Blackberry: Become Just Jared's Protege!

Blackberry: Become Just Jared's Protege!

Do you have your fingers on the pulse of pop culture? We have just the challenge for you!

To find out more, click on over to!

All Protégés will get a free BlackBerry smartphone and the chance to meet Just Jared‘s very own Jared Eng in person!

To get started, click here to submit an entry describing why we should choose you to become Jared‘s Protégé. You only have until Monday (October 17) to enter!

BBM Challenge – Jared Eng
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  • grace

    Hey Jared!!

    The BBM website is down and I’m desperate to get my submission in. Please consider reading this an watching my video submission!!!

    AmFAR Gala. White Collar. AIDS Walk 2011. There’s not a single dazzling celebrity event that my best friends and I would miss if it is on our NYC radar. Call us crazy, but when we find out about an event, we GET there and try to interact with the stars in all of their glory. This is of course all in hopes of interviewing the people who define glamour dreaming that one day we will have the chance to have careers just like Jared’s. But “just dreaming” isn’t an option – it’s the action that takes people places! Culture embodies celebrities, fashion, music, sports, and the like. To combine our undying thirst for soccer knowledge and fashion updates, my best friend and I created a blog titled “futbolmadechic” fusing the worlds to make soccer stylish. Soon after I landed an internship as a personal assistant to up and coming fashion designer, Sena in NYC. Working the assembly line to make parts for clothes, running around the city with a luggage full of shoes, watching model fittings – all a part of the job description. Music? Ask me about the top country song to any Romanian artist and I’ll get the information for you in a second! As a freshman at Wellesley College, I hope to continue sparking my excitement for pop culture research and get the chance to meet you, Jared! Here’s a video submission I am DESPERATE FOR YOU TO WATCH IN ADDITION!