Miley Cyrus Returns To Haiti

Miley Cyrus Returns To Haiti

Miley Cyrus gives a tight hug to Emanuel in Port au Prince, Haiti on Friday (October 7).

The 18-year-old actress/musician joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation for a return trip to Haiti, assisting in the distribution and fitting of hearing aids to more than 400 Haitians.

Back in July, Miley won an auction at the So The World May Hear Awards Gala that sent her back to Haiti on her second hearing mission.

Miley said, “After I went on my first mission to Haiti with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, I felt so drawn to helping others hear for the first time and immediately wanted to look for another chance to go back and help again. This second mission to Haiti was just as impactful to me as the first one. I grew up around music and couldn’t imagine what it would be like for my siblings and me, if we couldn’t hear the magic of music. It’s had such an influence on my life, that I just want everyone to enjoy sound as it was intended.”

Miley Cyrus and Friends in Haiti
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Photos: Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Foundation
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  • Patworx

    She’s such a good person.

  • Disney17

    Call her a bad role model now!

  • Warren

    Miley does so much for charity and is a good role model. Miley is beautiful inside and out.

  • CrazyGirl

    She is amazing <3

  • Charmaine

    Truly an Angel sent from above:) To give a child a gift of hearing is truly amazing – Well Done Miley – This world could use a few more angels like you

  • http://www.twitter/ wen

    i love u miley!!!ur the 1 4 me !!!! shes an inspiration!!!muahhhh

  • purplewowies

    Those kids are so cute! I wonder if Miley signed with any of them?

    She really does have a good heart, no matter what people say.

    (Third time’s the charm, come on, post!)

  • flor

    she is a very beautiful girl inside and out. I don’t understand why the media pick’s on her, I seen other disney girl do worse than anything she has done. she really does have a kind soul god bless her and I hope god brings her what she deserved because she really is a beautiful person and a true role model.

  • 000

    C’mon we all used to be kids, teenagers, barely legal teen, etc. It doesn’t matter what era you live in. Miley is slowly transitioning from teenager to a very mature adult. So what were you doing when you were 18?

  • none

    I don’t mean to be negative but WTH! There are tons of children that need help in America right here and now. I am sick of these Fake Christians going over to other countries when we have needy children in our own. Take care of America first people.

  • rachel

    @none America is a rich country, you asshole. Haiti has been trough a lot of troubles and issues and they can not rebuilt themselves. So, before talking shit, stop and think: after a huge earthquake, wich country would be easily rebuilt? USA or Haiti? Well, just stop and think. If you have nothing else to say but bad words, then shut the fuck up. Thanks.

  • rachel

    Sorry, but I get really angry when I see this tipe of idiots, talking bullsh*ts and just caring about themselves. We all live at the same world, people! Let’s wake up and help who really need! Not only people from your country, you know? Let’s try to think a little harder for who REALLY need, not who need a bit. Thanks.

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    muahhhhhhhh miley!!!!! besosss

  • tata

    rachel girl i feel you that none person is an idiot

  • none

    @rachel: You’re the one talking with such uneducated words. IT shows how smart you are do us a favor and clean your potty mouth up. Hollywood should put America first. Haiti is only in peaces because of the corruption. That is why it can’t rebuild. I would like to see someone in Hollywood doing something for America’s children first. You really show how rude you are when you use potty mouth to express yourself. This star is only there for PR nothing more. You think she really cares. She’s fake. It’s just PR to make her look good.

  • ERika

    Miley has such a good heart!

  • Avice13

    Love lots MILEY!
    we love u just the way u are! Don’t u ever change:)

  • yeah

    you’re great miley!, not matter what they say… te amamos !! <3

  • rachel

    @none I really don’t think she is promoting herself… Maybe I’m just not eve, right? But I said that they shouldn’t help the American children (when I say American, a acctually say North, South and Middle… Because some people have de bad habit to put the “american” word only for people who live in USA, and that’s geographically and politically wrong, btw), because they should, is important to help children from every single place on Earth, because the children are the future and I, for instance, expect a better future for the world, because if things keep like this, everything will just get even worse. That’s what I think, and fake or not, any help is good. If Miley is helping, she is doing good and I really don’t care about the promotion, I only care about the kids. All of them. Thx.

  • rachel

    @none And sorry about the other comment, I was angry. Maybe I’ve just misunderstood your comment. Xoxo.

  • headstrong

    @none: You’re judging Miley, Christian are not supposed to judge others.

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