Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Dinner Date in Rio!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Dinner Date in Rio!

Selena Gomez ducks her head as she and boyfriend Justin Bieber leave the Copa Club after dinner in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Wednesday night (October 5).

Justin, 17, tweeted about his show, “had a lil fun last night in RIO….show #2 in RIO is 2nite….got some very special guests with me 2nite.”

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While Justin was performing at the Engenhao football stadium, Selena was spotted in the wings looking on and dancing to the tunes.

25+ pics of Justin and Selena inside…

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Credit: ig.com.br, KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • sarah

    Two worst and weakest vocalists. She is two years older than he is. You know in teen years, girls are more mature than boys. She just has a relationship for a cheap fame. He is a puppet controlled by so many adult pros who use him to suck money from tweens. Because of his sub singing ability, he doesn’t get respect from adult musicians. Trust me. There was no one single article that praised his vocal ability in his live show.

  • Trisha

    you need help girl!
    This is the single most annoying, bitter piece of crap that I’ve read in a long time. No ones asking you to analyze their relationship on the reasons why they are together LOL. And just because your life sucks doesn’t mean you need to go bring others down! Word of advice…GET A LIFE! :)

  • katalina

    @sarah he is a better artist than her, he can dance okay, he sings better than her and he can play a few instruments, her acting is nothing special and she shouldnt be allowed to be anywhere near a f*ucking mic

  • andy

    Lol tell us how you really feel about them Sarah

    She looks really good. And if they’re happy, I’m happy for her.

  • janiece

    @andy: ahaha exactly! I will never understand negative people and their constant need to voice their opinions. I think they are adorable together.

  • Kayla

    i’m happy for both of them! i just don’t understand why everybody has to be so rude/mean to selena and justin! why can’t we just be happy for them!?!?

  • selenagomezrocks

    WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE THEM???? seriously!!!! what did they ever do to u!!!?? first of all u don’t even know them and second of all they are just teens who r living their dreams and r trying to be happy!!!!!!!!!! arrrgh! and yes i am a fan of selena, not really much of justin but i dont care cuz u know what they look happy and in love!!! plus plz dont say ANYTHING if u have nothing nice to say!!!!!!! words of wisdom there! also why r u here if ur not fans of either of them??? and their obviously in love! i mean come on! justin traveled around the country to spots on selena’s tour and selena traveled to brazil to see justin cuz they cant be apart for more than like five days! if that’s not true love, i don’t know what is! btw i love sel’s dress, SO pretty and justin is totally hot!!!!

  • selenagomezrocks

    @Kayla: agreed!!!! 100% AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • selenagomezrocks

    @janiece: agreed well kinda… i mean i guess i basically voiced my opinion in my post but i was MAD! they are cute together and im happy for them!!! haha i dont like haters! :)

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    it seems to that justin is starting to fade away from selena in the pics lately and i read that justin has been talking and texting to kendall jenner behind selena back?!

  • julyrose

    Cute couple :) And of course you can skip this post if you don’t like Justin or Selena. They have many fans that truly care and support them js. GO and support the people you like, nothing will change the fact that both are succesful and relevant :)

  • laurent

    @julyrose well said my friend! 100% agree!

  • laurent

    btw they hate selena cause she have everything they want! extremly beauty, talent, money, fame and amazing heart, a successful carrear and a great boyfriend!

  • jelenalover

    @laurent: exactly!!! she is amazing! she’s my role model! :)

  • Jenny

    @sunshine: Yeah he’s totally pulling away from her…that why he flew her to Brazil. And he set up Kendall Jenner with one of his friends…if you don’t believe me go look up Kendall Jenner on Ryan Seacrest when she gave him an interview. Their in love you can totally tell.

  • http://facebook joliy

    laurent i dont like her because hate is too much and i am not jealous of her why i should be jealous of her she has nothing i want yes she is pretty she has money fame because of bieber yes bieber is really famous but i dont like him too they are both talentless seekers atention and selena talented? are you crazy then what is adele godness wake up girl find true talents she is an okay actreece not good ok but singer all autotune is on her girl and let not talk about bebier have you heard him live ? oh my god dont do that to yourself he is the worst live singer ever believe me i heard him and they only have fans that they are like 12 years old

  • Am

    Hi jb my friend Erica loves you