Selena Gomez Chats Meeting Shia LaBeouf

Selena Gomez Chats Meeting Shia LaBeouf

Selena Gomez takes the October 2011 cover of Phillipines’ Candy magazine.

The 19-year-old actress opened up to the mag about her fan moment with Shia LaBeouf, dating advice, and her biggest dreams. Check it:

On meeting her crush Shia LaBeouf: “It was amazing. They told me there were two fans in the dressing room waiting to meet me and I was like ‘Oh cool,’ so I walked down the hall and Shia LaBeouf was sitting right there, and I ran away from him! He was nice enough to chase after me and he was like, ‘Hey wait, wait…’ because he probably knows I’m a stalker and love him so.”

On dating: “The only thing I ever tell my fans is that it’s just not worth it to be someone you’re not. I’ve conformed to a lot of guys that I liked before; it’s very easy to want to be what they want you to be. But in the end, it just wasn’t enjoyable and I was miserable half the time. Now, I’m very straightforward… The best person is someone you can be yourself with.”

On her dreams of her own charitable organization: “Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to put up my own organization to reach out and help people, but right now, I’m working with different charities and enjoying it. I want to be proud of everything that I do and I just really want to ultimately be a good and happy person.”

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  • julyrose

    She’s so well spoken and cute.

  • Ulysses

    I love Selena SO darn much! I adore her and tend to defend, protect her(in ways) from the hating, bigotED world. I cherish her and Allison Iraheta.

  • andy

    LOVE HER. Keep been you and you’ll go FAR!

  • Ulysses

    I Love Selena SO Much! She is a true, real Jem in the entertainment bizz.

  • maria

    It’s amazing how well she carries herself and she’s only 19. And in an industry like today! You wouldn’t think most people her age would say this stuff, but then there comes Selena Gomez who changes it all :) I love her, she’s literally the closest celeb to perfect right now in Hollywood in the younger generation, period :) She has it ALL. In a way, I hate her because it should be like illegal to be as pretty, talented, and everything else as her! But of course, my love dominates :) Idk why stupid Beliebers or anyone says she has changed because of who she’s with. Um, no she hasn’t. If anything has changed, it’s her age and how she dresses, but not her personality. She’s still the same down to earth classy girl we first knew from Barney, and it’s not like she wears anything that’s barely nothing anyways. Screw off haters!

  • themoviegeek

    LOL, Selena if you’re reading this i don’t think you’re a stalker! I have a funny story, there was this internet person (who knows nothing about me) I had a crush on for awhile. It was last Valentine’s day I’ve decided to call this persons work place to see if this person was still working at the job. I wasn’t actually gonna talk to this person, I just wanted to know if this person was still employed. I was basically being nosy and besides this person lives in a totally different state from me. Anyway, I was told that this person is no longer employed there. I was a bit sadden so anyway I told a “supposed” friend and she told me “Oh my god what are you doing calling this person. You don’t know anything about this person. Don’t be a stalker.” She made me feel so horrible! I have a feeling she told everybody. So now everyone thinks I’m some kind of stalker. GOOD GRIEF! I’ve seen situations like this happen in movies and TV shows. That’s where I got the idea to call.

  • Jennifer

    Selena u aint no stalker what u said about being urself around bf or crushes us true one of my Best friends told me that a few days ago because i was trying to impress this boy in my school who I REALLY REALLY like and i was trying everything to make him notice me (nothin worked) then one day me and my friend we were texting each other and i started to ask her more questions like hey do u think he’ll like this and all that stuff and all of a sudden she was like “okay girl u have to stop trying to impress him, if he liked u he would like u for u not for somebody ur trying to be” and i was like in shock but though still thinking she WAS right so for now on i act like myself while im around but i still blush haha soo thx Selena i really Hope u were reading this cause u and my friend r right if a boy is going to like u he beses to like u for who u r not for somebody ur trying to be. ;)

  • Candymagazine

    Thanks for the shoutout, Just Jared, Jr.! :) Get a sneak peek here:

  • Ella

    C’mon JJJ, you still don’t know the correct spelling of our country? It’s “PHILIPPINES”. Okay? ;)

  • sarah

    Selena Gomez is so over-rated as a singer. The weakest voice I have ever witnessed live at an amusement park but her songs are on the radio. What’s wrong with current music business? Because tweens bring money to them regardless of talent level? She should stop singing and go on with her life with acting.

  • laurent

    @maria i couldnt be more agree with your comment! totally true ;)

  • laurent

    @sarah just stfu! she sing very well and her voice is great! so yeah shes amazing and you just a jealous person, sorry honey stay mad!

  • sho

    SELENA! stop bragging about yourself is pathetic you come to websites to talk good about yourself. there is nothing intelligent in this article so don’t flatter yourself and her family stopped already we know when is you selena and family you are all pathetic losers!!! actually selena sound dumb most of the time and she always say the same thing. tell your writers to switch your answerd already. and you must be really dumb if you let a guy change you and is even dumber to talk about and blame the person.

  • Po

    @julyrose: :)

  • Missydawnd

    So what. Do we all still LOVE this chick or have we had enough?

  • mohamed ali

    i love u selena.
    u r so beautiful & sexy

  • lexie

    Btw just jared jr, it’s PHILIPPINES! Have you heard of spell check?

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