JoJo - 'Disaster' Video Preview!

JoJo - 'Disaster' Video Preview!

We’re getting closer and closer to JoJo debuting her new video for “Disaster” by the day.

The 20-year-old musician recently stopped by Fuse while out on tour with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean to chat about the concept and vision.

“The concept is, I wanted to show young, crazy love and how passionate it can be — how you get wrapped up in it, and it’s awesome and it’s fun and sexy. I also wanted to have a dangerous element, so my boyfriend [in the video] is a motorcyclist,” JoJo shared.

Take a peek below!

JoJo – ‘Disaster’ Preview
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  • filipe

    I love her

  • Nye

    Bring it on Jojo! I love this girl. She’s not as big as these other pop girls yet but she can sing circles around all of them. You have to give her respect no matter what. I love DISASTER
    #Good #Luck #With #New #Album

  • Ohyeaa

    JoJo is one of the most untalented performers I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. She clearly lip synched, was dressed poorly for stage and had no concept of working an audience. It was a painful experience and if I could get that hour of my life back I would. I think it is unfair that untalented auto tuned artists have any leg to stand on in this industry. I am sure she is perfectly nice and a great person yaddaa yadda yadda however I find it difficult to believe that any pop music listeners would indulge in this garbage when we have amazing vocalists like Lady GaGa, Adele, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera telling us what’s up. Lastly I am glad she is at least acknowledging that her music is a sheer disaster by naming this new song “disaster” .

  • Pantagruella

    We need artists like JoJo for their courage and ingenuity. You can tell someone is good if they dress in black. An exception would be Johnny Cash.

  • #TeamJoJo

    I can’t wait til JoJo slays these non singers in the game right now

  • JOJO fan

    @Ohyeaa: Sweetheart do u have a hearing problem? So u think that miley Cyrus can out sing jojo? LMAO ROTFL that’s funny as hell! BTW JO has been having throat Problems OK that’s why her voice hasn’t been it it’s best shape but trust she will KILL % SLAYYYYYYYY GAGA & Miley Cyrus any day TRUST! thatisall

  • DanubeSerri

    I love her so much. She’s my inspiration and she’s beyond incredible. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MUSIC VIDEO.

  • http://@leshey alessandra

    @Ohyeaa: definitely you have no taste in music. How could you say JoJo can’t sing? you are crazy! she is one of the most amazing singer out here! Don’t even compare her to miley cyrus please

  • http://bernadette02 bernadette

    i cannot wait for the music video. so excited!!

    i love JOJO!!

  • http://bernadette02 bernadette

    @Ohyeaa: uhh. you’re rude. ={