Tyler Posey & Stella Hudgens: 'My Life, My Power' PSA Preview

Tyler Posey & Stella Hudgens: 'My Life, My Power' PSA Preview

Tyler Posey, Renee Olstead, Stella Hudgens, Booboo Stewart and many more hold up their ‘My Life, My Power’ signs in this sneak peek from the upcoming anti-bullying PSA.

Produced by academy-award winner Mark Harris and directed by Dan Harris is the first of its kind, shot in cutting-edge 3D.

The mission of the PSA is to encourage kids around the world to treat others as they want to be treated, claim their power from within, and stand up against bullying.

The video will actually premiere on October 22nd at the AMC-16 in Burbank, Calif., along with the iDanceMachine 3D Music Video “It’s Nothing Personal.”

Want to attend? Log onto iDanceMachine.com to claim your ticket!

To learn more, visit MyLifeMyPower.org.

10+ pics inside…

“My Life, My Power” Video Teaser
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  • Chanon

    Stella Hudgens! :D

  • katie

    stella hudgens is sooo beautiful.
    tyler P!!! ahhh ur so hawt!!

  • benny

    wow cassie scerbo and stella hudgens are so beautiful.
    its not fair.
    does anyone know how old stella is?

  • Taylor


  • Jasmine

    Every single one of those people are irrelevant, especially Stella Hudgens. What’s she famous for? Exactly.

  • Sara

    This girl is soo cool i cant believe shes the same age as me! I think shes so much prettier than Vanessa

  • YUi

    what is stella hudgens famous for other than being vanessa’s sister? just curious.

  • http://www.gotobelfast.com/ Paulie

    she’s famous because i love her

  • susan

    Interesting choice of Stella Hudgens as an anti-bullying spokesperson. Does she even go to school? I thought the Hudgens girls were homeschooled. What would she know about bullying?

  • kisha.

    stella is an actress, singer, model and dancer. she may not be exactly famous for her own work but shes still known and yes she did used to go to school until sometime last year and shes now homeschooled.

  • beverly

    I would rather see the Hudgens mom on this. Did they really not get any celeb to help with this that they had to pull peoples family.

  • Haters Suck!

    so using that logic you need to be bullied in order to speak out against it?there are somethings you don’t need to experience to know there bad. But just an FYI Vanessa wasn’t always home schooled, she spoke in an interview saying one of the reasons she got home schooled was she was indeed bullied at school growing up. One more thing bullying isn’t exactly exculsive to the school yard anymore.

  • Olivia

    Stella hasn’t always been honeschooled and last I checked, you didn’t need to go to school to get the info about bullying so I’m pretty sure she’s well-informed about that matter or else she wouldn’t of particapated.

  • Kim


    you can be bullied for being homeschooled,parents can even bully you(to me for siblings its normal) but bullying can happen even around a store.has for me anyways.

  • Christine


    Actually, I’m kinda curious about that too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vanessa and I think Stella is adorable, but she hasn’t really done anything acting or singing-wise, to get the attention she’s getting.

  • http://none Mia

    And Stella is in this why….?

  • Katie

    Wow, she is gorgeous!

  • Vanessafan

    Stella looks adorable!

  • http://www.gotobelfast.com/ Paulie

    get your hair straight I mean fact! Stella also tried schooling actually we are classmate but then she was home school after she graduate in 8th grade! p.s I actually has a crush on her back then.

  • Beth

    Ok get the facts straight guys!

    Stella did acting a few years ago for a while but took a break while it was the HSM time. She did get homeschooled and went to a regular school. However, bullying is not just in school.And she is also getting back into acting.

  • http://youtube.com/edwardvsjacobfan danielle

    I have no idea who half the people are in this video but good message anyways :)

  • Lindsey

    Sorry, this video conveys a good message but the directing kind of sucks lol. I don’t even recognize half of the people in here. The other PSA’s like Stand Up to Cancer is a lot better. Anyways… good to see that this is an anti-bullying campaign

  • sharon

    I’m sure Stella suffers from living in the shadow of her sister Vanessa from a young age. Still, the biggest problem with this is Stella herself IS a bully! Ask some questions to her acquaintances, friends, bestfriends and FORMER acquaintances, friends, bestfriends. There are a lot of them. Do some research before you choose your spokespeople, cause Bullies shouldn’t be part of a campaign to Stop Bullying.

  • http://twitter.com/MariaTyler_ Maria

    @sharon: Stella is not a bully! The only person that is saying that is Remy Thorne & that’s because Remy hates Stella & Remy is the bully! If you ask any of Stella’s actual friends like Sammi or Telana or Jayden they will tell you that she is a very sweet & nice person! Remy is always talking shit about Stella whereas Stella never talks about him & she never talks shit about anyone of her twitter or formspring! Fans who have met Stella said she was very sweet & kind! They always have something nice to say about her!