Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens stays sort of dry with a floppy hat as she and Austin Butler grab some take out food at Sun Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (October 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress sported bright red boots on their short trek to and from the car.

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Always the gentleman, Austin, 20, opened the car door for Vanessa before heading back to her hillside home.

Austin just recently starred in Lifetime’s The Bling Ring.

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Credit: Ape; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kami

    omg, he opened the car door for her. i don’t think a guy has ever done that for vanessa before. i’m not kidding. austin is a true gentleman.

  • Lauren lipkin

    How many of you people on here are gonna say there not dating when it’s obvious??

  • telle

    this is not actually happenn

  • telle

    I DON’T THAT they are dating i don’t this guy but i think he is kinda boring but that he is a gentleman hell he is¡¡

  • kami

    i hope she is dating him. he seems very nice to her and doesn’t act like he’s ashamed to be seen with her. the dude even opened the car door for her. yes!!!!

  • loo

    Cute cute cute

  • kami

    two big austin pluses:
    he doesn’t look angry
    his pants fit and aren’t falling off his ass

  • loo

    Austin is HOT!

  • amy

    How convenient he just had a movie come out hmm. Anyway I love her boots, they’re cute!

  • loo

    I want more pictures JJ

  • telle

    @kami: WHY he has to be ashamed to be seen with her? i don’t understand that

  • Ha ha

    Another plus about Austin is that he is at least 6 feet tall and not 5 feet,8 inches tall like Zac. I think Austin is cute and I’m glad Vanessa is happy.

  • kami

    @Ha ha:

    yep, and he seems like a really nice dude.

  • kami


    like her ex bf was the first 3 to 4 yrs they were together.

  • amy

    Why are people making sly digs about Zac? Its unneccessary. If your happy for Vanessa thats great but don’t slag Zac off for no reason. Its pathetic.

  • vanessa’s love

    hay i start to like that austin boy now after seeing a smile on vanessa’s face…but it the interview when she talked about 50 cent thay asked if she consider herself singel she said (YES)…idont understand…help

  • e

    I love those red boots on Vanessa, adoreble. Staying indoors with take-out is a great way to spend a rainy day/evening. Hopefully they had fun wether they are just friends or more doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, to me as long as she keeps that smile on her face I’m happy for her.

  • getoverit

    What’s with all of the bashing of Zac? They were together for over 5 years. Vanessa obviously got a lot out of the relationship or it would’ve ended a lot sooner than it did.

    Austin may be making her happy now and that’s great for her, she deserves to be happy, but there’s no need to bash Zac and discount what Vanessa and Zac meant to each other. JMO.

  • telle

    @kami: ohh yeahh i get that but…..

  • telle

    i have to say this every guy that starts to date with vanessa is one of the luckiest guy on this planet

  • Rebecca

    ugly couple. I love Zanessa!!!

  • hilde

    I think their cute together,sure their not like zanessa but if she’s happy then that’s what really matters.. and it’s so obvious they are dating and i’m happy for them if it’s actually is true that their dating..

  • telle

    I MEAN is obviously this girl i a freaking godess¡¡ you can’t expect the fact that she is single and boys don’t want to be aroud her¡¡ BEAUTY V

  • telle

    finally my damn comment ¡¡

  • sky10

    well…they look cute.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Why da people can not say good things about the relationship of V
    without insult him?!

    GROW UP!

    Ok, I don like Austin..but i dont hate him :).
    for me always is so much better Zanessa…whatever…
    But between Austin or Josh Hutcherson
    is more cute for me Josh

    Vanessa, if u are happy, that’s great!
    but i dont love your new Boyfriend now…
    maybe in the future :)

  • loo

    The zanessa fans are trying to start a figth here, the real Vanessa fans don’t hate Zac, we know he WAS an important part n Vanessas life, but its the past, is over now and Vanessa look happy. The Zanessa fans want to start trouble here, NOT the Vanessa Fans!!

  • loo

    @lauren lipkin
    Why you care about that? She looks really happy now! Why you hate her?

  • sophie

    not gonna say they are dating yet, cause she says she is single, and they definetely can hang out with take out just as friends. either way, he is definetely a good friend :) and until more comes out, thats what he should be considered. plus true, that is a lot of takeout for just two people…could be one of their group hangouts yet again!

  • lauren

    it wasn’t a mean or nasty comment at all,
    all i said is that it seems obvious that their dating, explain to me how what i said was mean.

  • loo


  • kami

    is that austin’s prius or vanessa’s audi?
    i agree that is a lot of take out for just the two of them. probably they’re getting food for the whole gang. maybe a going away get together since vanessa will be leaving for alaska soon.

  • adureh

    @kami: How in the world do you know if she’s ever had the door open for her or not?

  • Katty

    I don’t like or dislike Austin, then again I’ve never followed up on him or seen much of the things he is in, so I cannot judge. Ashley knows him has said nice things about him, so that is always good.

    As long as Vanessa is happy, that is all that matters.

    I agree, I think you all should stop with the bashing of Zac. To be quite honest I don’t like how his personality has changed over the years (in my opinion he has changed a bit, don’t judge me), but Zac and Vanessa were very important to each other for a long time and we must accept that. Plus, you never know what will happen in the future, they didn’t spend 5years together for nothing, something must have worked, you know? And people are constantly changing, so anything can happen.

    I love Vanessa, can’t wait for Frozen Ground to begin filming and it seems like a very interesting movie, something that will improve her acting skills and bring more to her fanbase.

  • getoverit

    @kami: It looks like his Prius. The car is much shorter in the front than Vanessa’s Audi IMO. That is a lot of food for two people, maybe they were getting it for a group gathering again.

  • Tsquared

    Not gonna lie, I’d rather see her with Josh….but not my choice. Love ya V!

  • James Woods

    The celebrity mind.

    They release pictures of themselves in the buff and go out in public like this.

    Dressed for attention and then at the same time we often find them crying for their privacy.

    Who goes out in public like this?

  • claud

    @James Woods:

  • claud

    so cute

  • claud

    I love vanessa´s rainy outfit

  • Haters Suck!

    @James woods
    umm everyone. It’s raining their in plain t shirts and jackets, I fail to see what’s so flashy here.

  • Ha ha

    @James Woods:

    Who goes out in public? People go out in public to pic up food from the store. Who cares! More people should think like Vanessa and not care what others think. This seems to be Vanessa’s mind.

  • claud

    @Lauren lipkin:
    i think no one cares if they are dating… only if you are a stalker or if are obssesed with Vanessas´s relationships or life style. She is happy and thats all that matter to us.. OF COURSE we want to know, but when Vanessa want us to know her “love life” status, we’re all gonna know the truth.

  • isf

    “omg, he opened the car door for her. i don’t think a guy has ever done that for vanessa before.”


  • amtfans

    YOU MAD? ;)

  • Javita

    No lo soporto y pareciera como si se hubiera puesto colágeno en los labios ¬¬

  • claud

    @vanessa’s love:
    Because there are people who think they can judge Vanessa or hate on her just because she is not dating with the person THEY think she should be dating, with the person THEY THINK CAN MAKE HER HAPPY, when the truth is that no one know nothing about her and how she was feeling in that relationship or why the relatioship ended. NOW, Vanessa is happy and the only ones who are out there hating on her and her personal life are just a bunch of little girls who want her to live “THEIR PERFECT AND DREAMED RELATIONSHIP” and can´t stand how happy she is now… im pretty sure the ones who are hating on Vanessa would like if she was depressed and crying all day, they would be happy if Vanessa never is going to film a movie again, but SHE IS BETTER THAN EVER! so they hate her.

  • Viv

    i dont like him…. :(

  • claud

    those are just zanessa fans, in Zac´s post they are trashing Vanessa and in Vanessa´s post they´re trashing Zac.. lol

  • claud

    those are just zanessa fans, in Zac´s post they are trashing Vanessa and in Vanessa´s post they´re trashing Zac.. lol.