Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Red Rain Boots!

Vanessa Hudgens stays sort of dry with a floppy hat as she and Austin Butler grab some take out food at Sun Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (October 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress sported bright red boots on their short trek to and from the car.

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Always the gentleman, Austin, 20, opened the car door for Vanessa before heading back to her hillside home.

Austin just recently starred in Lifetime’s The Bling Ring.

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Credit: Ape; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Janey

    I will be the first to admit that I have disliked Vanessa for many years and I hated when Zac was with her, so I wasn’t too upset when “Zanessa” broke-up. But I am finding Vanessa & Austin super adorable and think they make a cute couple. I have always thought Austin was cute & he seems like a great guy. I am honestly starting to like Vanessa a little and willing to give her a chance because of her relationship with Austin. I know I shouldn’t like a person based on who they may or may not be dating, but maybe Austin is bringing out this different side to Vanessa that I didn’t see before when she was with Zac, so why not give her a chance because of that?

  • maria

    @Moni: I believe she IS trying to do single, and she herself is NOT creating the drama. It’s the fans and the gossip rags. She must have laughed her ass off at all the speculation of her and Josh as a couple. And let’s not forget Bart Wilson. But she is just trying to live her life as normally as she can. Why should she have to hide in her house?? Especially since she will be in Alaska filming for about 2 months.

    Unfortunately for Zac and his fans, it’s unavoidable that people will compare Vanessa’s possible new guy to him. Having said that, all the reasons some of us did not like Zac WILL come out. And for me, his lack of gentlemanly skills was always an issue. ALWAYS. Even when I was a fan. He would frequently race to the car first, get in the car first, and generally be more concerned with himself. And yes, I rarely ever saw him open a door for her, but I can’t say he never did, since I’m sure lots of doors were opened over 5 years. His interviews were always questionable. He always tried to act too cool, and act like he wasn’t in a relationship. It wasn’t until he was trying to promo CSC, which was a losing venture, that he used his relationship to act like the adoring, appreciative BF. I don’t really want to rehash all the reasons I questioned his feelings for her, but like I said, I do believe he cared for her. But his relationship was never going to be #1 for him; his career was. Funny, lots of actors are able to do both, and if you really love someone, you MAKE IT WORK. I don’t know or care who did the breaking up, but I’m sure there were major reasons.

    As far as why did Vanessa stay with him for 5 years if he was such a “terrible boyfriend”? Well, when girls are young, if they are deeply in love with a guy, they put up with far more than they should sometimes. They were both young, and trying to figure out themselves, each other, AND the world as they were growing up. I think Vanessa just didn’t know differently, or she DID have issues, and she dealt with it privately. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors. But the most important reason is, that she loved him. I believe he thought he loved her too, but he could NOT have. Like I said, if you truly love someone, you have that person in your mind ALWAYS, and always care about what they might think about your actions or words. He was very loose with his words AND actions through the years; I chalked it up to immaturity and/or stupidity at times. But it DID make me question his intentions.

    I know I’m old fashioned when it comes to relationships, but love is strong and survives tough times. It is always present in your mind and heart, and everything you say and do shows how much that person means to you. Zac showed a lot, and it wasn’t always good, and his fans are blind to it.

  • http://none juddy


  • http://uh tina

    @Janey: you’re full of shit, zac’s little fans always tried to find something wrong with Vanessa. She was always put in the background while in that relationship. I was always.hurting for Vanessa as Zac said one thoughtless thing after another in his interviews. When they broke up he went under ground so he wouldn’t have to answer any questions about it again leaving Vanessa to shoulder all the pressure. SHE NEVER NOT ONCE PUT HIM DOWN. I would love to see all these pictures with him opening a door for Vanessa. A women doesn’t have to be handicapped for a man (a real man) to want to do things for her. I think Zac started to believe his own hype. When they started they were both unknown ,he was just made into “God” by his little fans. That she put up with it for five years says a lot about her character. Women do tend to try to make relationships work while men just assume by showing up that all they need to do.
    If Austin treats her well and she wants to be with him so be it, if not she’s young and enjoying her life.

  • Serena

    I hate Zac Efron. I’ very happy because she broke up with him

    She’s gotta have a nice guy to meet

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Vanessa happy,I happy
    Austin is great man I think,not a big deal

  • Moni

    @maria here we go again, am not defending zac over opening car doors, he waz a bad bf blah blah. She put up with a lot of things etc. U always say things as if u know her personally i read ur comments, and it shows u are blindly idolizing which is ok being a fan and all but find it strange and stupid when others do the same to their idols. At this point whatever zac did or didn’t do, cared or not is irrelevant, cute,ugly, tall, short irrelevant. They are no longer and will never be together, so stop all the comparisons and rehashing focus on the new, wonderful,perfect, forever guy, she finally met the right one, thats life our first bfs don’t always have to end up our husbands. And am sure zac will get it right when he meets the rightful woman for him. Peace to all.

  • Emma

    @Moni: Zac go

  • DM

    I’m putting in my 2 cents and opinon. I’ve read every single comments on this post and funny how everyone is sitll bashing both Vanessa and Zac. I don’t think that we should be bashing them both. Let’s just all be happy for both of them and it doesn’t matter if you are Zac fans or Vanessa fans or even Zanessa fans. Everyone will always disagree and not be happy of choices both makes, but it is how they choose to live their lives.

    I just want to say that it’s funny how Austin and Zac has a little bit of similiarities. They are both a bit tall (Zac-bout 5’7″ or 5’8″ & Austin-bout 5’9″ or 6.0′), both have blue eyes (Vanessa must like blue eyes in a guy) and if I remember right the first time both Zac & Vanessa dated, the hair was almost the same as Austin back in their HSM years when Zac & Vanessa met.

    You know some people say or so I’ve heard, that if you have a bf/ or gf that is a bit similar to an ex, that the person still has some feelings for the ex and not quite really over the relationship they had. (Now the comments witll come)….but I do agree that Vanessa is happy and I read somewhere that Zac was asked about Austin and her and he said all he wants is that Vanessa is happy and that he might be the right person.

    Here is just an excerpt of what I said:
    Zac Efron is happy that Vanessa Hudgens is happy
    A report has claimed that Zac Efron is happy that ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens has moved on – he’s probably the perfect man.
    ”He doesn’t care about her new relationships as long as she is happy,” a pal of Zac’s told HL.

    I’m a fan of both Zac and Vanessa and I wish them both success and happiness in the future. If it’s true that Vanessa and Austin are dating, I wish them both happiness and hope the relationship of Vanessa and Austin will last…. I still miss Zac and Vanessa not being together, (Zanessa always) but I know that life goes on after a breakup and they will find that one person and be happy that they’ve found someone that makes them happy in life that they can share their love forever.

  • Haters Suck!

    I can’t believe how many people actuly buy that story of zac saying he just wants Vanessa to be happy. People that story is from Hollywood life they print nothing but garbage, that story isn’t true.

  • Kelly martineau

    Nessa wearing a ring on her left hand. That from Austin?



  • italian mom

    Looking at all your comments I see how powerful their love was and so many gentle hearts miss them. I don’t understand the hatred towards such young people, at the beginning of adult life, living in like a storm, confused but always so generous to their fans.
    I love them both and above all, first of all… I care for their health.
    Young people do you realize how basic it is for everything else?
    Health and good friends. Don’t lose time with stupid people.
    When getting advice…always think about what your advisor has done in his/her life. Then the advice evaluation becomes easier.
    Btw. beautiful red boots! Same for the boy!

  • maria

    @DM: I really don’t see any similarities…except blue eyes. Zac is NOT tall, by any stretch of the imagination, but Austin is over 6 ft. And please don’t buy any of that trash on Hollywood Life; it’s a tabloid, and probably not a shred of that article is true.
    @Moni: I don’t know what your problem is. I don’t “idolize” her; I defend her against stupid attacks by people who make assumptions or who just plain lie. And I have never insinuated that I “know” her. Ever.

  • juliet

    I don’t like her to date Austin. He’s gay
    Josh is better

  • yets

    i still Hope Zac and Vanessa will be friends again.