • http://Peggy Sue

    I know this is going to drive the Vanessa fans who think she is pure as the driven snow. I don’t think she is dating him but the girl has to get some every now and then. One young one didn’t satisfy her maybe this one will. Go on girl with your Bad Self.

  • peggy


    What a stupid remark he’s 20 she’s 22 hardly a huge age difference.

    Do you post your ignorant remarks in other posts as well such as

    Nick Jonas 18 – Delta Goodrem 26
    Taylor Lautner 19 – Lily Collins 22

    If not then zip it in this post

  • gracemarie


    She wasn’t dating Josh Hutcherson and they were and are are great friends. Also when did 2 years become an enormous difference in age.

  • getoverit

    I think she’s just having fun exploring being single in HW in between her projects.

    If you think about it she hasn’t dated and been single like this since spring/summer 2005, before HSM1 filmed.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    I did not say it was a huge difference I just said she likes them young. He is younger correct. Plus why is it ignorant I did not say anything bad about her evidently you think there is something bad about it because you took it that way . Very sensitive.

  • ozzie

    posts with vanessa always bring out the crazy commenters … they are adorable together. i think he may be prettier than her.

  • peggy


    Actually I think he’s kind of cute and from what I hear they’ve known each other for a quite awhile. They seem to hang with the same group of friends .

  • gracemarie

    I think everyone should chill.

    I remember how there were a zillion posts about Vanessa and Josh Hutcherson people saying some of the most ridiculous stuff I’ve ever seen based on a few pics rigt here on JJJ and they were friends .

    If they are dating they could have been dating for a bit and just didn’t get caught till recently..

    Either way its all good they are both single

  • mhay

    i hope this guy will Love vanessa as much as Zac love her.
    we love you vanessa dont ever foget that your fans really want you to be happy.

  • elendur

    They’ve obviously known each other a while thru ashley. Since she’d been out of town the previous two weeks it’s obvious that this is kind of new.
    Since he’s a friend of Ashley like Zac I hope it last,s otherwise it could get awkward when they stop hooking up.
    Also, we should have known its a date when Laura New was nowhere to be found.

  • chantal
  • elendur

    Also, at least we know. Now people don’t have to go are they or aren’t they. It’s obvious.

  • peggy

    Anybody notice his car is parked in front of the stairs like you would for a short visit

    For an overnight visit you would park it in the gargage (she has a three car) at least in the drive since the street is narrow not to mention not wanting to advertise to the paps

    So maybe waiting a bit to see what they are as was suggested maybe the way to go.

  • yets

    i think its time to move on i will Miss zanessa forever.

  • mykamicks

    I will just look forward whoever will be the next guy to love Vanessa. My support will be for hers..

  • Celestine

    The bag looks too small and too light to be an overnight bag! Who knows…Let’s wait and See!!

  • yets

    i think we all need to move on.
    i will support Vanessa forever.

  • musicgirl

    i dont think they are dating but if they are, then im happy for vanessa!

  • chantal

    I think she still has pain.
    true love will come again. I just think not yet.

    Good luck V !

  • Kro

    oh man seriously support her, not her relationships because they are personal, support her for her career, and let the girl be happy!

  • ehryle

    Whatever it takes still on Vanessa side!! but for sure V is so sweet and so fun to be with that is why her friends either boy or girl , young or old love her!! and she is happy being SINGLE!

  • sky10

    guys, chek out the austin wikipedia it says there that he is dating the famous actress vanessa hudgen.

  • misty

    no don,t like them together but maybe they are just friends

  • Xo

    V got some. lol good for her

  • kerri

    Damn i miss Zanessa :( oh well there is nothing i can do about her being with Austin. I still support her and i am not going to start putting their names together. Zanessa were true love for me.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Ok,he is a cool guy I think,I will support Vanessa,but…I don’t think they hook up lol!!maybe just friends??I don’t know~ if they hook up I will accept this relationship between two of them,make a great couple Vanessa!!!!!!!!love u!!!!

  • sophie

    no ahaha this al looks a bit too familiar cough pr stunt cough, yeah staying over so he would just leave his car parked right there the whole night…

  • Lyn


  • Vera

    Sucks.. Zac Efron is better than Austin Butler..!

  • lauren

    it’s her life,
    let her do what she wants,

    austin is so getting it in.

  • gracemarie


    What does Laura have to do with this or haven’t you noticed that Laura is part of their group of friends and there were friends there riding solo right at the table and at the party like Shelley Buckner.

  • peggy


    Lauren you asshole you’ve never been with a man in you life so I’m pretty sure you don’t know whether he’s getting in it or not.

  • gracemarie


    LMAO First of all they are careful to say “allegedly” which mean they really have no idea.

    Secondly I live about a mile & a half from Vanessa – we don’t leave our cars outside all night – one because you will get a ticket because even the quietest streets are one lane coming and one lane going and in an emergency a police or fire truck must be able to get thru and they will tow you. .

    Also VAnessa has a large garage if he was there overnight he would have put the car in the garage not leave it out on the street like a red flag to not only ever pap but every pap informant all over town.

    Remember they wrote this same crap about Josh only to find out he was only there a few minutes and didn’t leave his $60,000 motorcycle on the street all night.

  • lauren

    what is your problem?
    i’m making a comment, what is wrong with making comments?

    seriously leave me alone, apparently you and all the hudgens fans cant accept that she’s moving on with her life or whatever, just because i make one comment about austin and how hes ‘getting it in’ my god, its YOU and all the other v hudge fans who go crazy when she’s moved on or hanging out with some guy, it’s her life, YOU PEOPLE DONT CONTROL IT.

  • maria

    @lauren: Don’t you get that it’s WHAT you say that is so offensive? Can’t you just make a comment that isn’t so trashy? If you say crap like that, then you KNOW you’re NOT going to be left alone. Why do you need SO much attention?? Cause that’s why you do it. So don’t pull out the “leave me alone” card or expect us to feel sorry for you.