Ashley Greene Covers Blackbook Magazine

Ashley Greene Covers Blackbook Magazine

Ashley Greene graces the November 2011 issue of Blackbook magazine.

The 24-year-old actress dished about not thinking of herself as a teen idol, why Alice Cullen is so relatable and how her brother broke her bones. Check it:

On her competitive nature with her brother: “Growing up I was very competitive with my brother. He did martial arts, and I was a tomboy. I got into martial arts and won medals. Once on the trampoline, I hit my leg and it just snapped. They put pins in it.” [Restrained in what nearly amounted to a full-body cast, Greene managed to re-break the bone soon thereafter when her brother, off balance on roller skates, sent her wheelchair careening into a concrete wall.] “I broke my arm twice, I broke my femur twice, I split my head open twice.”

On her character’s friendliness: “Everyone sees Alice as a best friend. A teen idol is an untouchable, unapproachable, amazing thing. The cool thing about Alice is that anyone that comes up to me is like, ‘I just want to hug you.’ They’re not asking for a lock of my hair. They just relate to that character and relate to me, but I don’t consider myself a teen idol.”

On what she did right: “The first year I was in LA, I worked my butt off. I was in acting classes every day. I would rather pay money for a class than have nice clothes. If I hadn’t worked as hard as I did, I wouldn’t be with the manager and the agent I have and they wouldn’t have sent me out for this Twilight thing. There are roles I didn’t get and I was really devastated, but because I didn’t get them, I was able to do Twilight … If you end up unsuccessful, on the street with no friends, it’s probably because you’re a jerk. It’s not necessarily divine intervention. Your actions predict what happens.”

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Credit: Dean Isidiro; Photos: Blackbook Magazine
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  • shanghai

    Way to go Ashley telling all the unemployed actors in Hollywood that its their fault and they are jerks!! Understand you were unemployed for a long time too before Twilight and you probably only got that because the character you had to portray was short. Even Robert Pattinson said he had to make up a story to account for what he had been doing for the past two years as he did not want to say Nothing. No I am not a struggline actor but do know many talented people still waiting to get a break .