Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Pumpkin Patch Pair

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Pumpkin Patch Pair

Vanessa Hudgens spends a nice sunny day out and about running errands on Thursday (September 29) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress enjoyed some lunch before picking up an Epson Projector at Best Buy.

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Vanessa then picked up little sis Stella and the cute siblings happily visited a pumpkin patch together, matching in white shirts and blue jeans.

The day before, Vanessa cruised to yoga class and back in her Townie bike.

10+ pics of Vanessa and Stella inside…

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Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • sky10

    lovely sisters!!

  • Chanon

    LOL I wish I were a part of their family!

    And why do they always have to look so good doing anything? Eating, shopping, going to a pumpkin patch. Always looking fabulous!

  • Xo

    She looks so good. I love her outfit

  • Haters Suck!

    Aww look at how happy they are. Got to spend some time together before Vanessa leaves for frozen ground. I’m sure they’ll miss each other.

  • Ju

    she is gorgoeus!

  • Boji

    Vanessa looks a lot slimmer and toned now, all that cycling and workouts must’ve done the trick. Loving her sunny smiles yet again, life is looking good.

  • Ju

    ikr??!!?? it’s impossible for her to look BAD

  • Mrsvagabunda

    G O R G E O U S !

  • carmali
  • vanessa’s love

    she looks amazing…and i hate zac efron

  • Haters Suck!

    She getting a pumpkin but she won’t be here for Halloween.
    @Vanessa love
    I like where your head is at and i feel where you’re coming from and given the people I’ve had to deal with on here latley I can’t believe im saying this but let’s not start this fight. Forget that guy, he vanessas past and he’s never coming back, focus on the future and all the good things coming to her over the next year.

  • vanessa’s love

    @ haters suck i don’t understand..sorry can you explane..

  • mimi

    they are cute and beautifules

  • yets

    i love the smile…go girls!!

  • magda tenšek

    @vanessa’s love: why in the world ?

  • magda tenšek

    V and Stell are looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g , i love it , and i love that Ashley and Vanessa are like really hanging out more lately BFF !!!

  • magda tenšek

    @Haters Suck!: I LOVVVVVE V but ahy hate ” that guy ” , JUST ASKING…

  • kanani

    I love the relationship she has with her sister, so cute! Makes me wish I had a sister sometimes.

  • Lisa

    Vanessa is sooooooo BEAUTIFUL

  • Mami

    I LOVE her outfit ♥
    Wish I could just see what her closet looks like!!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    OMG!!!!!!this Vanessa girl looks very stunning now!!!!!GOD!!!!!
    She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!yeah!!totally lost weight!fast hahah
    I am so proud can be her fans!!!

  • amtfans

    @vanessa’s love: where do you see “zac efron” in the article? nobody gives a f*ck

  • amtfans

    @vanessa’s love: and ha pretty sure zac is the one who made vanessa happy in the 5 years they were together, but you vanessa fans hate seeing nessa happy so of course you are gonna pick on zac. :)

  • Paulie

    Now I’m gonna buy a projector epson :) because Vanessa buy it

  • Haters Suck!

    yeah she was so happy that’s why she left him. And she seems much happier without him then I saw her with him. And no I don’t like him just like I don’t like your idol either, deal with it.

  • Viv

    she looks super cute!i love her outfit and her hair! and she looks so happy too! yay!

  • Viv

    she looks great! i love her hair and her outfit! super cute! and she looks so much happier too! yay!

  • telle

    and happy that’s the most important thing

  • telle

    she look super HOt¡¡¡

  • CelebfashN IMO

    AHHH! I love the combo of her lace trimmed bra and her deep vneck tank top! Only someone with her chest size can pull that off, looks so cute and carefree. Starting fall in love with her style all over again! I purchasede a pair of wide flare denim but have yet to wear them! I would love to recreate this look <3

  • eat me

    here we go again i don’t want to start believe me you fans won’t like it you started it and i agree with hater suck his the past why bringing him up here….

  • lei

    Hot v!!!

  • maria

    Just love how happy Vanessa looks……she has only herself to take care of now, and it shows.

  • Emma

    POPCORN AND HOPE. RT@MissExclusive SPOTTED: Very much TOGETHER, Austin Butler & Vanessa Hudgens holding hands & cuddling tonight. SO cute!

  • vanessa’s love

    @emma: when did you saw them holding hands? Don’t say any thing unless you have pictures to proof…@emma: when did you saw them holding hands? Don’t say any thing unless you have pictures to proof…

  • maria

    I know some people are obsessed w/ having pics to “prove” something happened, but let’s be honest; pics don’t always do so. They can be misleading at times because a split second in a photo may “look” like more than it is. But if Vanessa is starting a relationship w/ Austin, no problem. He is a great guy, yes a bit younger, but that’s irrelevant. He has been a busy working actor, is not known for being a jerk or flirt, has a good supportive family, and seems fun, loyal, and sweet. Exactly like Vanessa. And dating is good. It’s the way to get to know someone, unlike hooking up, which has one sole purpose. So, I would be happy for her, IF these reports are true.

  • hermaione

    @Emma: I don’t care anymore with whom hang out or not, I guess I’m learning my lesson not to become attached or intrude in her personal life, I have enough with “Za/Nessa” and the truth is that it hurted me a lot when they split. Now they “Za / Vanessa” only exist in my heart but i just hope one day both can find the way to be friends again i mean JUST friends like in the beggining.

  • maria

    @hermaione: I agree with us not getting attached to celeb couples. I rooted for Zac and Vanessa, because they seemed to defy the usual pressures of the business, and know what was important in their lives. In the end, they succumbed to it’s evils just like most of the others. But after 5 years as best friends and lovers, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be just friends, especially the way it ended. It’s another reason why I feel something happened that was not good. If this was TRULY an issue of schedules or long distance, but still cared about each other, they would meet up occasionally for coffee or dinner and catch up, like friends do. But they don’t. If things don’t end well, you CAN NOT be friends with the other. That’s just human nature, because it’s too painful to see someone and be reminded of what once was. It’s just not going to happen here.

  • florence

    It also makes sense too if what Ashley said is true about how they can’t hang out as friends like before indicating that things did end up bad because otherwise she could have said something else, but can’t to means that it is still to painful for them to spend time just the two of them even for a simple coffee. Beacuase realistically they have had chances to see each other as friends but as it’s been said after 5yrs of being more than friends to go back to being just friends would be hard for any couple.

    I don’t think we will ever see them photograped together again in any way even as friends it’s just not gonna happen, and they both seem more than happy for that to happen. I mean even at Vanessa’s premiers Zac never showed up to one so when she’s done promotion for films like SP it was like business as usual for her and next year will be the same. I’m sure her ex will have his arms around someone once he starts promoting his films this year and next and won’t give his ex a second thought when he is promoting his films and walking the carpet.

  • maria

    I think the interesting piece that her ex’s fans don’t realize is, that Vanessa had a big part in what he is today. He owes her a lot. He could have been just another forgettable Disney star, with average acting skills, and pretty boy looks, trying to break into adult movies. But his relationship with Vanessa put him into a whole other stratosphere of recognizability, because even adults who don’t have kids who watched HSM, DID know who he was, beCAUSE of how long they were a couple and how much they were covered in the press. Everyone rooted for them. Their relationship increased his “it” factor. So before his fans hate on her, they need to stop and realize how much her being there for him meant to him, both personally as a support through tough coming-of-age years, and professionally in increasing his fame and likability. She kept him out of trouble during those years, and took care of him and his image. You would think they’d be kind to her now that he is single.

    But no…….they still hate on her, think all she does is shop and ride her sister’s coattails ( now that is rich), and that her career is “dead”. Well, I have news for them. Vanessa’s been very busy this year, filming 3 movies, promoting 2 others, and been invited to many events such as Cannes, Fashion Week, etc. She is the Candies’ Girl and a Neutrogena spokesperson, and even with all that, she finds time to spend with her family, her dearest friends, and attend their premieres and important milestones. Her movies this year have grossed over $140 million and she continues to audition and win roles of character. Dead? I think not. But I think that’s because those pea brained individuals wanted her career to be dead, thinking she was nothing without him. Well, she’s alive and kicking just fine without him, thank you.

  • Haters Suck!

    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve said this before zac fans were the original justin bieber fans. And they are treating selena gomez the same way as zac fans treated vanessa. Why his fans have such a problem with v ill never understand. I don’t care what anyone she was a good girlfriend to zac. When he needed her she was always there for him. She did not miss a premiere, she took care of him when he was sick, picked up his medicine, cleaned his house, did his laundry, she would not only speak highly of him, but his brother and parents as well, I don’t know what more she could’ve done for him. Did he ever apprciate it, I doubt it. So what exactly did vanessa do to zac?? Wish his fans would back off after all she did for their boy.

  • Moni

    Ok she was a good gf and he a bad bf, id say good riddance to bad rubbish for her. Her next bf will be a lucky guy. And as for z am sure he will get lucky again, there still a lot of good girls out there he might snag one. I wish both well.

  • maria

    @maria: All I can say is, it sucks to be the GF of a heartthrob. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, after seeing the horrid hate directed at her for years and even now. But Haters, she seems so happy, her career is doing well, and she has not changed one bit in the process. I’m just glad she’s always been able to get past it, and not let the hate eat away at her. People are just so vicious. So sad.

  • Haters Suck!

    here’s another point I wanted to make, u know if I didn’t dislike zac as much as I do I’d feel bad for him. For this reason, his fans treat him like a piece of meat not a person. It’s all about his “good looks” and nothing else. Yes I think Vanessa is very beautiful I won’t deny her looks attracted me to her at first. But there are alot of pretty girls in Hollywood that i ain’t fans of. I see more to Vanessa then her beauty, I admire her spirit, and how she just has a positive atittude and she seems to enjoy and have this love for life that I find very rare. Plus she is an amazing actress. And you’re right Vanessa seems to be in a good place right now and it’s good to see and she has been able to overcome every obsticle in her way and do it all with a smile on her face.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I so agree with you!! Her personality is what sets her apart, truly. She has an inner beauty that is charming, sweet, energetic, thoughtful, and loving. That is what I have always rooted for…….beautiful starlets are a dime a dozen. Nothing sets them apart. But Vanessa’s charm and personality has always been one of her strongest assets. It’s also her love of her family, her loyalty to those closest to her, and the way she cares for others. That is what I love about her as a woman, as well as her determination to move forward after mistakes. She’s so human and real in this often fake world.