Selena Gomez: Staples Center Date with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez: Staples Center Date with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez catches up on some emails on her phone as she heads to breakfast with mom Mandy and stepdad Brian on Saturday morning (September 24) in Encino, Calif.

Looks like romance isn’t dead at all…the 19-year-old actress’ musician boyfriend Justin Bieber knows how to wow her.

According to TMZ, after the two caught Demi Lovato‘s show at Nokia Live on Friday night, Justin pulled Selena over to the Staples Center to catch a movie — Titanic, to be exact.

“Justin didn’t have to pay a penny for Staples. We’re told since he sold out the venue three times, and it was empty tonight … they gave him the entire arena for free,” the outlet reports.

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  • Jill

    must be nice…thats how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…celebs dont pay for anything

  • andy

    She looks cute! Ans so young.
    And that’s very nice of Justin, she deserves a good guy. Cute couple.

  • ashley

    @Jill: i don’t like justine or selena that much but they have worked for their money. they sell they product well. thay can do what they want with it. plus have you ever sold out something? no so stop saying the poorer get poorer. get an education.

  • julyrose

    Selena looks so cute and I love her cardigan :)

  • javi

    justin put every guy including me to shame getting the staple center for free im gessing he’s going to do more concerts there now and playing a movie just for the two of them. justin dude you da man bro i hope you got lucky last night.

  • Candace

    :’) They are SOOO cute together! I wish them all the best. They have a lot of people hating on their relationship though the majority I have seen are his fans not all of them are haters but I have seen A LOT of bieber fans hating. Anyways, I love hearing about Jelena it puts a smile on my face every-time <3

  • julianne

    This is so cute! I was never that into Justin or Selena, but I love them as a couple now. :)

  • Gossip Girl

    What Does Selena Find in this douche?! Seriously ! She’s Worth So Much More! Taylor Lautner ? (PLUS!) , Nick Jonas? (PLUS!) and then she pulls out trash like him! A Beautiful girl like HER is suppose to attract men with the body of David Beckham and the Looks of Chace Crawford, Leonardo DiCaprio and Better! But, She chooses to date a boy who can pass for an eight grader ! Selena, Come on! U’d do Better with that kid from Allstar Weekend than this DOUCHE!


    gosh i hate selena..such a fame attention seeker..ewww she is such a cougar too!! ahhh justin can do way better seriously!!


    cant STAND SELENA GOMEZ…she is soo talentless…gosh i hate this gurl soo much….she is such a fame attention seeker as well…gosh and a COUGAR…i bet nick and taylor are laughing behind their backs about her being the justin…..JUSTIN OPENUR EYES..SHE IS USING YOU..her albums suck..her acting sucks..her clothing sucks…SHE SUCKS….gosh watch her be irrevelant when they breakupp..honest to god.!!

  • Kelly

    Did it ever occur to any of you that Selena might be too good for Justin? Some of you seem to regard her as this evil tempress who’s leading an innocent boy astray with her wicked influence, i.e. changing him for the worst. And she is talented, in acting anyway. At least she’s not acting like an idiot in public.

  • Jamie

    they r the cutest couple ever i hope they NEVER stop dating they r just to cute together and they love each other sooooo much nad the way they look at each other is sooo cute i wish i had that a guy as sweet hot and nice and as great personality as justin

  • ClearPerspective

    The life of a body guard… that must be interesting.

  • Delcia

    Why do u guys hate them? Have they ever done anything wrong to u? I’m not a hater also not a lover, but it’s just wierd. U guys keep saying u hate them but still would spare time to read an article about them. Beliebers n selenators, u keep saying u support them. N now they’re happy, so let them :) get a life ppl.

  • Kayla

    Why Can’t People JUST Understand That Selena And Justin Are Happy Together!!! JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! It’s There Life!!!!!! Stop The Celeb Hate!!! They Are Just Living Out There Dreams!!!! And I Support Them 100% So Stop Being Jealous & Get a LIFE!!!!! :P

    Good Day!!!!! :D

  • Jennifer

    Selena looks so casual just like any ordinary girl which me and my friends think its ROCKIN

  • Erynne


    She’s only like 2 years older then him and havent you seen other couples before? they are like 10 years apart?? She has talent and you are just some person who is jealous that she has a better life then you! She isn’t no famewhore or a cougar she is just a teen in love! She has been getting so much hate from a lot of people since she has been dating jb but she still doesn’t want to break up with him because she loves him. She has been getting a lot more of hate then fame so shut up. She is still human how would you feel like if you were dating justin and people called you cougar, slut, famewhore and heaps more mean names. I love Jelena!

  • Annie

    Dang Selena is lucky. Justin seems like the best boyfriend ever

  • Jennifer

    I totally agree with wat they have said Jelena r perfect for each others and se should just let then be ;)

  • The lol

    OOO wow you sarah girl. Seriously? You have like no sense. Selena rocks like crazy!! you sersiously justin bieber is okay. And you have like no right to say that selena gomez sucks!!

  • The lol

    OMG THAT SARAH GIRL. Seriously you have like no sense. I think selena gomez rocks. She just a human and you know what? I think your a disgusting bear with rabies. you have like no right to say that she sucks. You suck for saying that and she’s recieving a lot of hate right now so be nice to her. Shes like totally rockin awesome. I think your just jealous and have no life!!

  • david b conway

    dear jared jr ,web site ,hi my name is david conway and yes i do hate miss , selena gomez ,she can,t sing to save her future career any more , and she can,t not act or sing ,, and selena gomez, sucks as alex russo on disney channel , i just wish she wasnt on the disney channel at all , and she killed her last season ,4 thank,s selena gomez , i do what to say to disney infonet .com web site im so sorry for my last comment i did tonight on there web site im so agree at selena gomez , and agree at the original cast of wizards of waverly place, and now the disney fan,s will alway,s hate the original cast for ever and seleena gomez , is the one that kill the chance for wowp tv studio just to get the prime time emmy last year , 2011 , love david b conway