Kendall Jenner for White Sands -- Exclusive, First Look!

Kendall Jenner for White Sands -- Exclusive, First Look!

Kendall Jenner shows off just one of the many new looks for Australian label White Sands SS12 look book!

The 15-year-old model shot the campaign in Los Angeles with photographer Paul Smith earlier this summer.

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Kendall loved the collection and in addition to sharing her favorite pieces – the floral prints and high waisted bikini – she also picked out some pieces to take home for her sisters!

Stay tuned for more of Kendall‘s shoot for White Sands!

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Photos: Paul Smith
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adrienne765 @ 9:17 pm on 10/05/2011

dude a 15 yr old should not b wearing that brown one lol what would ur mother think

amanda leigh @ 9:49 pm on 10/05/2011

It doesn’t look like a bikini at first glance.

kanyesus @ 9:56 pm on 10/05/2011

Seriously? Why is she wearing these bathing suits? JFC. I can’t even right now…

rick @ 10:49 pm on 10/05/2011

cuz she’s hot.she’s wearing cuz she’s a model you idiots.kendall can wear whatever she wants and as far as her mom have you seen their show,thier mom doesnt care she just uses the girls for money and to get her name out there….so sick and tired of these jealous hatin cry-baby girls on here that talk trash yet do the same thing at home.look up youtube and you’ll prolly see your friends dancing like hoochies in their suck it!!

K @ 2:00 am on 10/06/2011

Come on, your 15 old year daughters/sisters don’t wear bikini?

cookiejar21 @ 4:43 am on 10/06/2011

am i the only one who thinks she’s too young for this?

Laura @ 6:22 am on 10/06/2011

@cookiejar21: I totally agree with you I am only a year older than her but I know that she’s too young to be modeling

Laura @ 6:24 am on 10/06/2011

Can’t believe she’s almost 16 and modeling… I mean she should just try to be normal and go to school. I know that she’s famous just for having the Kardashian’s as stepsisters but still she’s young. She shouldn’t be showing off her body

hello @ 6:56 am on 10/06/2011

i understand its ok to model, but she has to model clothes in her age region. She should not be looking like a twenty year old she should just look her age and model clothes meant for her age. Its sad how everyone wants to grow up instead, of enjoying being young because after you turn 18 your an adult for the rest of your life. She should enjoy being a kid.

Rob @ 8:21 am on 10/06/2011

@Laura: 16 isn’t too young for modeling. There are 6 month old models and yet 16 years is too young?\

btw- the Kardaishans are her half sisters, not step. They all have the same mother.

Lisa @ 9:38 am on 10/06/2011

Kendall is AWESOME !

mybad @ 10:23 am on 10/06/2011

the creeps will love this 0__o

MEGAN @ 10:44 am on 10/06/2011


Sarah @ 10:52 am on 10/06/2011

Ppl who are saying that shes too young for modeling need to get their facts straight because 15 is the age that lots of models start their modeling careers if you don’t know anything about it please STFU!

thea @ 12:22 pm on 10/06/2011

some supermodels start younger than 15 so I believe this is perfectly normal.

Devin @ 12:25 pm on 10/06/2011

that’s disturbing. whatever happened to childhood?

ClearPerspective @ 1:27 pm on 10/06/2011

@rick: Rick speaks truthfully.

REally?! @ 2:17 pm on 10/06/2011

She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, but that is the problem.
At 15, that is too young to be looking provocative, showing that much skin with her innocence.
The pink swimsuit looks like 60′s lingere, and the brown swimsuit looks like something I would wear (at 23 years old). It’s not ok to show clevage at that age. I understand that’s what models do, so find a model of age.
Pretty girl though

adrienne765 @ 11:27 pm on 10/06/2011

@Rick i’m just saying i think she needs to cover up her boobs a bit she’s 15. and yeah her mom lets her do and wear whatever she wants but she should have enough discernment to know what’s appropriate to put out there for the world to see and whats not. just my opinion, so ppl don’t go and tell me i can’t say what i think lol

adrienne765 @ 11:30 pm on 10/06/2011

@mybad exactly what i’m talking about, she can model shirts lol that way no creepos will b lookin at her lol

Tina @ 9:39 am on 10/07/2011

This is so wrong. Model or not why is she frikken half naked. You guys ask what would her mother think, well trust me I dont think her mother gives a crap… she encouraged her other daughter Kim to pose nude. Her father is the only one with a brain and im sure if he had his say Kendall would not be aloud to wear these type of things. But his wife controls him so he cant say crap.

Palace @ 11:55 pm on 10/10/2011

Seriously there are models who are literally 12 years old and wear things more provocative than this, if a 15 year old model wears a bikini its completely normal
people need to relax, this is her JOB she’s a model she’s supposed to MODEL the clothing
and besides kendall asked her mom to be a model, she wasn’t forced into it.
and she has the perfect body for it so she might as well put it to good use!

jade @ 1:33 pm on 12/19/2011

@adrienne765: you obviously dont know her mom, her mom will do basically anything to get money, even if that means having her 15/16 year old daughter pose half naked….

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