Vanessa Hudgens Leaves LA in a Limo!

Vanessa Hudgens Leaves LA in a Limo!

Vanessa Hudgens says goodbye to a couple of girlfriends before getting into a limo on Thursday (October 13) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress and her mom got a ride to the airport, where Vanessa is off to film Frozen Ground.

The day before, Vanessa grabbed a bite to eat with girlfriend Kim Hidalgo.

Vanessa also recently unveiled a pumpkin carving contest for her readers on her official site.

Frozen Ground is based on the real life story of Robert Hansen, who over the course of twelve years abducted, tortured and raped over twenty four women, flying them to the Alaskan wilderness and hunting them down before killing them.

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  • anni

    omg im gonna miss her so much

  • Kro

    Vanessa looks pretty and happy! yay frozenground

  • liz

    omg shes finally leaving…im gonna miss her but i cant wait to her to star filming Frozen Ground =)

  • annii

    i love her smileeeee!

  • magda tenšek

    bye vanessa , we’re gonna miss you …. <3

    she looks amazing ;)

  • annii

    me too…cant wait for all her movies!

  • annii

    that girl looks like Laura.. i love their friendship.. Laura is always there for Vanessa <3

  • Haters Suck!

    Aww I’m gonna miss seeing my favorite hollywood gir but better things a wait her and I’m damn sure not missing this movie or the others vanessa will have next year. Good luck baby V, work hard and kick ass.
    And that is laura I believe, nice of her to see vanessa off.

  • yets

    i will miss her …
    but im happy that she has another movie.
    were praying for you Vanessa..
    have a safe trip…
    GOD Bless.

  • lei

    i dont know why im crying she her leaving.

  • MariaTyler_

    I think it’s so sweet that Laura went to see Vanessa off! I adore their friendship! Laura is such a good friend of Vanessa’s! She’s always there for her & everything! I can’t say the same about some people! I’m gonna miss seeing Vanessa’s pretty face everyday but I’m excited that she’s filming Frozen Ground! That is gonna be one bad ass movie! She’s gonna have a great year next year! We’re gonna miss you V! Have a safe flight!

  • Boji

    So soon leaving already.2 months is a long time, am gonna miss my girl. Always looking forward to her threads. Hope we get to see some candid pics and bts shots from fans. I doubt there are papz in anchorage. So mama G is accompanying her issit?

  • florence

    I bet Austin was in the limo to to say goodbye to his girl.

  • amtfan

    shes so flawless :) love her <3

  • amtfan

    @florence: probably lol

  • Hate Sucks

    She is playing a whore/prostitute in the film. Seems like it’s art imitating life.

  • amanda

    @Hate Sucks: I know, right? Thank god she’s getting out of LA, I’m tired of looking at her face every day.

  • mhay

    we will miss you Vanessa.

  • juliet

    @florence: Are you a fool? She doesn’t date with him

    I love you Nessa

  • italian mom

    Great girl, great project and hopefully another bit of awareness for all girls in the world. Great!

  • thetis

    @Hate Sucks:

    You really need to get past what your mother and grandmother did for a living and stop associating other people with you own life experience.

    Secondly vanessa was with one man for 5 years has your mom ever even told you which one of her men is your father.

  • Monica

    @Hate Sucks: pitiful

  • Nikita

    @Hate Sucks: pitiful

  • juliet

    @Hate Sucks amanda: If you don’t like her, I wish you’d never come to her posts

  • Vanessafan

    She looks gorgeous! As much as I love her hair long, it looks amazing at this length.
    I’m so happy for her and cannot wait to see how Frozen Guard turns out.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa is looking so Damn Hot these day Hope she has a awesome time Filming her new movie can’t wait to see it.

  • Vanessafan

    Seriously, Juliet has a point. Why even bother clicking the post if you don’t like her. You’re obviously not as tired as you say you are if you made the effort to comment. Just admit it, you’re secretly fascinated by Vanessa.

  • amanda

    @Vanessafan: Oh my god, just because I have the balls to speak up and voice my opinion doesn’t mean I’m “fascinated” by her. You people need to accept the fact that not everybody worships this talentless little skank.

  • juliet

    @amanda:Shut up!

  • vanessa’s love

    @ amanda..You are trash and idot and loser i hope you will die today hater fuck you..and every one haters sucks is one of her fans so back off..

  • vanessa’s love

    @ amanda..You are trash and idot and loser i hope you will die today hater fuck you..and every one haters sucks is one of her fans so back off…

  • amanda

    @vanessa’s love: Vanessa fans are fucking crazy and comments like this prove it. Get over yourselves, seriously – PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO DISLIKE HER.

  • angel

    Guys, just ignore it. Don’ waste your time

  • vanessa’s love

    @ amanda will let me think……NO a s s hole becaus she is perfect..but people like u will never be like us..and u makes me say words I’ve never said in my life..u crazy i hate you name

  • getoverit

    I hope she enjoys her time away from the paps and working with John and Nick.

    And there’s no need to wish death or anything like that on someone who dislikes Vanessa. No one has to like her. And it’s best to just ignore the haters. Vanessa does. She goes on her merry way and continues to work years after her haters said she’d be gone from HW and never work again. The attention just feeds the entire cycle. Name calling and wishing harm on someone won’t change anything.

    And I like Vanessa most of the time but she is not perfect. She herself readily admits she’s far from perfect and is just a woman trying to make it in the entertainment business doing something she loves. And I actually respect that about her. That she doesn’t pretend that she doesn’t have flaws or issues or insecurities like the rest of us.

  • kami

    vanessa is now doing the kind of movies i love to see. “gimme shelter” and “the frozen ground” are both going to be great. so glad she’s getting to work with great actors like james earl jones, nicholas cage and john cusack.

  • Boji

    Vanessa’s Love do not fight hate with hate and do not wish death upon anyone, calm down.

    Amanda, you do not have BALLS, you’re a female remember. Unless of course, you are a transgender. Trashing someone for the sake of it does not justify or camouflage your prejudice. Don’t like Vanessa, fine, just leave this thread alone for those who do like her. She does not deserve your hate. And may your day be blessed with positiveness.

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    I hope there are gonna be some news even though she’s not gonna be in LA, but I’m super excited that she’s going to film Frozen Ground.

    Where’s she shooting the movie BTW?

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    Aaaaaannnnd to all the haters, we spend time reading these news because we love Vanessa Hudgens and we’re proud of her work lately. We like her the way she is and it’s not about fame or the movies she’s doing. We support her in every step she takes in her personal life or her movie career.

    What about you haters???

    The only reason you spend your time on these news is to write bad comments for someone who’s doing great in her life???

    Sound like no sense at all to me…

  • Xo

    OMG she looks so beautiful in that shot! I’m gonna miss seeing her, but at the same time it’s good she’ll get some privacy.

  • Maria

    @Hate Sucks: My God, what is wrong with you? Either you’re a child who has had no parenting, or you’re a vicious adult, who thinks nothing about compulsively lying. How do you sleep at night?

  • londonlemminG

    @vanessa’s love:
    Your comment above was disgusting and vile. Wishing someone dead makes you just as bad as the person doing the hating. I bet Vanessa would be horrified to learn that a so-called fan of hers’has wished someone dead just because they don’t support her.

    Didn’t she once say she knew she had made it when she had haters,or something like that.

    She’s in for one cold shoot-hope she took lots of layers with her.

  • Maria

    @Nessa’s fan: So well said! We DO like her just the way she is. We don’t think she’s perfect…..she’s just Vanessa! She lives her life, works hard, loves the people in her life, and gives of herself. Why people need to be hateful for no reason is beyond my comprehension as well!

  • lauren

    you say what you want,

    also girls get over it,
    when zac is home next week your yall be obessing over him too,

  • No offence

    @lauren pls don’t start trouble on this post take ur z obsession somewherelse. She does look good to me in this pics.

  • lauren

    @no offence
    i’m just defending amanda, get over it,
    she can say what she wants its public posts,

  • Boji

    Lauren, you hated Vanessa when she was with her Ex and now you hate her because he has not gotten over her. What’s with you? You brought it up first, remember?!

  • vanessa’s love

    oh my god…people u r weird….amanda and lauren YOU ARE A S S HOLES u will see me on zac’s post and am a hater..not gonna like it believ me..(vanessa is not perfect but she is to me..i LOVE HER SO SO SO MUCH).

  • lauren

    what about all the other ”hater’s on here, why are you bitching them out?

  • justme

    you are so proud to call your self a hater well anyone who HATE someone he don’t even know is stupid so i think you are so proud to call your self stupid

>>>>>>> staging1