Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens stays sort of dry with a floppy hat as she and Austin Butler grab some take out food at Sun Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (October 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress sported bright red boots on their short trek to and from the car.

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Always the gentleman, Austin, 20, opened the car door for Vanessa before heading back to her hillside home.

Austin just recently starred in Lifetime’s The Bling Ring.

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Credit: Ape; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • claud

    those are just zanessa fans, in Zac´s post they are trashing Vanessa and in Vanessa´s post they´re trashing Zac… lol

  • claud
  • maria

    Whether they are dating or not, it’s her business, not ours. It’s not up to us to pick who she dates or is friends with. I agree w/ Claud also. We have no idea what went on in her last relationship; obviously something wasn’t good, or they would still be together. I will say one thing about that- I think she dealt with far more than we will ever know, and the hate around here is proof. Maybe she had had enough, and knew the relationship would never go farther than it did. I just believe it ended for reasons only they know, and it was for the best.

    Now, I do have to say, I LOVE the gentleman in Austin, LOVE his build and height, and he seems to be a great guy, is well spoken, comes from a good family, and is adorable. If they’re dating, then great!! But I will say, again, like with Josh, hanging with her friends and family, and just being seen picking up take-out food doesn’t mean they’re dating. Time will tell. But I do get the feeling they are sweet on each other…..and that’s nice.

  • Vanessafan

    Seriously, I’m also having a problem understanding why he would be ashamed of being seen with her? If anything, SHE should be embarrassed to be seen with such an unfortunate looking thing.

  • Vanessafan

    No entiendo para que respondes si no la soportas. Y yo dudo MUCHO que ella se a puesto colageno en los labios. Solamente, mira a fotos viejas, sus labios no an cambiado.

  • Roxy

    What a gentleman! I love seeing her happy and if he makes her that way then good . If all of you have noticed, her smile is finally reaching her eyes. Friend or not, he is there for her and he cares for her….She deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!He may not be the hottest guy on earth, with blue eyes, nice body and pants down, BUT he’s actually not ashamed to be with her, He’s cute, blonde, tall, slim, pants up…..and PUTS A SMILE ON HER FACE! it’s NOT about looks, what counts is the inside and he obviously cares for her.. :) i think they make a cute couple!

  • Haters Suck!

    Well damn since everyone is going down this road might as well. I never questioned Vanessa caring about zac, but I do question how much he cared about her. That’s all I got to say about that.
    As for these two, if they are dating great, if not that’s fine too and i agree with Maria and a lot of what she said, time will tell where these two stand. Come talk to me again when Vanessa comes back from Alaska. If they are still hagin around each other then, then we’ll see what happens.

  • maria

    @Roxy: It’s never been about looks for Vanessa…..let’s face it, Zac was no prize when she first met him and was a nobody. It was their connection that was far more important to her. And I agree with all your other points too! LOL

    @Haters Suck!: And yes, I also always questioned his feelings. I knew she was head over heels for him, but didn’t get that sense from him. Cause Lord only knows, he’d never have said and done the things he did over the years, if he truly loved her. And haters can say what they want, but a guy who loves his girl treats her with respect and cares about her feelings every single moment of every single day. That’s what true love is. I believe he “cared” about her, but he did not truly love her.

  • zanessasaurforever1

    i am huge nessasaur i know i am suppose to agree with her love life but i am a huge zanessasaur and still believe they will be together again . ALL zanessasaurs keep on believing theyll be together again and dont lose faith.

  • Soni

    YOu are right. I don’t think I ever saw Zac do that.

  • Boji

    Maria, I totally agree. I did some homework and saw in one of his interviews, he said that he’d always pay for the girl whether it was a date or just a friend. True gentleman, plus points, he’s got the looks, the height, and is just Vanessa’s type. I’m like a mama giving my approval. Friends or more than that, I have no problem with it. I personally think they’ve known each other for sometime but have only been outed together recently.

  • getoverit

    @Boji: Vanessa and Austin have known each other for awhile. They’ve run in the same circle of friends for a few years now. Ashley’s been good friends and has been hanging with Austin since early 2008 when they did Aliens in the Attic together. With as much time as Ashley and Vanessa spend together and as much time as Austin/Ashley spend together, I’m sure Vanessa/Austin knew each other and were probably even friendly before whatever is going on now whatever it may be. If he treats her right then that’s what counts.

  • Sara

    They both changed since they were 18, they grew up. And both did romantic things for the other. Trashing of either of them should stop. Both Zac and Vanessa deserve happiness. I’m glad Vanessa is having fun.

  • rach

    I like Vanessa and all, but I don’t see the point in smack talking Zac. You saw that Vanessa was head over heels for him, but he never reciprocated those feelings? I think some people need to go back and look at interviews and pictures, because they paint a very different picture. If he didn’t care about her, he would have ended it years ago. There’s no need to blame a break up on him when we don’t know the situation. She could have had just as much of hand in it as him, and in the end he could have been just as hurt as her. (if not more.)

    The whole Austin thing is her business. Frankly I’m just sick of seeing fans bicker back forth trying to say that the only reason people don’t like him is because he’s not Zac. That may be true for some, but it’s not the case for everyone. Not everyone dislikes Vanessa just because she’s not with Zac anymore.

  • Boji

    @Getoverit, exactly. She must’ve known him even when she was still with her ex.
    Sara, I have nothing against her ex but for whatever reason, some posters still can’t get over the fact that they’re no more a couple and for some, they’ve never approved of him and especially his fans who never liked Vanessa in the first place. Don’t have anything bad to say about him either. It just looks like he’s a workaholic at the moment churning out one movie after another. My only complaint is I wish he’d smiled more when he’s out in public like Vanessa.

  • yets

    i think Austin is a nice guy.

  • gee

    Oh my god, stop fighting! Blaming each other for starting fights is stupid and immature.
    Vanessa was happy whilst she was Zac and she seems happy now, that is all that matters!

  • Mrsvagabunda

    He just won me… I mean i’ve been in denial but vanessa is happy, what more can i ask for? And he looks like a gentleman… That’s definitely a plus ;)

  • ehryle

    Yes he seem just a nice guy and a gentelment that is great having Vanessa’s cicle group of friends either Austin or Josh they really care for Vanessa even her ex before why because Vanessa is a bubbly person, sweet and fun to with, she enjoying every Single day of her life with family, friends and people around her! so I think every man can be a gentelment if they really care for every girl like her!! I can see Austin as of now just her friend whatever his intension nobody knows!! as far as we know Vanessa is enjoying being a SINGLE life!! after a week she gonna be busy heading to Alaska then we will see after that..

  • http://facebook me

    i just read some comments of some fans of vanessa telling she now she become a bitch and she doesnt care about zac anymore and she is not sweet anymore and different things i mean why she is not sweet anymore and she is a bitch? because she moved on are you crazy true you dont want your idol happy you want her unhappy? i guess they expext vanessa to cry and be unhappy . for the first time after nine months she is happy her smile has reached her eyes and you tell me that she is a bitch because she moved then sorry you were never a real fan and the funny side story is that the girl who told that her trumbl site tell that she support vanessa and zac even if they broke up such a hypocrite sorry but you were never a real fan girl its my last time here soem people they have no heart

  • eat me

    here we go again i’m trying be nice on your vanessa now but your bashing again zac here this is all i’m gonna say she’s a player she’s a flirt and he’s not going to be serious with her if ever they are dating but i doubt they are thier not gonna take long like 5 years or more cuz this guy look nice but not ready for a serious relationship and he will not stick to her cuz he’s also focusing on he’s career and he doesn’t look like he’s sweet to her so good luck to all the hopefull here cuz i don’t think they will last….

  • chantal


    You mention Zac had said and did things over the years that showed he was not much in love with V. Can you tell me where can i find those things or mention one of the things he said?
    JUST asking. i’m just a new fan . I like them both and would like to know more about it.

    If she is happy then we sould also be but i must say, like beter josh :)

  • stephanie

    @kami: Zac was never ashamed….did u ever see the way he looked at her at events….and he looked angry most the time because he likes privacy and so did she and they didnt look happy togeather sometimes when they were out and about because tht privacy was like taken away from them…and Zac held doors for her to and car doors….if it was so bad then why did they last 5 years….work has just gotten in the way….anyways its good to see her happy

  • chantal

    somebody made this video. The love is gone but what they had was beautiful.
    Why the hate?
    Good luck to them both.


  • Xo

    @eat me: How on earth can you possibly know that he’s not ready for anything? Just by looking at these pictures? Wow. Just wow. And how can you say she is a player? She has been LINKED to (not confirmed to date) only 2 guys in a year. Would you like me to show you the definition of player, since you seem to like pointing fingers? There are plenty of sightings of your precious little Zac with a different girl almost every week, starting 10 days after they broke up. And he wants the world to know, since his publicist even confirmed it.

  • Xo

    @eat me: How on earth can you possibly know that he’s not ready for anything? Just by looking at these pictures? Wow. Just wow. And how can you say she is a player? She has been LINKED to (not confirmed to date) only 2 guys in a year. Would you like me to show you the definition of player, since you seem to like pointing fingers? There are plenty of sightings of Zac with a different girl almost every week, starting just 10 days after they broke up. And he wants the world to know, since his publicist even confirmed it.

  • elendur

    When Vanessa was with Zac he would sit in the car while she pumped the gas! I always thought the guy lacked a certain gentlemanly quality:See his comments on “bathing”, and strip clubs.
    So, It’s nice to see Austin opening doors like josh did as well.
    I’m not bashing on zac,that was just an observation.

  • em

    @eat me:

  • em

    cute red gumboots! Thanks for the pics

  • em

    cute red gumboots

  • AMber

    What? He’s not a gentleman because he trusted his girl enough to let her do own thing? Is Vanessa disabled or something? Guys have to do everything for her? Zac is often pictured opening doors for women, so these comments are invalid.

    Oh, if Zac was such a horrible boyfriend, why did Vanessa stay with him for 5 years? Why is she always hanging out with such horrible friends?

  • AMber

    One more thing, some crazies love to talk about how Zac has been hooking up with random girls at clubs, but does anyone have some proof? Because there’s not a single picture of him doing questionable stuff with girls. Yes, he’s been drinking and clubbing quite a bit lately but so has Vanessa. When she’s partying she’s just having fun, yet, when Zac is partying, he’s a douche? Becasue a 23 year old guy clubbing is out of ordinary? Jeez. Grow up people. Vanessa happily moved on and you should do the same.

  • Emma

    @eat me AMber: Zac go

  • elendur


    Never said Zac was a horrible bf. I said it was nice that Austin seemed to be a gentleman as did Josh. I didn’t like Zac’s public comment’s about “bathing” and strip clubs.Those comments were disrespectful. None the less, she chose to be with him for five years, so obviously he was a good bf thru most of it.

  • AMber

    An interviewer from Details magazine wondered why he was staying with the same girl for 5 years and suggested him “bathing in p___”. It was not Zac who used the words. And he said he got an approval from Vanessa before visiting the strip club. She obviously didn’t mind since she still seems friendly with Corbin who reportedly took Zac to the strip club.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well IF they are dating, hopefully this guy can do his own laundry and clean his own house and won’t rely on Vanessa to pick up after him. And yeah zac did a lot of things for a lot of girls be just never did them for Vanessa. And why’d she stay with him, again I don’t question that Vanessa cared about him, I question how much he actually cared about her. It’s nice to see a guy do something for her for a change, even if ifs as simple as opening a cat door.

  • Haters Suck!

    CAR door, my bad.

  • AMber

    @Haters Suck!:
    Are you trying to suggest that she was not his girlfriend but his cleaning lady of 5 years? Gosh, your opinion on her must be really low. You can’t be serious with that comment, right?

  • Haters Suck!

    my opinion of her low, no. Do I have a low opinion of zac, oh you bet I do. And I’m saying that’s the way he seemed to treat her and that shed do these things for him while he hardly did anything for her. I’ve read this before and I agree that I hope Vanessa learned her lesson from that and won’t let another it happen again.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @Haters Suck!: Please stop I know you hate Zac but do not keep using these lies so you can make Zac out to be the bad guy. He was good to Vanessa and he loved her he even said it was love at first sight. He was there for her regardless of what you want to think. If you want to blame him go ahead but he cared for her and I believe he still does. If you want to be happy for her now go ahead but do not discount her 5 years with Zac they loved each other if not they would have ended a long time ago get over yourself like you would like other people who Vanessa to do.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @Haters Suck!: You have taken things most girlfriends do for their boyfriends and turning it around to try and make him a bad guy. Hr did not mean that all she did was wash his clothes and clean his house. You are taken one comment he made in an interview and twisting it around to sound bad and it was not like that and you know it. Be fair

  • Haters Suck!

    great you again. Ok now I’m PISSED you called down the thunder well now you got it. First off I DO NOT HATE ZAC, I don’t hate anyone. Second off everything you just said complete BULL. When she needed him the most he was no where to be found, never was there for her not once. To be quite honest Im starting to wish they never dated, what did it get Vanessa his crazy fans hating on her all the time, and a boyfriend that never appreciated her that’s what I think. And no I don’t think he was good to Vanessa and yes I think he was a rotten boyfriend.
    This is one of the reasons why I call zac the “golden boy” everyone makes him out to be this “perfect guy” or “perfect boyfriend” who never does anything wrong, when he was not. He got the benefit of the doubt so many damn times, hell I gave it to him. I was his fan, I supported him as much as anyone you had no idea how much I wanted to like this guy, but there comes a time where u gotta call an ass an ass. DAMN!!!! there are you happy now? I’m out.

  • isf

    “When she needed him the most he was no where to be found, never
    was there for her not once.”

    you guys must be blind or something, seriously!

    If he’s such a douche just like you’re saying, Vanessa must be the STUPIDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. The way you’re saying, it seems like she was his slave or something. 5 years of a relationship. FIVE YEARS! I’m sure she was happy with him and with the way he is/treated her.

  • Kelly martineau

    Wonder what those two do behind closed doors. Make out on the couch watching t.v.?
    Please comment?

  • http://facebook me

    haters suck you dont know anything about efron ok so you cant talk about him like that . so you want me to tell you moments that he cared ok when they were at japan one guy was pushing vanessa and zac gave him the look he has opened severals time the door to vanessa at least for four years yeah the last year he wasnt so interested on her anymore i guess but he talked really good about her telling she was beautiful talented smiling and everything yeah maybe he told some stupid things like that he enjoyed the sex sence with that amanda girl but laudry and clean his house come on she was his girlfriend ofcourse she was going to take care of him i do it to my boyfriend too she wasnt his maid she just taked care of him you know how the men are sometimes you are a man too you know they dont care about cleaning i want to believe that five years was something for them i want to believe that they loved eotchother every couple has the upside and down they were people ofcourse they were fighting you know but five years? if she wasnt happy then why she stood with him for five years now that she wasnt happy with anymore they broke up but the worst thing ever was when zac said that his relationship served him then i knew that this relationship was going no where i knew it . then when i learn it from my friend that they broke up it wasnt a big surprise to me and some of his fans ofcourse hated vanessa with passion and believing that someday zac was going to be theirs thats proves how stupid are they really ? really your chance girl is one in a million wake up .but guys its over why analyzing something thats its over like for 10 months now they moved on its over you have to move on too i loce to look vanessa happy i love you van

  • Mami

    They’d make a very cute couple, he is very handsome and she is gorgeous!

  • Moni

    Funny she debuts her bf and all her fans can talk about its whatz wrong wit the ex. Goodluck girl. At this point am 99% certain the ex initiated breakup she used josh as a shield to hide her hurt. @haterssuck she did those things to show her love for him, thats what girls usually do for their men.

  • sophie

    i finally thought all these JJJ fans had grown up, and moved on from trashing zac unnecassarily, but clearly not. cmon guys, theres no need to bash him, when you know none of the truth. and let her live her life, i agree she can be just friends with austin, do you know chill with your guy friends all the time…let her be. talk about more important things, she will be leaving soon for alaska, thats very exciting :D

  • http://google BARBARA

    look at ther pictures, there is no chemistry, beween them, vanessa is basically a happy person, all the time, she does not need a person to make her,happy, she has said many a time if you love yoursellf, you will always love yourself, first off austin doesn’t look that happy at all, he’s walking in front of her, his body and hers do not lean towards each other, i know about body language, they are just friends, i go out with male friends, does it mean i’m dating, no. vanessa has alot of male friends and zac has alot of female friends, were are the pictures of zac and girls i only saw one,it didn’t look serious, why can all of you let vanessa have fun, just being herself, with out strings attach, she said a few says ago she is single, that means she is not going steady with anyone,. she is just having fun, enjoying her life! you all want her to have a botfriend, let her be herself, and have some freedom for herself, and have fun, and thats want she is doing. you are as bad as the media,causing rumors, to fly, both zac and vanessa stand next to a girl or man, they are dating, and vanessa said in ellens show, can’t girls have male for friends, and when she was hanging out with josh, you almost had her married to the guy, they were just friends, like her and austin. by the way his publist, didnot say they broke up , gina said they were on a break, and believe it or not they were back seeing each other in january, several people saw them together,including in jorney ii in nc at he end of jan. several said they were every happy! i believe they are working alot making one movie after another, they were too buisy to have a relationship, so they are working on ther caeers, vanessa even said she is single and does not have time for a boyfriend .

  • Moni

    @barbara pls its obvious they might be dating, they may not have that zanessa chemistry, but you do know eventually they will move on. So stop keeping the zanessa hope alive, i don’t think they will ever get back together, on that note can’t she do single for a while and i mean without drama.