Taylor Swift: Billboard's Woman of the Year!

Taylor Swift: Billboard's Woman of the Year!

Taylor Swift is just rolling in the honors and awards this year!

It was just announced earlier today that the 21-year-old musician scored Billboard‘s Woman of the Year honor!

Taylor is actually the youngest artist to ever receive the honor and will be on hand to accept the award at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music event on December 2 in New York City.

But that’s not all — Taylor also nabbed three American Music Award nominations, too! She’s up for Favorite Female Country Artist, Favorite Country Album and Artist of the Year.

Congrats, T!

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  • alycia

    gag me. I can’t stand her. She can’t sing. It annoys the heck out me that she is winning all these awards that other singers are more deserving to win because they can actually SING LIVE and sound good.

  • Brige

    So true Alycia

  • mariantt

    i agree with everything you said…. she’s SO dull! can’t sin, lyrics are dumb and she’s famous for all those boyriends she have had… i don’t know, she and gomez for me are kind of talentless … sorry

  • wow

    Boy the jealousy and nastiness of some commenters. Did it ever occur to you that many of the awards Taylor wins are given by the Music Industry big wigs. These people are not her young fans, but music professionals who know talent and award talent.

    Taylor Swift is an amazing songwriter, probably because she writes about things she knows – like her life. That is what country music is about. Taylor is a great singer, entertainer, songwriter & human being. Her successes come freom hard work and dedication – not fluff and smut and who she knows in the industry. Taylor signed with a then unknown music label and has made them a top music label. Taylor Swift has earned every award she has gotten and I’m sure she will win many more.

    Taylor Swift is also one of the most generous people in the industry both in giving of her money and time to very worthy causes like tornado victims,, hurricane & flooding victims, and schools, but also to knew artists that she brings on board as her opening acts. Taylor is very well loved by her band and team.

    Taylor is the sweetest girl and millions of girls would love to be friends with her and they relate to her because she is real.

    So keep on with your nasty remarks and attacks – That just makes her sing and write better songs and it makes her win more awards and it makes all of her fans rise up and buy more of her records and go to more of her shows. I quote “someday I’ll be living in a big old city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean”.

  • K

    totally agree with you, WOW :)

  • ita

    no no most of her awards are given by her fans wow and I agree she can´t sing and does not deserve all this attention

  • Nancy T

    An amazing songwriter? Puhleeze! She needs to stop pulling from the pages of her high school diary and get over classroom crushes, the prom, the varsity team, the whole my boyfriend did me wrong crap or whatever the hell else happened to your sophmore year in high school. Her lyrics are simply elementary compared to someone like Adele.

    I don’t hate her. I think she’s a very sweet girl. And I don’t mind a couple of her songs. I’m just being objective. As far as her voice, it’s nothing special. She certainly can’t hit notes or belt it out like Carrie Underwood or even Leann Rimes. Let”s just be honest!

  • wow


    I said many not most of her awards. and you are entitled to your opinion about her singing – BUT no one has the right to attack Taylor as a person – Taylor is a great person , a person of character and honor. And WHO are you or anyone else to say or derermine that Taylor does not deserve the attention?

    It is said that “you reap what you sow” and Taylor reaps good things because she sows good things (she is a giver and a caring person and she is receiving the great rewards she deserves).

  • zoe

    wow you seem to be a Taylor swift´s fans ok but accept that some people don´t like her and only see her as a fake person without any particular talent.. A girl like ADELE is better as a person and as a singer than her and Taylor can´t be like her even in her dreams!!!!

  • H

    Dude, Taylor Swift is awesome!!!! Taylor worked way harder than Adele this year. Adele has a great voice, but she cancelled like her WHOLE US leg of the tour…Taylor had 98 stops in her world tour and she is even putting out a new fragarance! Totally deserving :)

  • shiera

    taylor is talented,nice,a good person that’s why she’s so blessed.

    taylor deserved all the awards given to her.

    God Bless You Taylor.

  • Kelsey

    Taylor did nothing other then do a tour this year. AND SHE CANT EVEN SING LIVE. Lets take a look at what much more deserving artists did this year. Beyonce: Released album, Made a bajillion and one music vidoes, did lots of fantastic performances, and GOT PREGNANT.

    Taylor is a good person who’s funny and sweet. But she cant sing. If she wins anymore “Of The Year” awards i will be angry.

  • cronek

    u people say all this stuff about taylor but yet she does stuff no other female artist has done. so tell your artist can do the stuff she does then u have no legs to stand on. let me know when adele writes her own album and has the top world tour and plays too 55k people in American. taylor has the top selling album over the last 12 months. that is why she wins awards becasue she has the best tour and the best album numbers never lie and taylors numbers trump all other artist.

  • variel

    I know not everyone is going to like her, but will you guys show some respect? Your behaviour reflects on your parents. Congrats there. I completely agree with wow. I’m not saying this as her fan, but she has talent. She might not be the best singer but I don’t see it that it’s a problem. She can sing. And please stop comparing her with others. She definitely deserves this. I mean do you know how many albums she has sold? Digital sales? Concert tickets? Do you know how hard she worked?! Let me give you a couple of facts here.

    The week Speak Now was released, it debuted at #1, sold 1,047,000 copies, represented 18% of all album sales, it is by far the highest market dominance by any album in US music history, sold more than the next 61 albums on the chart combined &11 times more than it’s nearest competitor. It is the #1 best selling album of all genres for the past 12 months. By December, RIAA certified Speak Now 3 times platinum which was 11 weeks after the debut. Speak Now has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide up to date. Speak Now is the 3rd best selling album in 2010. It spent 6 weeks at #1.

    Want more?

    Taylor Swift’s selft titled debut album, released in 2006, is the longest non-consecutive charting album. It went gold in 13 weeks & is currently 5 times platinum. There has never been a debut album in history that has come from such obscurity to dominate the country music charts.

    Fearless is the most awarded country album of all time. It went 3x platinum in 22 weeks & is now 6 times platinum. It has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Fearless is the 3rd best selling album in 2008 & 1st best selling album in 2009. Fearless spent 11 weeks at #1. Only 12 albums have sold over 3.5 million copies in the US since 2007 — she has 3 of those albums.

    Every award she’s honored with is well deserved. This award is not fan-voted. Not given by us, fans. They’re actually voted by people in the industry who recognize talent & don’t look at someone with prejudice.

  • Kai

    Bottom line. People can talk about her hyped up tours, song writing, makeup, perfume, clothes, fan love (awe), whatever, but she still cannot sing. She plays a couple of guitar cords, a few notes on the piano, (a banjo with guitar strings on it), struts in short dresses and flings her hair around with so many distractions behind her on stage, no one notices her tinny, out of tune voice.

    Real singing talent disappeared with the dawn of American Idol Please, the name alone, is silly. Reality TV taught young people to idolize looks and sex appeal instead of a serious ability to sing melody, harmony, on pitch without scream belting or having wardrobe malfunctions or gyrating around he stage. They’ve taught you to compete on TV but scholastically it is okay to be dumb. We are being dumbed down and “entertainers” like Miss Swift take your money and suck you in because her words are all about your over-inflated egos. Stop worshiping this silly girl and focus on your own wonderful skills and lives. I bet some of you here can sing better than she can.

  • Jen

    We should all respect each other’s opinion, but judging someone you don’t even know personally is definitely improper. A lot of young girls look up to Taylor because they see something good in her that a lot of other artists do not possess. Even parents admire her which is one big indication that she is a genuine person and role model. Acting nice for more than 5 years now would be so hard to do if you’re not really nice. And she may not have a singing voice that could match Adele’s but she absolutely has much more to offer. No other artists today can ever compare to Taylor’s talents and achievements. So please show some respect.

  • Brian

    @Jen: You shouldn’t waste your time telling the haters to stop. I’ve never seen so much hate over someone as the Taylor Swift haters. So much jealousy. They seem to either think she isn’t a country singer or isn’t as good as their favorite singer. Good grief. They should all grow up. I guess they will in a few years when they turn 16.

>>>>>>> staging1