Vanessa Hudgens Checks Skydiving Off Her Bucket List!

Vanessa Hudgens Checks Skydiving Off Her Bucket List!

Vanessa Hudgens gives a big scream as she prepares to jump off a plane in this new pic posted on her official blog.

The 22-year-old actress wrote, “I finally did what I’ve wanted to all my life. Jumped out of a plane 13,000 feet up in the sky. Most thrilling, freeing amazing experience I’ve ever had. AND got to do it with my best friends. The most beautiful group of people I know inside and out.”

Vanessa also added, “Life’s not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moment that takes our breath away. Never let fear rule you, take the jump and give yourself the opportunity of a new perspective. Love.”


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  • loo

    I love how she is always talking about her best friends… Do we know who was with her? It looks like she loves that person <3

  • loo

    I love how she is always talking about her best friends… Do we know who was with her? It looks like she loves that person <3 !

  • Jenny

    What she said was really beautiful and inspirational

  • loo

    And she looks so adorable

  • ehryle

    Vanessa group of friends that she really trust and love are Laura, Ash, Shelby, along with Kim, Austin and more to mention!! she just having some fun on that sky diving day and i saw a picture of her with Austin and that guy on the plane.. She just living her life to the fullest and have some fun with her best friends! Stay positive V you are such a beautiful creatures!! xoxo

  • Haters Suck!

    If there is one thing on gods green earth that scares the crap out of me me it’s heights. People I can deal with, I don’t fear anyone but get me in the air and forget about it I perfer my feet firmly on the ground. Everytime I’ve been on a plane I’ve had to take something to calm me down. So I can barley sit on a plane let alone jump out of one at 13,000 feet. That’s just insane to me and there is not a chance in hell I’d do it. Vanessa you got some guts on you more power to you.



  • kami

    good for her. i’d be scared s***less to do that. i’m so afraid of heights.

  • Xo

    It takes a lot of guts to do that. And I love her outlook on life and how she lives life to the fullest. That’s awesome.

  • Chanon

    WHAT A BADASS! Skydiving is also on my bucket list! :)

  • maria

    Not on my bucket list in this or any other lifetime! Would paralyze me with fear, so good for her to face that and go for it! She has such a great joy toward life, and knows how to appreciate it.

  • Vanessafan

    I recently had a conversation a few days ago about doing this exact same thing. I’m not scared of heights or anything, but I don’t think I’d have the guts to go through with it. So awesome of her, though. Mad props!

  • annii

    she is so cuteeeeeee!

  • annii

    she is such an amazing person. Her words are so kind and genuine.. LOVE HER

  • annii

    she was with Austin and a couple of other friends

  • annii


  • annii

    i think she has the perfect group of friends and she loves them all… she looks so free and happy now.. im really loving how free and happy is right now!

  • annii

    @Haters Suck!:
    hahha me too

  • Boji

    That’s my girl! A daredevil! Love her quotes, Wise words indeed.

  • Iris

    According to Vaness, Austin is her most close boyfriend

  • Emma

    According to Vaness, Austin is her most close boyfriend

  • annii

    ik… there was a picture n twitter.. she was with Austin too <3

  • Paulie

    Love Vanessa Hugdens gotta go!

  • florence

    Of course Austin is close to her after all he is her boyfriend so I don’t get what you mean by Vanessa saying that Austin is her most close boyfriend, you make it sound like she has more than 1 boyfriend on the go at the same time.

  • Vanessa’s love


  • No offence

    I think she is tryin by hinting gradually, she and austin are a couple, “give urself the opportunity of a new perspective, love” am sure they will go public when she finish filming.

  • a


  • Paulie


  • Boji

    Am missing her already.

  • yets

    Go Girl!!!

  • thetis

    @No offence:

    I think “love” was morea signature ending like “love Vanessa” – she usually ends her coment with the word love or the symbol xx (kisses)

  • annii

    @No offence:

  • Missydawnd

    Her face is pretty priceless. She looks pumped and terrified at the same time.

  • annii


  • annii

    @Vanessa’s love:
    i think she was trying to say most loved male friend…

  • Amy

    That didn’t look like Austin in the twit pic, it looked like that person she’s strapped to here. And I don’t see what it matters anyway. If she’s dating him they’ll go public when they want. Nothing to do with skydiving. Love that she did it. I have too! Amazing feeling.

  • Nicole

    Gyaaah! I have skydiving on my bucket list, but I’ve got a horrible fear of heights! My bucket list is on – it’s pretty good for people considering a bucket list online – easy to organise and share thoughts and ideas with friends, and also helps with the planning, so what you’re going to do and when and with who!

  • Mami

    Man, I could NEVER do that! I’m way too afraid of heights! But kuddos to Vanessa for being this brave! She knows how to have fun!!

  • maria

    @No offence: Honestly, I don’t think she’s “hinting” at anything. She isn’t one to “play games”. I think what she said, is how she feels about her friends, and those who have stood by her.

  • elendur

    Vanessa looks really happy in all her recent pics. I tend to agree with “no offence’s” post about her and Austin. She went with Austin and Austin’s friend Kaitlin McCaulley. Her best friends Laura,Kim, and Ashley were not there.They all would have tweeted
    Whatever the case her life is going great!

  • ehryle

    Whatever Vanessa’s point of view as long as she is happy that’s fine!! if she mean Austin is her best friend well it become deeper and she finally did the skydiving with Austin which is she ever wanted for all of her life so why with Austin group of friends??? why she did not do it with her ex before they are together for 5 years?? may be her ex afraid on

  • No offence

    She went ziplining with josh, she did’nt post that yet,then she called a group of people that did’nt include the besties we know her bestfriends? Is everyone her bestfriend then. Wonder what went down btw her and josh,this is suppose to be their thing.

  • elendur

    @No offence:

    With the exception of a Journey 2 promo there were no sightings of
    Vanessa/Josh after July 4th. My guess is they were dating and now are not. That’s why we don’t see them together anymore and wont.
    I think she meant Austin was her bestie but she wouldn’t say that so openly.
    Can’t wait til she gets back and takes Stella and her mom with her. I really want to see those pics!

  • Victoria

    Vanessa & austin aren’t even that serious so if Zac wants to settle down again, let him

  • tina

    She has stated over and over again that she is single. When she says she’s dating then and only then you can say she is. Until then stop all the speculation into her private life.

  • elendur

    Austin just tweeted his plane landed in Alaska-I guess that means we can’t speculate about Vanessa’s private life.!/Austin_Butler

  • Boji

    Well, if he’s travelled all the way to Anchorage, it means he does care for her that much, woo hoo, yeah!!!!

    Just saw V being trashed bad by none other than “eat me” followed by “me” and ” Merlin’s mum” . This poster just had to bring up her name on Zac’s thread for no rhyme or reason, making the assumption that others posting trash on Zac are V fans. I’m not going to add more to the furore that is already there.

  • serena

    iheartzanessa asked: Do you think Austin & Vanessa are really dating? I really hope they’re not. Austin doesn’t even seem to care for Vanessa..and He naver gives her that kind of look that Zac does…”

    l idk…..i heard austin is in right how… i just hope they are not together…yeahhh i know what u mean

  • sophie

    im sorry, but if its very attention seeking to purposely post that you may have gone to visit vanessa, its like hes trying to start something, if she really cared for this guy, she would keep it private.
    she needs to focus on her movie, its supposed to do great

  • mattie

    @sophie: I agree with you. She hate paparzi and doesn’t really like talking about her private to the media unless she wants to. Austin is nothing more than a guy who like all the attention and this just show it.