Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Shopping Sweeties!

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Shopping Sweeties!

Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Delta Goodrem stock up on some goodies at the grocery store on Sunday (October 23) in Los Angeles.

The 19-year-old actor/musician’s 26-year-old gal pal rested her hand on top of his as they wheeled the cart of food to the car!

Nick will be guest starring on the upcoming NBC drama, Smash, as a hot sitcom actor and former child star.

“Just wrapped on set… Had an absolutely amazing time on SMASH this week,” Nick tweeted after he finished up filming!

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  • TWN

    Ha Ha Ha. A supermarket trip. Miley & Liam. Then Nick & Delta. Yes we know you are also a short American with an older tall Australian with blonde hair. Why do Nick & Delta keep trying to outpapp them? Hysterical.

  • julie

    Love this:) Something about seeing Nick out grocery shopping makes me smile. He’s been pretty much travelling for the last five weeks, probably has no food in his place at all. Looking good Nick and Delta is as lovely as ever. She really is a beautiful girl

  • Jo

    She must live with him or something. I mean, I know they’re a couple, but dang! I don’t even see Dani with Kevin THIS much…and they’re married.

  • Liby

    She has her own place, but they were probably doing something sweet like making dinner together. Kev and Dani live in NJ…not exactly the pap capital of the world.

  • Emily

    ahhh please block out the plate number in the picture!

  • Elle

    She’s soooo Tall. Or he’s soooo short. Makes him look even younger than he does already.

  • Sandy

    Wow, Delta is not smiling.

  • Bob morein

    Ol’ talentless Delta is pulling out all the stops to land this big fish. Nick is like a lamb to the slaughter at the hands of this ageing cougar. Funny all these stories make reference to the latest work being done by Nick, and none by this Aussie hag. Her last trip home she couldn’t even get a crowd at a shopping mall, such is the nature of her “singing”. Sad, really.

  • Ella
  • sara

    @TWN You can’t really believe that. I really hope you’re only kidding.

    Beautiful couple <3 I wonder what Delta cooked for him :)

  • lisa

    So cute! I’m really happy Nick finally found someone who is so comfortable with :)
    I wish them the best!
    And I can’t wait to see Nick in Smash :)

  • AJ

    Bob, she already has landed Nick, and apparently they are both really happy about it. She’s gorgeous and talented, why not leave her alone and perhaps work on your own life rather than trashing the lives of those better than you?

  • kiki

    ok, i like her and all but why is she wearing a fancy dress to go shopping? like is that all she owns?
    Wear some pants women!
    haha jk, i just think it’s weird.

  • cookiejar21

    okay, i must admit at first this couple grossed me out, but i’ve changed my mind about them… i’m sorry i hated this couple before… they’re cute and sweet together and i wish them all the best :)

  • sarah jacobson

    @Bob morein – get your facts right, she pulls the biggest crowds at instore/tv appearances.

  • GEE17

    She needs to keep the sunglasses on. It makes her look younger. The one w/the glasses off, she sure looks older than 26.

  • oh boy

    Still creepy…
    Delta is almost 27…she should stay away from teenagers #JustSaying

  • Maddy

    You Americans are so one eyed – really. Please get yourselves a Life. If you hate Delta so much, DO NOT POST YOUR COMMENTS you must not work or is just a hater with time on your hands. Is it so amazing that Nick really loves this girl? Nick Jonas is not the best catch in the USA. There are plenty of talented & wealthier stars that she can hook up. Think about Mariah Carey who is 11yrs older than Nick, Demi Moore who is 18yrs older than Ashton, Madonna who is 25yrs older than whoever she is dating now. Stop it stop being mean spirited and do something positive & uplifting with your lives. Google Delta Goodrem or you tube her – she is w a y more talented than Nick. Only difference is USA has 300 million + people, Australia has only 22 million. So yes she is not so well known in America but has worked with some of the finest US talents. Leave them alone They are adults and do not need your stupid & idiotic comments… your research if you know how… and forgive yourselves for your comments

  • CArla

    i honestly do not know anything about delta, but somenthing i do know is Nick is only 19 i mean why in the hell he’s with her?? she’s 26, she’s a female he’s a male that doesn’t even have sense, i understand miley-liam relationship because a youg girl with a little (just 3 years) older guy is rasonable, but a MUCH OLDER women with a teenager still i can’t get it. He can have any girl in the planet personally i am not attracted at all to him because i do not find him cute or handsome or charming anything but i know he has a LOT of female fans like his brothers he has the talent so its time to get over this fake relationship stop trying to compete with miley/liam and just find real love. When he was with selena i was totally hands up for those two their picture cute and they seemed totally into each other, now its like he’s trying to demonstrate somenthing he’s not

  • ozzie

    It’s not that big of an age difference and has anyone ever heard Nick talk? It’s like talking to someone twice his age. He’s very precise and thoughtful. Not to mention the two of them have so much in common.

    Now on the flip side there are MANY people out there that would take advantage of someone that young who isn’t emotionally equipped to deal with that intense of a relationship. I have seen many older people prey on younger people so I understand where people are coming from. I don’t think that’s the situation here.

  • shanghai

    Agree Nick looks happy and relaxed and if Delta makes him happy then just leave them alone. Young girls/women marry older rich guys all the time and no one cares. Double standards!! These Jonas boys seem to love the Aussie girls with Joe having an Aussie ex who he said was his dream girl and lots of Aussie friends. Maybe its the accent!!!

  • Jonass

    he is soo cute

  • Maddy

    @Bob morein: