Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Workout with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Workout with Austin Butler!

BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale get back into their workout routine on Tuesday morning (September 20) in Los Angeles.

The twosome were joined by Austin Butler, who seems to be getting cozy with Vanessa, 22.

Vanessa also recently guest-posted on Hello, Giggles and who did she post about? Little sister Stella, of course!

“I really am proud of her. She’s a great actress and I know she has an amazing career ahead of her. But most of all, she’s the best person I know. And she inspires me to be the best person I can be. I can always turn to her — and she knows I’m always here for her. I love her so much and I’m so lucky to be her big sis!” Vanessa writes.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa, Ashley and Austin

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Credit: Bello; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Lauren lipkin


  • claud

    Vanessa looks so gorgeous!

  • claud

    and her BFF Laura is there too

  • justme

    if a vanessa’s fan insulte ashely she is stupid and if a ashley’s fan insulte vanessa she is stupid

  • musicgirl

    beautiful vanessa !

  • Mara

    Ashley looks pretty :)

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! she better not be getting with him, Vanessa your so retarded. your so desperate u try to get with every guy that you get close too. I hate u

  • Joochi

    Thanks JJJr. now you are going to start a whole war just for the caption of this post. Please stop with the false media on this girl
    she is just living her life why make a spectical about her all the
    time, oh I forgot that’s how you get hits, so sad that you need to
    use people just to keep your site going. From what i see here she
    don’t like the paps and it’s Ashley and Austin who is enjoying this
    pap session, users and abusers!!!

  • emma


  • MariaTyler_

    Laura New was with them aswell!

  • justme

    hello stupid

  • amtfan

    @Joochi: ashley hates the paps. cant three friends have a good time? I’d love to see you having to deal with the paps, instead of smiling with friends you’d look pissed and punched them. EFF OFF.

  • kerri

    Love pics of Ashessa :)
    @mig345 What is your problem? if you miss Zanessa i understand i miss them too, but don’t say that!

  • Kro

    Joochi you just read my mind!! now people is even saying that just because austin is hanging with them is almost as when it was zac with V and ash! seriously people stop with the drama, i havent seen austin and V kissing, but hanging out, messing around, pushing the other around! stop incenting her romances and hook ups, i mean I KNOW that when v FINALLY has a new boyfriend it would be clear enough, loud enough and without wondering around

  • kerri

    Sorry i meant Ashnessa :)

  • e

    They just look like a group of friends that hangs out and have great time together, would there be something more with V and Austin then we’ll know eventually but from the pictures I have seen so far there is nothing that for me tells me that there is anything going on however I don’t know them so I can’t say for sure. Well, like I said, it’s just great to see them all hang out and having a good time together.

  • negro

    i think they are a group of friends… maybe there is something more than just being friends, i don’t know cause i have seen some photo’s of V and Austin almost kissing in jennifer’s birthday..but i think we have nothing to do with it! it’s her life…i miss zanessa way too much but i don’t hate Vanessa for dating other people

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa can’t get to Alaska to start her new movie soon enough. Hopefully that will cool the drama for a while as I doubt we’ll be getting any pics of her while she’s there. I knew today was gonna suck.

  • tina

    They all look great her. Good to see them having a friendly workout together.

  • http://Bijaiinickjonas Bijaii

    C’mon, don’t plan vanessa’s life for her… No one knows for sure she’s into him or dating him, I’m pretty sure judging from the pictures, that they are all just friends, he hangs with Ashley and haylie Duff all the time too, leave them alone and let them have fun, we’re fans not God…. So don’t predict what you don’t know! BTW they look great!

  • Taylor

    Ashley probably called the paparazzi again, I mean they are on her speed dial.

  • getoverit

    Or the paps were waiting outside Vanessa’s house again this morning and followed her? When she was with Zac they used to park out in front of her house early in the morning and then trail her the entire day hoping for pics and/or hoping to catch her and Zac together. If they think she’s with a new guy again, I can see them doing the same thing.

  • Mrsvagabunda

    If she’s dating or just having ‘fun’ with him, ITS HER PROBLEM! She is single, hot and young, ITS HER LIFE SHE CAN DO WHATEVER THE F**K SHE WANTS TO

    …so leave her alone :) I’ll always support you V

  • Vivi

    I hope this isn’t true. I miss Zanessa. ): they were so perfect

  • meghan

    @Taylor: Hi bitch, why don’t you also mention how bad Ashley’s career is. Ashley hates the paps and if you even start this bs about how Ashley started calling the paps at the beginning of her career I’m out, every celeb does that when they start out. She doesn’t enjoy them being around so tell me how you think she calls them.

  • peggy

    Sure this wasn’t yesterday!!!

    Recent Tweets

    Laura_New Laura New
    Yoga yesterday has my body in so much pain!!! kinda love this feeling ;)
    1 hour ago

  • Lubarus

    Ashley looks amazing:)

  • getoverit

    @peggy: I’ll laugh if it was and that’s why he was seen leaving Vanessa’s house and the others had either already left or were still inside her house and they were all chilling there after yoga. That explains why he walked out with the black bag, it had his gross, sweaty workout gear in it. lol

  • Haters Suck!

    Just a thought but if ashley hates the paps it might be a good idea not to tweet where shell be or going. Not hating, I’m just saying

  • kami

    these pix are from monday not today.

  • Jazmin

    Love their friendship and don’t care what anyone else say! Beautiful girls!

  • tina

    @meghan: Sorry meghan not “every celebrity calls the paps” just the ones who feel the need to self promote.

  • Haters Suck!

    Ya know becaue of all the BS going on today the lead here kind of got burried so if no one else is gonna mention it I will. I really enjoyed what Vanessa wrote about her sister. It was very sweet and kind in honest. Vanessa is a great sister and I could give a crap what anyone else says or thinks, Vanessa is a good person with a good heart.

  • tina

    @getoverit: Some other blog said it was the afternoon when he was seen coming from her house, so it would fit.

  • Joochi

    Hello! I’m not stupid! read the story they wrote, Austin getting cozy with Vanessa, that’s false and you know it. And don’t no one say that Asley hates the paps because that’s false also, she’s the one that notify’s them, if you ask me both Austin and Ashley are fame whores who don’t have anything going so they’re using free publicity from Vanessa. And before you call someone stupid, please look at yourself!!! These Asley fans are all over themselves!

  • Joochi

    @amtfan: Are you serious! You Asley fans know darn well that It’s Ashley or her staff that calls or tweets the paps, come on she’s nothing to follow around, you are all a joke so you EFF OFF!!! Vanessa doesn’t look like she is enjoying the paps as well as Ashley and Austin are, are you guys blind or just choose to be blind to prove what point!!!

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: Don’t get discouraged, Haters. I knew the details of this alleged hook-up would come out. She was with all of the friends at the gym, and may have been back at her house as well inside. Austin probably changed there before heading out. Whatever, it was not a rendezvous or a “walk of shame”. It was a very innocent trip to the gym and maybe lunch for the friends at V’s house afterwards. I’m not surprised people jumped to conclusions, but we have to be patient. Seriously, when Vanessa starts seeing someone, we will know.

  • claud

    you are so retarded girl

  • Ju


  • Ju

    hey guys, please i would like if instead of talking about Vanessa fans, everyone note that the ones who are hating on Ashley, Austin or even Efron are the ZANESSA FANS, they are the one who can move on.
    Zanessa fans are not VANESSA FANS, so please when you guys express your hate on twitter do it with the ZANESSA FANS, not the Vhudg fans! we just love and defend Vanessa, we don´t care who she is dating, because the only thing we want is see Vanessa smile everyday, and we look forward her career… the obssesed and stupid little girls out there are the ZANESSA FANS (ZAC EFRON + VANESSA HUDGENS) NOT THE VANESSA FANS!

  • Haters Suck!

    Unfortunatley at this point I don’t think it matters anymore. That’s what looks like happend. For some people they are dating and that’s th end of it. There’s no other explanation.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: People like that see what they want to see, and not the truth. We knew she wasn’t dating Josh, but some morons just could not let it go. They WANTED it to be true, so they could bash her. They’re just always looking for something. *scratches head* Don’t get it. She was good to her ex, and made him a better man. Not sure what there was to hate. Oh well. I’m so happy she is happy and busy in her life, with another great role starting in a few weeks, and 3 movies out next year. She’s quietly going about her work, challenging herself, and managing to take some personal and private time for herself. She’s so grounded and true to herself.

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re right and I don’t get it either. Like I said earlier hopefully vanessa can just start her new movie soon get away from all this for a while and all this crap will just blow over

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: It’s not crap to hang with your friends and go to the gym with them. Austin is an old friend; if you look at is IMDb page, he goes way back with Vanessa and Ashley, and they have many ties, including the fact that he works with Lucas Grabeel on a series currently. They all grew up together pretty much. Again, I don’t see this as anything romantic, but friends can become more. If they do, it’s her business. No one should give her crap about moving on and dating again. She’s ready. But again, this was NOT a date, rendezvous, or anything like that.

  • Haters Suck!

    I know, at the end of the day I just want Vanessa to be happy that’s all that matters. If she’s with Austin then fine but I don’t think so as of right now. And normally I don’t mind fighting with the haters, but today I just fealt tired of it. I just wish they’d leave Vanessa alone. But I’ll still fight them anyway.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Vanessa!!!!gorgeous girl!!! :D
    Haters!!u are so annoying,all I can say is in this post plz don’t write anything that will make a war, cause we will let u know how tough vanessa’s fans is!if u are Ashley ‘s fans plz respect Vanessa,we all are fans if haters write some bad comment to ur idol,u will also fight with them,same like us,those Vanessa fans will fight with u,all they do is protect their idol,so comment plz write right,if no,don’t come here

  • justme

    first i’am not ashley’s fan i’am vanessa’s fan but i hate when see some vanessa’s saying ashley call paps because it totally wrong and not in evry ashnessa post we have to see a fight between their fans

  • Jenny

    ashley u look soo cute <3 <3

  • amtfan

    oh you fans. I love both vanessa and ashley, have fun hating on them for no reason :)

  • telle

    i LOVE VANESSA no matter what … what i don’t like is the blond guys i mean just look at him looks like he’s typical teenage boy with a one-track mind.

>>>>>>> staging1