Bonnie Wright Talks Directorial Debut!

Bonnie Wright Talks Directorial Debut!

Bonnie Wright gets serious as she talks about her first time directing for the short film, Separate We Come, Separate We Go.

The 20-year-old actress shared, “It’s just a simple story in the space of a short film to show a young girl who’s so influenced by her mother’s state who realizes there’s actually a sense of herself that needs to be explored.”

The film, set to be shot in November in Sussex, UK, will be part of The LCC Graduate Film project, and presented in 2012 in the graduate show.

Bonnie Wright talks ‘Separate We Come, Separate We Go’
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  • michelle

    I love Bonnie. She’s always so wonderfully spoken. Good luck to her on her directing project.

  • Goose

    Cool! Good luck on your project Bonnie and have fun with it. :)

  • red

    Good luck. Good girl. Hmmm… I hope someone don’t mention about Perks of Being a Wallpaper here and talk like Bonnie is a threat. LOL.

  • gillian

    Cool. :) I second the others. Good luck Bonnie.

  • nettlenox

    I love that she’s already delving into directing a bit. A short film is a great way to get started. :)

  • Tanya

    You can tell this is something she’s very passionate about. Best of luck to her :D

  • Queenbee

    I hope this project is available online for viewing.

  • queenbeen

    I hope this is available online for viewing.

  • ME

    That’s really cool that she’s directing! Awesome!

  • http://arisha10 Ariadne

    Harry Potter stars are so cool. I wish them all the best.

  • eriken

    hello everybody i am looking up to those who want to reach the destine of love and passion of emotion our heart desire to a win our goal the dreams of our heart and th life we need to live in.

  • Gillian

    Im glad she into directing, cuz she act suc*s!! Good luck!

  • Emma

    I love Bonnie’s commitment and passion. So many actors say they want to direct films, but she’s actually studying for it, so she has my respect.

  • jmac

    @red: Lol. You already did it.

  • sherly

    she seems so passionate and sure of what she’s doing, good for her to finish her studies. Good luck!
    On comments that bonnie cant act, the HP movies though it made her famous is not really enough to say whether she could act or not, we have see her on other movies

  • Goose

    Agreed Sheryl. Her role as Ginny was so small and nothing to work with to make Ginny a character in the films.

    I would save judgement until her two new films Geography of the Hapless Heart and The Philosophers is out. And a third film in the works to film in January.

    For her to get these roles in auditions, she’s doing something right.

  • alexa

    she seems so wise and sure of what she’s doing. wow.. She’s about to graduate now, good for her to finish her studies without too much publicity. Good luck Bonnie!

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