Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus: Not Pregnant?

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus: Not Pregnant?

Brenda Song holds onto beau Trace Cyrus‘ hands as the pair strolls through the Sherman Oaks mall on Wednesday (September 21) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Late last month, the 23-year-old actress and Trace, 22, were rumored to be having a baby together.

However, according to Star Magazine, Brenda‘s mom, Mai Song, recently denied the pregnancy rumors.

Hmm…we’re still wondering…

But, in other Brenda news, The Pixie Hollow Games are right around the corner. Check out the trailer and our interview with Brenda!

ARE YOU EXCITED for the games?

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  • Evelyn

    I don’t see how he keeps getting these pretty girls, Demi, Brenda, what is about him? I don’t find him remotely attractive so what do they see in him? I guess that’s something I will never know

  • Jason

    Ah, yes, Star Magazine is such a reliable source to get your info from, Just Jared.

    Why not just ask her the next time you have her hold up the JJJ discs?

  • bee

    It must be his penis cus it suure aint his looks or personality !

  • CelebfashN IMO

    Pregnant or not, she looks so pretty! I

    love that color of her maxi skirt!! Makes me want to go find that exact one! And the floppy hat adds such a cute flare. What a cutie.

    No offense, but Mr. Cyrus is one lucky guy to be holding hands with that beautiful lady!

  • Smiler

    I love this couple, they are just so different but they compliment eachother beautifully. I dont know why everyone says HE is a terrible guy 4 HER, why? Because he likes tatoos and rock and roll? Because he is not famous? Becausr he is not a Disney star like her? He is an awsome guy and I can tell they love eachother. It is not easy to be famous and have a couple! BTW I LOVE the Cyrus fam!

  • mybad


  • http://@meganlynch09 Megan

    If the media reported that I was pregnant when I wasn’t I would definately set them straight! No matter if you don’t normally adress rumours or if your trying to have a “private” life. It just seems odd that they would let people think she was pregnant, but then maybe they like the attention and publicity

  • h

    @Megan: Umm two weeks after the media said that Brenda is pregnant, Brenda’s mom DENIED it. So what makes you think that they didnt set the record straight? they clearly did. Brenda doesnt have a publicist anymore, she fired her publicist in July.. that’s why the record wasn’t ‘SET STRAIGHT’ the minute the pregnancy happened.

    And the attention she got was all negative, hateful and criticism.

  • h

    @Megan: besides, based on new pics of brenda crying after hospital visit, it has been suggested that brenda had a MISCARRIAGE, plus her two best friends tweeted about their hearts really hurting right now on the same day brenda was seen crying her eyes out. tish, trace’s mom, was with brenda and trace after the hospital visit, helping calm her.

  • h

    Brenda either has cancer (was never pregnant), had a miscarriage or a forced abortion.

  • jorenda love

    @Megan: you’re an idiot, stop presuming sh!t. you dont know what happened. so brainless.

  • jorenda love


  • Robin

    Personally I don’t think Brenda is pregnant from the beginning. I wish everyone would leave Brenda and Trace alone and get a life. I also wish everyone judging them. No one knows Trace personally. Just because someone isn’t Orlando Bloom or Prince Charming doesn’t mean they are a rotten person. So before judging someone because of their looks try doing some research I heard it does wonders.

  • Robin

    I don’t think Brenda is pregnant from the stop. I wish everyone would get a life and leave Brenda and Trace alone. Plus I also wish everyone would stop judging them as well. No one knows Trace personally. And just because someone isn’t Prince Charming or isn’t Orlando Bloom doesn’t makes them a rotten person. It obvivious that he treats her right and he cares for deeply. So before you go judging Brenda and Trace how about doing some research. I heard it does. wonders.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone talks about Trace like they know him, you dont. Hes a nice person and just cause you dont like the way he looks doesnt mean others dont. I personally know plenty of people who find him attractive.
    And about the baby thing, it has nothing to do with anyone else so everyone should just leave it. Its their business.

    Trace cares for Brenda and if you werent so ignorant you’d realise that. You can tell even from the pictures how sweet he is to her.

    Everyone seriously needs to stop judging him on the way he looks. Having tattoos and looking like a rockstar doesnt automatically make you a horrible person.

    And if you knew about Brenda and Demi you would know they like rock music and that type of style so its not really suprising that they would want to date him.