Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens goes for comfort in an army green jumpsuit as she enjoys the day out and about on Tuesday (September 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress got pampered with mom Gina and sister Stella at a local nail salon.

Vanessa recently posted one of her fave memories on her official site: “Got sent this by a friend the other day. Oh man, talk about good times. I remember being in London with my cast for this premiere. The most amazing time of my life. And I owe it to you all. So thankful for my fans. Love u guys. Xx”

Earlier this morning, Vanessa was spotted out with BFFs Ashley Tisdale, Laura New and possible new flame Austin Butler.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: AKM
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  • claud


  • claud

    and oh goood! i love her hair! she looks so flawless!

  • lauren

    not trying to start shit or anything, but were vanessa and josh ever ‘together’ or were they ‘together’ for the press?

  • Justme

    SO SO BEAUTIFUL Lady V and Hudgens girls.

  • claud

    OH GOD!

    Vanessa has said SO MANY TIMES that she LOVES JOSH, and he said that he ADORES VANESSA, they never said the were dating. YOU were saying they were dating, even some reliable site were saying they LOOK like a couple but they weren´t. Vanessa´s family said she was single, Josh brother said that Josh wasnt dating Vanessa…. so what do you think?
    Maybe they were dating, but Vanessa, Josh, Vanessa´s family and Josh´s family didn´t know about it?

    BTW Josh is in KY now

  • Lauren lipkin

    How do u know Josh is in ky?

  • jazmin

    Loving her hair and outfit. Gorgeous as always.

    Always love the Hudgens girls!

  • karina

    She looks so pretty and I love her hair.

  • michelle

    Did you ever consider that Josh and V were just friends, like they both have been saying this whole time???

    My gosh.

  • Warren

    Stella is sexy HOT!

  • Xo

    What a beautiful family :)
    & her jumpsuit is super cute

  • Ju

    the Hudgens girls <3

  • Ju

    it’s unbelievable how Vanessa manages to looks so gorgeous just in sweats pants!

  • Ju

    IA, i love how she just put some short extensions and is enjoing her short hair.. it looks certainly stunning, her bone structures is just FLAWLESS, not so many persons can look so good with short hair like that.

  • peggy


    Laura_NewLaura New
    Yoga yesterday has my body in so much pain!!! kinda love this feeling ;)

    5 hours agovia webFavoriteRetweetReply

  • Chanon

    This chick can look good in anything! -___- <3

  • maria

    Gina must be proud of the two beautiful charming happy daughters she’s raised. Vanessa looks gorgeous, and I love simple, but young looks on her like this. So, so pretty.

  • Ju

    they needs hits, and everyone knows that just Vanessa name bring the hits hahah so they dont care if the information they put n the site is accurate or not. they just like the drama hahaa
    but the real Vanessa´s fans know the truth

  • Haters Suck!

    like I told Maria in another post, unfortunatley I don’t think that matters anymore. People already have their minds made up.

  • andrea

    she looks so fucking amazing, i just love her..

  • kami


    don’t know why jj doesn’t get that. according to laura new, the yoga was yesterday.

  • getoverit

    They’re probably going based off of when the photographer or agency released/sold the pics. Even the photographers that take the pics sometimes label the days or years wrong. lol

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    It could be the shoes.. but Stella looks freaking tall!! All three Hudgens ladies look beautiful! :D

  • Vivi

    What’s with the hate Jared? Possible new flame? Don’t you want to KTZLF? :(

  • eat me

    i never see her hangout with her father just curious!!!!!! i like her outfit….

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessas dad I think seriously hates the paps so I think he tries to avoid this stuff.

  • e

    @Haters Suck!:

    I think so as well, there was one time where he was with Vanessa and he was furious at the paps and tried to go after them but Vanessa stopped him, and he’s a big guy, a former marine (I think) and a firefighter so he would definatly have caused some damage, I also think that maybe he doesn’t go out a lot with them because A) he does work a lot and B) because he doesn’t want that again, I mean he knows what the paps say and no father would be able to stand by when a bunch of grown males treat his daughter the way paps treat people, so I don’t blame him. But it doesn’t mean that he isn’t there, he was with Vanessa when she went to Disneyland and saw that water show and he was with Vanessa when she bought her new car (she posted a picture of her with the car on her website and you can see Greg in the background), he just isn’t there when the paps is there, who knows, maybe they fear him or something, since we all know that they really are cowards.

  • loo


  • loo

    Love her outfit

  • loo

    Stop please

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    I love her outfit!!!she is so beautiful!!!
    Aww!!!her hair——–NICE!!!!

  • yets

    i love the looks.
    she so pretty.

  • Gabby

    awe I love her hair
    it’s fabulous

  • peggy

    @Haters Suck!:

    It also kills their chance to hate on her. CAuse now its is quite possible tht he only changed his clothes there after yoga class and most likely Laura was there too – that’s why the pap in the article said “allegedly” cause to say it was true would have been libel.

    “allegedly” covers a lot of legal ground and you can’t be accused of libel

  • maeli

    love baby V

  • telle

    i love the fact that vanessa’s spending time with her family… that’s where she belongs. Thank you..G+S.

  • 333


  • 333

    so cute

  • 333

    no, they never talk to the press

  • 333

    she is

  • 333


  • 333

    me too

  • 333

    she is so cute haha